9 Easy Decor Ideas for Your Hostel Room or PG Pad

Decorating tips that are low on maintenance and high on personality.

Summer holidays are up and you're dreading going back to college: it means leaving your big, beautiful room at home and getting back to a drab room featuring plain walls, a tiny bed and a minuscule closet. Not to worry, we have you covered. Follow these easy tips to make your space truly yours, and say goodbye to homesickness.

By: Niharika Krishna on Jun 25th, 2014
1. Modern Minimalistic
Image credit: Giesen Design

With clean lines and lots of white, this tidy room is the stuff of minimalist dreams. All you need to do is arrange your books in neat rows, throw a couple of grey cushions onto your stark white sheets, add a neutral-coloured table lamp, and you’re good to go. Bring in some colour with your books and a magnetic whiteboard with postcards and pictures.

Get the look:

White sheets, grey cushion, grey and white cushion, white table lamp, all from Fabfurnish.

2. Coastal Comfort
Image credit: Babble

After a long day at college, the only thing you want do is come back to your room and chill. Nothing says relax like this beach-inspired room – quite literally, if you noticed that poster. Calming blues and greens on a white base create a soothing atmosphere, while the photos and posters on the walls reinforce the beachy vibe.

Get the look:

Striped sheets, Zansaar; Beach poster, Flipkart; Retro cushion cover, Jabong.

3. Pretty in Pink
Image credit: Colina do Tordo

You don’t have to be as loaded as Blair Waldorf to have a pretty, feminine room. Use comfy pink pillows and floral sheets as a base, and add a clothes rack to display your snazzy wardrobe. A little round glass table will keep the things you need most (read: cupcakes) comfortably within reach. Now settle down with that laptop and enjoy the latest episode of your favourite TV show!

Get the look:

Pink striped cushion, Shoppers Stop; Floral sheets, Pepperfry; Glass table, Overstock; Dark pink cushion, Pepperfry.

4. Bold Bohemian
Image credit: Galbie

Do you have bohemian taste combined with an understated sense of class? This bold, yet messy and minimal set-up is the thing for you. Even if you can’t convince your PG owner or hostel authorities to let you paint the ceiling red, you can still bring in bold touches with your bedspread and cushions. The cane chair keeps the bohemian vibe going as you lose yourself in deep thought. Add a Pixar-style lamp for the perfect finishing touch.

Get the look:

Table lamp, dusk pink sheets, red pillow cases, all from Fabfurnish; Cane chair, Pepperfry.

5. Messy Vintage
Image credit: The Selby

If you’re a natural mess-maker and know you’ll never change, embrace it! Channel your many passions into a unique (and yes, messy) decor style that will make it seem like there’s some order to the chaos. Fake flower stems, some old twigs from your college campus and a whole bunch of quirky paintings and posters on the wall (try double-tape rather than nailing them) add to the eclectic charm, and a globe will make you seem that much more mysterious and well-travelled.

Get the look:

Red flowers, Pepperfry; Green flowers, Pepperfry; Vintage camera poster, Charlie Chaplin poster, art print poster, all from Fabfurnish; Vintage globe, Pepperfry; Storage bin, Urban Ladder.

6. The Bro Zone
Image credit: Homegoods

This one’s for the guy’s guy. Create the bro zone in your hostel room with bedding in bold-coloured, sporty stripes and funny signs to lighten up the mood. A spiny cactus finishes the look (no pretty flowers and twinkly lights for you!).

Get the look:

Tresspassers poster, Sparta poster, both from Postergully; Striped bedding, Shoppers Stop; Cactus plant, Nurserylive.

7. Canopied Dreamland

For wannabe Romantic poets and those whose dreams take place in the 19th century, a four-poster bed is what you’ve always dreamed of. But in a cramped hostel room, that’s not really practical, is it? Well, fake a canopy with mosquito net that’s so light you can double-tape it to the ceiling or hang it from one of those stick-able wall hooks. Fairy lights (no, we will never be tired of those) and prints of 19th century paintings add to the effect.

Get the look:

Lampshade, Fabfurnish; Mosquito net, Rediff; Fairy lights, Zansaar; Portrait of girl, portrait of man, both from Flipkart.

8. Ethnic Eclectic

For all you free spirits out there who aren't cowed down by silly things like decor conventions, go for a unique look that will provide the perfect backdrop to your magical journey. An ethnic-looking sheet can double as a wall hanging for an interesting take on wall art. Combine it with a dreamcatcher and an Audrey Hepburn poster and you've got that modern hippie vibe down pat!

Get the look:

Audrey Hepburn poster, Flipkart; Patchwork sheet, Shoppers Stop; Rolling Stones poster, Pepperfry; Dreamcatcher, Amazon.

9. Movie Mania
Image credit: Imgur

If you're a movie buff, or (let's be classy about this) a connoisseur or collector of film memorabilia, wear it on your sleeve – or, in this case, your walls – with tons of posters that will make you quote your favourite lines every time you look at them. This style also works if you're a big fan of anything, whether it's certain bands, TV shows or books. Cover your walls with posters, add a cushion on your bed and gather a stash of other accessories to turn your room into the perfect film lover's den.

Get the look:

Sholay poster, Life is Beautiful poster, Shawshank Redemption poster, all from Flipkart; V for Vendetta cushion, Jabong; Godfather mug, Yoda USB storage drive, both from Postergully. The next time you enter your hostel or PG, we hope you're coming in with a smile for the perfect little slice of heaven you've created for yourself. After all, a creatively done up space breeds creativity, and you're going to need a lot of that when it's time to explain how you blew your entire month's allowance on redecorating your room and need more cash for the rest of the month (uh oh!). Tell us of your experiences with giving your room a makeover – we're always up for tales of great deals scored on bedding or fabulous accessory finds, and of course, we'd love to see pictures!

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