India's Most Popular Baby And Maternity Photographers Tell Us About The Emerging Trends In The Genre
By: Avinash Kumai on Nov 23rd, 2016

Babies rule, man! They rule, our lives, the internet, and it’s no surprise that they have become the new favourite for photographers all over the country. Baby and maternity is now a separate and hugely popular photography genre, and for all the right reasons! Also, which parent would not want to document their little ones first birthday, or track them (throughout the year) through vivid photographs? 

Here, we look at trends in baby photography (in 2016) through the lenses of keen maternity and baby photographers (not in any particular order) around India. This might also help you understand the trend better, and also gives you a head up if you are planning to hire one, soon!  

Canvera who we have to thank for putting us across to these talented photographers also fills us in on an interesting observation. They have observed that one of the emerging trends amongst modern day parents is that they are investing in photo books. Photobooks, allows parents to keep all the images in one place, especially in these times where photographs of the kids cute moments could be clicked through a phone, iPad, a camera or any other device. Photo books also make for lovely gifts, coffee table books or to glance through while at work, when they are away from the tots.

Sajjad Hussain M
Image credit: Photo Kraft Photography

What are the trends this year, as far as baby photography is concerned? What are mothers/parents asking for? "Earlier there used to be a common photographer for wedding, portrait, baby or any other occasion. In recent times, things have changed, and I see some new trends in documenting their babies, is becoming more and more popular in India. For example, few popular trends are new born portraits which are generally done within 5-20 days of the baby’s birth, baby/toddler portraits done generally around the third, sixth, ninth (month) and first year.  Also, cake smash photo sessions done before the baby completes its first year is becoming quite popular. And some of the well-known styles of baby photography are – relaxed, fun and intimate lifestyle photos, theme-based photos, bright novelty images using colorful hats and props. Formal studio images or soft, classic, gently posed photos."

"2016 is the year of increase in queries related to new-born, cake smash and yearly tracking (milestone sessions which are done monthly/bi-monthly/quarterly during the babies first year) and outdoor photo session."

Image credit: Photo Kraft Photography

What are your preferences this season? “Ideas you would want parents to try, perhaps? “Ha! My passion for portrait is actually a passion for emotions. I want to photograph feelings, not just faces.  I’ve been really lucky to have clients who come to me because they love my artistic vision and style and most of the time they tell me “I just want photos like what’s on your website”. These types of images are where my heart is, so it makes me happy when my clients love them as well.” 

Image credit: Photo Kraft Photography

“For new born, my approach is minimalistic, simple and authentic. I have always felt strongly that I wanted the baby to be the focus in my images. These sweet blessings do not need anything to enhance their beauty, by eliminating all distractions and keeping the image simple I feel that I can evoke a stronger emotional response in the viewer.”

Image credit: Photo Kraft Photography

“I want sessions to remain beautiful and honest memories for my clients that evoke genuine and real feelings of what they felt like to be in those moments at that time. I give them two main pieces of advice, One, be comfortable! We are going to move a lot, run, jump, play and wrestle… you need to feel good in your clothes to do that. Two, you have everything you need in your closet, stay true to who you are.”

Image credit: Photo Kraft Photography

“For parents, I would suggest as a parent myself, photo document your children in what every way you can, use mobile or camera. These tiny moments are gone quite fast as they are changing every day. When you look back at those captured memories years later, you will cherish them like anything,” ends Hussain.


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Neha Agarwal
Image credit: Studio Nezz

“Theme-based photography is trending this year and cake-smash tops the list. People are open to getting new-borns captured which wasn’t the case earlier. This makes it the biggest change this year,” starts off Agarwal. 

Image credit: Studio Nezz

“Until now, age 6-8 months was the starting age for baby photography, but in the recent past year parents have been allowing photographers to experiment, which gives us the freedom to explore and then we try out new things. With parents giving us the chance to experiment, we also try to expand our range from the roots of photography of capturing the pure innocence of babies to adding subtle touches of creativity.” 

Image credit: Studio Nezz

“From capturing hand and feet gestures of the mother and the baby, showing interesting contrast in their sizes to their instinctive interaction with each other, and more. We like to go with the flow. Even silhouette concepts have been shot with babies which wasn’t the case earlier.”

