25+ Tattoo Studios In India That Will Make You Want To Get Inked!

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By: Aaliya Bilal Safiulla on Dec 10th, 2014
Image credit: CCBH

Getting a tattoo in India used to be a no-no. People would advise you to go abroad and get inked but that has now changed. Hamara Bharat is now home to some of the best tattoo artists, and you can get a world-class tattoo done in your hometown itself! Here’s a list of tattoo studios, in no particuar order, that may be much closer to home than you think.

1. Manjeet Tattooz, Delhi
Image credit: Manjeet tattoo

With 8 years of experience in tattooing, Mr. Manjeet promises not to disappoint when it comes to making a permanent mark on your skin. To get more details about this award-winning artist, click here and here.


What Caught Our Eye: Stunning black-and-white portraits


2. Iron Buzz Tattoos, Mumbai
Image credit: iron buzz

Want your tattoo to flawlessly tell your story? Then this is the place to be. They’re motto is “We are Iron Buzz and art is our life, our obsession and our love” They haven’t disappointed! Follow this award-winning studio here and here.


What Caught Our Eye: Beautiful linework, and exceptional shading.

3. Birthmark Studios, Bangalore
Image credit: birthmark studio

Run by the multi-talented Rohit Mitra, Birthmark Studios uses the best products to get the best results. You can check out his awesome work here.


What Caught Our Eye: Stunning colours and detailed portrait work.

4. Devil’z Tattooz, Delhi
Image credit: devilz tattoz

Truly wicked with their needle work, Devil’z Tattooz has many satisfied customers that can’t get enough of their impeccable tattooing skills. Check them out here .

What Caught Our Eye: Details on their portrait pieces and dotwork.

5. Moksha Tattoo Studio, Goa
Image credit: Moksha tattoo

A popular theme for Moksha Tattoo Studio seems to be their portraits of gods. And we see why! Check out their stunning portraits here


What Caught Our Eye: Stunning portraits of lord Ganesha and shade work.

6. Kraayonz Tattoo Studio, Mumbai and Bangalore
Image credit: kraayonz

A very popular name in both cities, this studios has its set of loyal customers who can vouch for the high standards Kraayonz has. Their work can be seen here.


What Caught Our Eye: Attention to detail and colour palette.

7. Body Canvas, Delhi and Mumbai
Image credit: Bodycanvas

Creating masterpieces on skin isn’t their only speciality. They also do piercings. Get in touch with them here, here or here.


What Caught Our Eye: Miniature artwork and defined pieces.

8. Skindeep, Bangalore
Image credit: skindeep

With a host of designers and artists that make you feel like you belonged in their shop all your life, Skindeep has grown exponentially in terms of popularity. You can check them out here or here.


What Caught Our Eye: Their watercolour tattoos and beautiful linework

9. Eternal Expressions, Bangalore
Image credit: eternal expression

Thinking of getting a piercing and tattoo too? This is your place, Bangaloreans. Another tattoo parlour that prides themselves on their art and services. See what they can do here and here.


What Caught Our Eye: Unique designs and unique piercing spots!

10. Yantra Tattoos, Chennai
Image credit: Yantra tattos

Have a portrait in mind? These guys will ink it for you. Here’s their Facebook page and their web page for more information.


What Caught Our Eye: Their detailed portraits of gods and goddesses alike

11. Talisman- A Tattoo Boutique, Chennai
Image credit: talisman tattoo

Another studio that enjoys their fair share of miniature designs. Follow them here and here.


What Caught Our Eye: Intricate miniature detailing.

12. Irezumi, Chennai
Image credit: izerumi

Run by certified tattooists, Irezumi is one of Chennai’s very well known tattoo parlours. Every person who enters their shop leave absolutely satisfied. Check them out here to know more.


What Caught Our Eye: Their deep black tattoo ink and tribal designs.

13. Dark Arts Tattoos, Bangalore

Pradeep Menon has been part of the tattooing world for a really long time. Following many strict tattooing precautions, Dark Arts promises to deliver every time. To know more, click here or here.


What Caught Our Eye: Beautifully detailed portraits of people and animals.

14. 3 Cube Tattoo, Kolkata
Image credit: 3kube Kolkata

Got an amazing design in mind? Or do you have something wacky and out-of-the-box? Then you’ve come to the right place! Check out 3 Cube Tattoo’s work here and here.


What Caught Our Eye: Their dotwork and unique design ideas

15. Lizard’s Skin Fashion Studio, Kolkata
Image credit: Lizards skin

Contrary to what their name reads, Lizard’s skin is also a tattoo parlour. And no, they don’t tattoo lizard skins. Check them out here and here.


What Caught Our Eye: Perfect portraits and incredible dotwork, as well as excellent cover-ups.

16. InkOverMatter, Bangalore
Image credit: Ink over matter

Another studio that’s growing in popularity is InkOverMatter. Anurag Pradhan has Bangaloreans swooning over his craft and his pictures here  and here say why.


What Caught Our Eye: The detail behind miniature pieces and touch-ups.

17. Ink Inn, Delhi
Image credit: Ink Inn

Get tattooed in the capital by these guys. They promise a stress-free first time and swear by their artwork as well! Check them out here and here


What Caught Our Eye: Their 3D effect tattoos and shade work.

