These 7 Apps Are All That A Working Woman Needs In Her Life
By: Mona Punjabi on Aug 1st, 2017

Women are multi-taskers! We have some much going on in our minds that at times it is difficult to keep pace with all our thoughts. Thanks to the interesting world of apps, today many of our monotonous tasks and reminders can be effectively taken care of.

Are you still struggling with all your day-to-day activities? Pass on the load to these super-efficient apps and spare yourself some much needed me-time.

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Is it a task to stay on time with that birth control pill? Download myPill and ensure that you are protected all the time. Like a personal assistant, the app reminds you when to take the pill, tracks symptoms, suggests other forms of contraception, and also updates you on when to schedule a check-up with your gynecologist. 

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In a line - this is your personal guardian cum bodyguard. Its GIS mapping service contains a location based tracking feature that enables you to track the location of your loved ones. Along with incorporating GPS tracking, it also stores emergency contact numbers and directions to safe locations. The app also suggests the SafetyScore of a place. So if you are venturing into a new location check the SafetyScore of that place vis-à-vis that of any other known place.

Hair Color Booth
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Love to get experimental with your hair color but always scared about how you will look post the experiment. Don’t worry the Hair Color Booth app lets you find out exactly how you will look with purple hair or with little blue streaks here and there. Choose from a mammoth range of color options to create that one unique combination.

HTW – Heel the World
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This is a one-of-a-kind fun platform for all the lovely women! A huge network of women are already using this platform to share and overcome hurdles that women typically face on a day-to-day basis like adjusting to new cities, jobs etc. due to career transitions. So, why not you? This forum also helps fellow women on issues related to relationships, career choices, finance related decisions etc.

An exclusive app for the Indian women, this platform works in the form of communities where you can be a part of the travellers, foodies, mothers, artists, new in town, or pet lovers community to connect and mingle with like-minded women. No wonder it is said that only a woman understands what another woman wants!

Period Tracker
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Are you unable to keep a track of your menstruation dates, thanks to your busy schedule? Outsource the task to the awesome Period Tracker and you will never be caught unawares on this front. It’s very simple! Just press a button on the onset of your cycle, Period Tracker will log the date and calculate an average from your last 3 months cycle to predict the start date of your next cycle. What's more? It also keeps a tab on symptoms such as bloating, acne, backaches, cramps, and not to forget, your mood swings.

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A one-stop destination to celebrate everything fashionable! Join this creative gang to learn about the latest in the fashion world and get access to the latest fashion inspirations that are one-of-a-kind. You can do a lot with this app - follow top bloggers and brands, keep a tab of what your favorite celebrities are wearing, catch on that vintage dress that you have been eyeing for long, straight from the stylish wardrobes of designers spread across the length and breadth of our country. You can also find like-minded stylists, share, and learn many fashion tips as you browse along.

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Get access to the latest beauty looks and make-up trends, pick up essential make-up and styling tips, and last but not the least, shop for some really amazing beauty products – all this on one amazing app. 

Which of these apps did you find most useful? Tell us through the comments section below.

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