Image credit: Studio Nezz

“My interest in baby photography grows by the day and I keep investing in props. I especially go crazy and see everything in the market with a perspective of fitting in a baby in it or somehow using it as a prop for my shoots, the options are endless in my head.”

Image credit: Studio Nezz

“I team the baby and parent to mix and match various ideas and churn out the best in what we show.”


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Sanya Sundar

“From what I’ve seen, the trend in India with regard to baby photography is to create elaborate themed setups. Parents love the use of multiple props and larger than life outfits in their images to create ‘statement shots’. But, I think preferences and styles are shifting and parents are ready for a change now. More and more parents, nowadays, want minimalistic concepts where the eyes are on the baby. While it’s beautiful to have statement shots, (it’s always cute to see your baby in a basket, dressed as a honey bee or a cowboy) it takes away from capturing the newness and smallness of your brand new baby,” reflects Sundar.  

Adding, “I love to go up close and make it all about the baby. Props are minimally used to compliment the image so that your focus is always on your little one. I do statement shots as well, but I try to make sure they don’t get too busy. The statement in my images is always the baby (smiles). When it comes to baby photography, less is definitely more.  I’ll continue to experiment and create images on these lines for the months to come and I’m happy to see that parents are enjoying it as well.”

She applies the same rules to older babies too – “I use just enough props to engage them and add something interesting to the image, but I keep my style minimalistic and as natural as possible. When I do use props, I try to make them whimsical and unique,” she quips.


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Gautami Reddy

There is something about baby photography that is timeless... the fleeting expressions/gestures of babies as they grow and their interaction with parents. It’s the choice of toppings (shooting style, color palette, extent of detail and more that keeps evolving every season,” says Reddy smiling. 

“Baby photography trends had a major shift from full blown themes/OTT looks last year to classic clean details this season. I see a wave of documentary lifestyle shoots picking up, bringing a unique perspective to the beauty of our everyday. Au natural is back with a bang! Storyboards of activities/baby milestones are huge. Parents have been asking for elegant looks with a dash of classic detail. Color palettes have shifted to complement from triad/tetrad of last season – reconnecting to the Indian roots, the mythological characters replace the superhero themes and the beauty of this is refreshing,” she adds. 

Her preference (this season) is soft colors, a play of textures for newborns and engaging activities for babies to capture their true and peak expressions!


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Priya Goswami
Image credit: Bharat Aggarwal

What are the trends this year, as far as baby photography is concerned? What are mothers/parents asking for? “These days Cake Smashes are getting really popular and there are many reasons to it. Apart from the fact it is the first time parents officially introduce the cake to the one-year-old, it always, without mistake, turns out to be an amazingly fun session, for both the baby and parents. Seeing the cake for the first time, which is a pretty, colorful exciting thing for them; babies tend to explore it in the most fun and hilarious manner. They try to figure out if they should use their hands to play with it or mouth to slurp it up. I love to click these cake smashes as this exploration by the baby gives such priceless photos! In fact, the messier the baby gets, the cuter the pictures get. These are non-rehearsed sessions where the baby is independent and completely free to do anything and have a good time all by him/herself and thus gives us awesome photographs,” enthuses Goswami. 

“Recording the ‘First Year of the Baby’ is what parents are going for, as well. It’s not possible for the parents to click pictures of their babies every day, and recording the beautiful first-times and milestones of the baby is what every parent wants. Clicking these beautiful milestones achieved in the first year of the baby, from the first crawl to the step, first sip to the bite, first mumble to the word, first tooth, first pout and a lot more; is as important as it gets. These moments are priceless and capturing them is just a way to cherish these memories for lifetime.” 

What are your preferences this season? Ideas you would want parent to try. “So Cake smashes are generally done indoor, but I would want parents to try outdoor too, these can be really interesting and fun sessions. I also couple baby cake smash session outdoors, so that there’s variety in the photo shoot. And which baby doesn’t love an outing eh?”


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What do you think of these trends? Did you know about them? Let us know, in the comments below.


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