18. KDz Tattoos, Gurgaon and Delhi
Image credit: KDZ tattoo

Emphasizing on professionalism, KDz Tattoos offer tattoo training for aspiring artists. Their work is a standing testament to their level of professionalism. Follow them here and here.


What Caught Our Eye: Their keen eye for linework and precision, along with details.

19. Tatau Tattoo Studio, Mumbai
Image credit: Tatau Tattoo

When it comes to their tattoos, Tatau Studios promises nothing but satisfied customers. Follow them here.


What Caught Our Eye: Their use of vivid colours

20. Aliens Tattoo, Mumbai
Image credit: aliens tattoo

Mr. Sunny Bhanushali’s work honestly just took our breath away. Check out his amazing artwork here and here.


What Caught Our Eye: Hyper-realistic portraits and dotwork

21. Angel Tattoo and Piercing, Hyderabad
Image credit: Angel tattoo

Amin Sultan was ranked as Hyderabad's top three tattoo artists. His work sure does reflect why he was given this title! Check out his work here.


What Caught Our Eye: Brilliant linework

22. Inkalab, Pune
Image credit: Inkalab

These guys make sure that your first tattoo isn't a daunting experience. With many satisfied clients who rate them a whole five stars, Inkalab made it to this list real quick! Follow them here.


What Caught Our Eye: Bright hues and beautiful coloured pieces.

23. Poison Ivy Tattoo Studio, Pune
Image credit: Poizon Ivy

They may boast a villain's name, but the guys at Poison Ivy Tattoo Studio aren't bad guys at all! Check them out here.


What Caught Our Eye: Their Sailor-themed tattoos and linework

24. Witch Art Tattoo and Piercing
Image credit: Witch Art Studio

Describing Witch Art Tattoos and Piercing as 'badass' is an understatement. Founded and run by Mini, the studio provides a spectrum of services right from tattooing to makeup! Check them out here and here.

What Caught Our Eye: Their rich colour palette and precision. 

25. Andy's Tattoo Studio, Goa
Image credit: Andys tattoo

Andy is a self-taught tattoo artist who has been in the tattooing scene for almost 37 years. He has won awards for his ink work. Check out his work here.


What Caught Our Eye: His Māori-styled tattoos

26. The Pumpkin Patch, Bangalore
Image credit: The Pumpkin Patch

If you're looking at replicating or creating works of art on your skin, then The Pumpkin Patch is just for you. Mykel creates magic when he tattoos, and his happy clients completely agree! Check his work out here.

What Caught Our Eye: Realistic tattoo work and attention to detail.

27. Inkfidel Tattoos, Goa
Image credit: Inkfidel

You have a concept in mind? A unique piece that you've got stuck in your head but need to visualise it on paper? head on down to Inkfidel. You will not be disappointed! Follow them here.

What Caught Our Eye: Precise line work. 

But wait! There's more..
Image credit: Love, Nepal

We couldn't stop the list just here. Nepal has some unbelievable artists as well. So if you're traveling to Nepal, you might just want to get inked at these places. 

28. Gagan Tattoo Inn, Pokhara and Kathmandu
Image credit: Gagan Tattoo Inn

There are not many tattoo studios that know how larger tattoos are supposed to look but these guys make it look effortless and good. Book an appointment here.


What Caught Our Eye: Beautiful Buddha portraits.

29. XHead Tattoo Inn, Pokhara
Image credit: xhead

Got nothing to do in Pokhara? Why not get a tattoo? And we can vouch for excellence from the guys at XHead. Follow them here.


What Caught Our Eye: Vivid inks and intricate custom designs.

30. Tik’e Jhya Tattoo, Kathmandu
Image credit: Tik Jhya tattoo

Another studio that has a penchant for Buddhist-themed tattoos. Check out their work here.


What Caught Our Eye: Buddha portraits, and full back pieces.

31. Yala Ink, Lalitpur
Image credit: yalainktattoo

The artists at Yala were awarded for the best front and back tattoo at the 2013 Nepal Ink Convention. It’s easy to say why these guys made it to our list! Check out their work here.


What Caught Our Eye: Their Sugar Skull portraits and dotwork

32. Anand Tattoos, Pokhara
Image credit: Ananda

Run and headed by Anand Koirala, Anand Tattoos doesn’t just offer their customers beautiful tattoos, but also warm memories! Anand’s clients laudate him to be a wonderful and easy-going human being, and his nature truly reflect in his art. Check out Anand’s art here and follow him here.


What Caught Our Eye: Demon portraits that may look intimidating but are beautiful.

33. KTM Tattoos, Kathmandu
Image credit: KTM tattoo

Swearing to be the place where all tattoo lovers meet, KTM Tattoos offers their client piercings as well. Check them out here.


What Caught Our Eye: Details that go into Buddha portraits



34. Mohans Tattoo Inn, Kathmandu
Image credit: Mohans tattoo

Established in 2000, Mohans guarantees beautiful portraits and abstract work. Follow them here and here.

What Caught Our Eye: The dotwork and geometric patterns.


Have we missed out on any artists that are worth mentioning? Do you have a unique and interesting tattoo experience to share with us? Share them in the comments section below!

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