21 Online Stores To Get Unusual And Interesting Products Delivered To Your Doorstep
By: Vinayak Anilkumar on Feb 10th, 2015

Online shopping in India has entered a blitzkrieg phase, everyone is doing it and the growth over the last 3 years has been enormous. It’s quick, it’s easy, it works out a lot cheaper and we have more options to choose from – why wouldn’t we want to opt for it? In fact it’s quite surprising, the kind of stuff you can buy online. Polka Cafe lists out shopping sites with interesting products for you to choose from.    

Disclaimer: This list is merely for information purpose, we are in no way associated with the sites. User should use these sites in his or her's own discretion.   

Feelunique - 18,500 beauty products straight from the manufacturers along with the advice
Image credit: feelunique

There are a ton of beauty and health care products that claim they can work wonders on you, who can you believe? Why not take the word of industry experts? Feelunique.com prides itself in offering a wide catalog of expert recommended and celebrity line of products. The site has earned numerous awards and testimonials, which solidifies it's credibility.

Bigshoes - smart looking shoes for really big feet
Image credit: bigshoes

Finding shoes for people with big feet can be such a problem. Your local footwear stores certainly don’t have them, which leaves you with the option of getting a pair custom made. What if there was a site that ships big sized shoes to your home and you will never have to compromise on style ever again? USA based site bigshoes.com offers wide range shoes starting from size 13 to 21 and yes, they do deliver to India. 

Brindco - Now sipping on the best wine is just a click away
Image credit: killerwineclub

If you are someone who believes no celebration is complete without a glass of exotic wine, we have just the place for you. Brindco.com has a catalog of over 300 labels of wine from across the globe and is largely considered as India’s best wine importer.

Plant World Seeds - Exotic plant seeds for the budding gardner now just a click away
Image credit: jojoscope

If you wished to grow exotic flowers or maybe you would like to grow your own vegetables. If you haven’t been able to find seeds, chances are you will find them on plantworldseeds.com. This UK based business sells over 3000 varieties of flower and vegetable seeds and they ship globally. 

Washi Tapes - get crafty with the best of craft supplies
Image credit: tiendalingo

Every artsy person would vouch for the wide range of applications washi tapes has. Although, the Japanese came up with the concept, washitapes.in is a dedicated India based website that delivers the accessory right to your home

Pluss - Plus sized clothing for the big and beautiful

Are you not able to find clothing of your size? Don’t sweat it, because you know it’s all about the bass these days. Pluss.in delivers clothing up to 7XL size to your door step. The site even offers 100% money back guarantee, if the apparels are not up to your expectations.

Hookahwalas - for those times that you want to feel like a Mughal
Image credit: customs.govt.nz

Are you bored of alcohol or for that matter even going out? Maybe it’s time for you consider other options. Hookahwalas.com delivers everything you need including hookah pots, flavors and accessories.            

Footsy - Keep them toes warm and snuggly in every colour and hue possible
Image credit: footsy

Bangalore based e-commerce site Footsy.in believes that socks are a reflection of a person’s personality. They may not have too many options, but perhaps the limited choice is what makes this site so charming. Go on, see if you can find a pair that perfectly highlights your personality.

Knife India - Feel like Zorro with hobby knives
Image credit: rei

The site aptly known as Knifeindia.com  sells knives, lots and lots of knives, and they are not the cooking kind. A word of warning, although they are tempting, try not to stab someone with it. It’s not cool!

Online Prasad - Who said technology and God don't get along?
Image credit: jimdo

All you devout people out there who wish they could take off from work and visit famous temples of India, here is the next best thing you could do. You can order from Onlineprasad.com and prasad from famous temples of India will be delivered right to your place.  

Modelshop - Make science fun for your kids with these science kits
Image credit: jokesforkidstotell

Science can be both educational and fun when they are presented in the right way to kids.  Modelshop.in delivers science related toys and experiments for kids of all ages! Something to think about on your child’s next birthday.

Roboshop - Build your own Robocop
Image credit: omnichannelmedia

How would you like to make your own robot? Roboshop.in delivers all things robotic including tutorials, components, remotes, electronics and more. The site sure does make remote control cars seem obsolete.  

Buy Drug - Pharmacy at your doorstep
Image credit: theconversation

When you are bedridden and staying alone, going to a medical store can prove to be a difficult task. We hope you have an internet connection, because you can just order them online on buydrug.in. While you are at it, you can even avail discounts on them.           

Being Juliet - Feminine products now home delivered
Image credit: beingjuliet

Women, this could be the best thing you could gift yourself. Men, this could be the most thoughtful gift you could give to your loved one. Beingjuliet.com is a subscription based site that delivers customized period kits along with gifts and goodies to your door step, every month.

Elitify - Prada? Ralph Lauren? Dress like the diva you are
Image credit: ralphlaurenhome

Are you looking for high-end clothing lines from the top brands in the Industry? Elitify.com has an enormous catalog of premium clothing to choose from and a must visit for people who have a hankering for the finer things in life.  

Fab Bag - Customized beauty products samples to avoid expensive mistakes
Image credit: makeupandbeauty

There are so many beauty products out there in the market, how do you know which is right and which is not? Make no mistake, these things are not exactly easy on the pockets and a wrong purchase can be an expensive mistake. Why not just try them out and find out about things that actually work for you? Fabbag.com delivers 3 samples of beauty products that are customized to a user’s needs every month. Indeed a nice way to explore the latest in beauty and fashion.    

Moddys - Chocolates from Ooty for every mood
Image credit: moddys

Have you ever tried homemade chocolates from Ooty? They have a rich delicious flavor that is only unique to them. Moddys.in don't just makes these chocolates, they also deliver to your door step. Apart from that, the site also ships Niligiri honey, teas and oils too.

Bohemian Guitars - Forget Fender, these are your one-of-a-kind guitars
Image credit: treehugger

Bohemianguitars is a site that sells guitars made out of recycled materials. The instruments were showcased at NAMM 2014 and they sounded amazing. As these guitars are made from different materials at different times, no two pieces will be alike; which means you will be the only to own a instrument like yours!

Cross Bow India - Weapons for a hobby any one
Image credit: crossbowindia

In case you were wondering, weapons can be ordered online. Crossbowindia.in sells a range of crossbows, rubber-guns and even stun guns. Of course, you need to register with the site first and it’s not free. Also, you will need to produce ID and residence proof in order to do so. Warning – these weapons are only meant for sports and are otherwise illegal.  

Green The Gap - upcycle, recycle and sell your green creations too
Image credit: greenthegap

They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. The online retailer greenthegap.com proves this to be true as they sell various products made from recycled material. They also allow you to sell green products, in case you make them.    

Collectorsheritage - A memorabilia paradice
Image credit: the3inone

Movie props, acutely detailed replicas of some of the most legendary fire arms in history, display swards are just few of thing you can find on this site. Indeed, Collectorsheritage.com can be more enticing to a collector than a candy store to a toddler.


Do you have any other recommendations that you feel should go on the list? Let us know in the comments section below.

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