26+ Photographers Who Are Capturing The Emotions And Drama Of An Indian Wedding Like Never Before

Because memories are special

By: Avinash Kumai on May 15th, 2015
Image credit: Coffee Stains

"What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce."
Karl Lagerfeld

A memory is the most beautiful thing you can give to another human being, and we believe that photographs capture that perfectly – they are like mnemonics that aid you to reminisce over a moment from the past.

We give you wedding photographers (in no particular order) from all over India that will help you build those memories.

1. Sudhir Ramchandran
Image credit: Srcinematic Weddings

Sudhir Ramchandran’s wedding photographs have a cinematic feel to them; no wonder his website is called Cinematic Weddings. His wedding shots follow technical benchmarks like stories within stories, lighting structure and much more – seamlessly blending contemporary art with modern technology. 

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2. Mark Swaroop
Image credit: Markswaroopphotography

For a photographer timing is everything, and Bangalore-based shutterbug Swaroop does it with style. The photos speak to you – seriously. The pictures convey emotions like love, joy and everything in between.

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3. Saneesh Sukumaran

Sukumaran makes newlyweds look like models. He understands the value of a photo, and realises that special moments make it. “Weddings are beautiful,’’ he reflects, further, “every wedding has its story, and I try to capture it with my photography, along with its vibrancy." It moves him when the couples are touched by the photos; ''It’s like a time machine with which you can travel back to those special moments where you know you are loved.”

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4. Gareth Hoover
Image credit: Garethhooverphotography

His photos are beautifully candid. Hoover pursues his passion of wedding photography with utmost joy because he gets to capture emotions. “There's nothing like immortalising them on paper,” he says.

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5. Anup J Kat
Image credit: Anup J Kat

This photographer’s encounter with photography was by pure chance – Are you kidding? His shots are well thought of, more like Anurag Kashyap's films. Kat takes wedding photography to another level. Candid art at its best. His underwater shots of couples are what make him truly stand out from the rest. 

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6. Neeta Shankar
Image credit: NeetaShankarPhotography

For this shutter goddess, wedding photography is all about creating art in chaos and she paints them beautifully through her camera. “Through my photographs, I want to tell your story beautifully, highlighting every emotions and details,” she shares.  

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7. Pratidhani Tamang
Image credit: Prati Photographist

His photos are eye-catching and well composed. Self taught, he started taking pictures for the love of it, and it reflects in his photos. He is not only known for his clicking skills, but he is a genius in videography and video editing too. He will make your wedding seem like a Bollywood film for sure.   

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8. Nicole Rebeiro

Most eighteen-year-olds have no idea what they want to do in life, but she has it all figured out. Her pictures have all the ingredients of a perfect photo. Look at her clicks and you will know what we mean.

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9. Meghna Shirish
Image credit: Phosmage

She is the creative pillar of the photography-based organisation Phosmage. “For a good photograph emotions are very important,’’ she believes. The pictures from Phosmage are candid, creative and underlined with subtle humour.

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10. Aditya Vishwanathan
Image credit: Adivishwanathan

Emotion is key for this photographer. “While I am shooting, I always keep my eye peeled,” he says. Plus, he follows the old school of photography – pressing the shutter only when it’s absolutely necessary. He also believes in minimal editing and specialises in portraits, macro, gigs and experimental genres.

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11. Venkatesh L and Sneha Kar
Image credit: Coffee Stains

These two creative bugs started Coffee Stains in the year 2010 and have not looked back since. They have some well-thought photos, but we fell in love with their Black & Whites. They are dark yet romantic! Coffee Stains is the perfect example of reality meets fantasy.

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12. Jaideep Chowdhary

This photographer is what we call a creative box. He is also a writer, management professional and soft skills trainer. Maybe, he gets his inspiration for the other avatar he dons. Check his photos and decide for yourself.

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13. Akhil Khatri
Image credit: Akhilkhatriphotography

Candid is his middle name! His out-of-the-box pictures will put a smile on your face. 

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14. Anbu Jawahar
Image credit: Anbujawahar Photography

An artist by training, a designer by profession, and a photographer by capacity. His photographs fuse the ideas of the different media that have inspired and taught him. He is a master of composition especially when it comes to post-processing.

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15. Manas Saran
Image credit: Manas Saran Photography

If you are searching for a storyteller, look no further than Saran. His pictures follow a vivid storyline that is fun, enchanting and emotional.

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16. Vinayak Das and Snigdha Sheel
Image credit: Phototantra

This duo is probably one of the most talked about wedding photographers in India. Their Mumbai-based company Photo Tantra has captured over 300 weddings, in seven different countries, across three continents. Their photos are, well, magical and brimming with creativity.   

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17. Atul Pratap Chauhan

With vivid colours and happy people, this Delhi-based photobug will make you fall in love with the ‘Great Indian Wedding’. His photographs are an amalgamation of art and luxury. 

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18. Ankit Narang
Image credit: Animagephotoworks

What separates Narang from the rest is his ability to capture small details and emotions in a creative way – things which usually go unnoticed. His pictures are simple and well thought out.

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19. Andrew Adams
Image credit: Kathaimages

The creative head behind Katha Images will make you go ‘wow’. His photos are relaxed and Adam's candid approach to wedding photography has made him quite the favourite in the wedding circle.

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20. Aayushi Sachdeva and Kanishka Sonthalia
Image credit: The Wedding Salad

The phrase that came to mind when we looked at their pictures – tongue-in-cheek. Expect out-of-the-box compositions from this Mumbai-based duo.   

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21. Lahari Gowda
Image credit: Laharigowdaphotography

She loves capturing people especially those at a wedding. Her joyful personality reflects in her pictures too. Sharp and cheerful is how we would describe her pictures.

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22. Mayuresh Patil

Patil has some of the best candid close up shots we have seen so far. The pictures are flamboyant with the right amount of spunk.

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23. Roma Ganesh
Image credit: RomaGaneshPhotography

She has timing down to a T. Her pictures are imaginative and prompt you to rewind back to that moment. 

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24. Hari Menon
Image credit: Harimenonphotography

Photos amidst artistic backgrounds is what you will get, once you sign up with him. His play of colours and shapes in the photos talks deeply about his passion.

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25. Mahesh Shantaram
Image credit: Indiacomestogether

He is the boss of candid, hands down. His pictures have a certain vibrancy that we can’t explain. Simply put, he makes you fall in love with photography.

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26. Sephi Bergerson
Image credit: FotoWala

How can we not have Bergerson on our list? Through his book Behind the Indian Veil: A Journey Through Weddings In India, Sephi has witnessed and documented an arrey of Indian weddings than no other. His photos are a sneak peek into Indian cultures and traditions.

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27. PeeVee Pv
Image credit: Greatindianweddings

Through his photos, Pv likes to capture the essence of the moment. “I press the shutter only when required, and try to keep them close to reality in terms of processing," reflects Pv. Find some interesting pictures in his portfolio. 

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28. Vinay Aravind
Image credit: Vinayaravindimages

His photos are a cultural mix-mash. Vibrant colours, emotions and feel, you will find them all. He is one of India’s best wedding photographers according to a popular bridal magazine – how’s that?

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Do you know of any other dream photographers?  Let's know in the comments below. 

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