8 Fun Teachers That Help Bring Out Your Little One's Creative Side
By: Avinash Kumai on Sep 5th, 2014
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With tots getting more drawn towards gizmos and gadget, and parents busy with work, we need a specialist who can show the little ones the ropes of creativity. These art professionals will make sure your kid gets the right dose of creativity. Let's take a look at 8 such teachers that bring art into the lives of the young ones.

1. Uday Jadugar
Image credit: Uday's Magicworld

Uday Kumar, famously known as Uday Jadugar, is the one to look out for if your child adores Harry Potter and loves the ‘dark arts’. Tots can learn simple tricks like linking rings and making shadow puppets. He also has a YouTube channel where you can learn simple tricks. “They love stuff that is colourful or simple tricks like pulling sweets out of sleeves, coins out of thin air or magically linking ropes,” explains Uday. Learn more about Uday and his work at udaysmagicworld.com

2. Aparna Raman
Image credit: Aparna Raman

Aparna Raman is the founder of Timbuktoo Young Authors Publishing – a by-kids-for-kids publishing house. She has already launched seven child authors in 2013 and is working on an anthology of stories by kids this year. She also holds workshops for tots that are centered on mythology, creativity and genre-based writing. "I like to foster kids’ creative sides,” she tells us. Learn more here: https://www.facebook.com/TimbuktooYoungAuthorsPublishing

3. Aarti Kathpalia
Image credit: Tickles & Tales

Meet Bangalore-based creative bug Aarti Kathpalia. She was motivated to work with little ones because she just adores them. To get things going, she started working at a primary school, but work became monotonous, and she quit that after a brief period of time. “That is when I decided to start Tickles & Tales,” she shares. The organisation works with young children in brief sessions to explore their creative side. Participants can choose from things like storytelling using puppets, or storytelling and crafts like collage. Look out for adaptations of books and films like Kung-Fu Panda and The Jungle Book with lively song and dance sequences using her puppets Mr Tickles and Mrs Tales. She is also available for play dates and parties. Learn more at Tickles-Tales on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tickles-Tales/239755392803353

4. Vikram Sridhar
Image credit: Tell a tale

If you are looking out for a theatre-based storytelling workshop for your young one then Vikram Sridhar is your answer – the brainchild behind Tahatto, a theatre group in the city. He will bring out the actor in your child through the body and voice exercises, achieved though folk-tales that are themed around things like the environment, social issues, etc. He also initiates theatre-based workshops, where he focuses on things like stage presence and ensemble dynamics, the importance of routine and preparation followed by understanding the actor’s tools – body, voice and sensibility. Visit www.tahatto.com for more details.

5. Ameen Haque
Image credit: Ameen Haque

A bit of drama, comedy and adventure paired with live music is what you will get if you drag your kid to one of storyteller Ameen Haque’s workshops. He runs an organisation called The Storywallahs and makes sure that your kid leaves with a bag full of moral. Haque keeps three things in mind – the story should be a chunk of old-fashioned wisdom disguised as entertainment. Then, the stories should be age-appropriate — simple narratives for little ones achieved through songs actions and props, and more complex ones for older kids. The third and the most important one is to ‘keep the parents engaged during the sessions’, he states. The Storywallahs official site: http://www.thestorywallahs.com/

6. Anivan Singh
Image credit: Open Floors

This well-known ballet, jazz and contemporary dancer is the one if your precious little one has the ‘twinkle-toe syndrome’. This graduate from Bird College of Dance, London, will help your child discover the dancer within. He is a visiting faculty at Lourd Vijay's Dance Studio (LVDS), where he teaches advanced dance techniques like chassé and Tendu. “Since children do not understand complex ballet terms, I associate it with animals and things they can relate to,” says Singh. Visit http://www.lvds.in/ to find out more.

7. Wendy M Dickson
Image credit: Kiara Music Academy

Not only is Wendy Dickson a well-known English Literature professor at Jyoti Nivas College, but is also known for her musical capabilities (she also ran their college choir group). “When we were young, my mum (Rosalind Dickson) would play the mandolin, my brother, Peter his guitar and the three of us would sing songs from the fifties in three-part harmonies,” she recalls. Dickson now runs the Kiara Music Academy, a energetic space for budding young musicians. It specialises in voice training for children aged five to 18, teaching them the finer nuances of a good vocal performance which include style, expression, interpretation and fundamentals of sight-singing. They cover genres like pop, gospel, acapella, rock, jazz and classical. More about Kiara Music Academy here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kiara-Music-Academy/749340105087815

8. Elena Smith
Image credit: Elena Smith

With her kids' consent, this former IT professional made a shift to the arts and picked up the paintbrush. “After that I got hooked on it, and have being doing it ever since,” she tells us. She now conducts painting classes for kids, These classes are quite unique; the sessions begin with kids dancing to Happy by Pharrell Williams. After that they focus on things that made them angry during the week. “I encourage them to paint with their left hand, dousing red and black paint onto newspapers because the left is connected to the emotional side of the brain… it’s just a way to release tension,” she highlights. The group is called Elle’s Well where kids start with water colour on paper and graduate to acrylic and then to oil on canvas. You can contact Elena Smith on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elena.smith.5268?fref=ts We would love to feature more teachers that are making our country a more artsy place through their efforts. Are you one of them, or do you know any teacher that deserves a mention in this list? Please let us know and we'll get in touch!

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