Top Photographers Share Their Brides In White Portraits And Enthrall Us With Stories From The Shoots
By: Lily Dechamma on Mar 17th, 2016

Aren't brides the most beautiful creatures on Earth? They look elegant, graceful and ravishing on their big day. A bride in white, especially looks gorgeous. The dress, the make up, the tiara, the veil, and the bridal glow all contribute to their looks. A bride in white is a vision and a classic. Photographers all over love capturing their portraits. 

We spoke to Canvera, who pointed us to wedding photographers who shared with us their best "Bride In White portraits." We could not stop staring at these breathtaking photographs and doubt if you will be able to look away either.

Edric George
Image credit: Edric George fb


George says," the bride, Nicola, wanted me to shoot a photograph which shows how much she and and her friends love to party."


Why we love this one: We have said it before, we love candid'sespecially if the couple is as fun as these two. This picture has every thing going for it, the mood, the revelry and above all the humour.  A capture that is going to bring a smile many years later, too.


View his work on Canvera here.

Chetana Bhat
Image credit: Chetana Photography fb


Chetana says, "Doing bridal portraiture's has always been the most favorite part of the weddings I have shot. Here the bride looked so elegant, but she was very shy and camera conscious. I've managed to get her dimpled smile while she was looking elsewhere."


Why we love this one: A brilliant photographer always has his or her camera and equipment ready. And they are always alert. Needless to say Chetana, the photographer was watching the bride closely and didn't want to miss a minute. We love pictures that can speak to us. This one tells us about the shy bride whose heart is filled with joy and whose expressive eyes do all the talking. 

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View her work on Canvera here

Neil Rodrigues
Image credit: Photooneil Photography


Neil says, "We followed the bride and groom as they made their way off the reception venue. The bride was leaning against the wedding car, tired, but pleased that she and her husband had the time of her life. The groom saw his bride leaning against the car and leaned over to land a peck onto her cheek. We were pleased that we anticipated that moment. It was a great way to end the coverage of a wedding that was full of fun and love." 


Why we love this one: A picture as joyous as this one, does not come by so often. Again this image has the mood, the romance and a gorgeous couple starring in it.  A super hit all the way!


View his work on Canvera here.

Rahul De Cunha
Image credit: Rahul De Cunha Facebook


Rahul says, "This beautiful Goan home framed the bride perfectly. With its antique windows on either side and the mosaic floor that highlighted the delicate beauty of the wedding gown."


Why we love this one: This picture transported us to a fairy land far away, Morocco may be? Look at that veil and look at the setting. An amazing contrast of colours and yet the photographer's keen eye does not miss the expression on the excited bride's face. This picture just made our hearts jump with joy.

View his work on Canvera here.

AM Photography
Image credit: AM photography fb


Anshum says, "Frankly speaking, we don't shoot a lot of Catholic Weddings. So when Deepti and Joaquim contacted us for theirs, we were a little surprised and quite frank with them about it. To our pleasant surprise though, they were still quite insistent on having us cover their big day. Having seen our work at other weddings, they were confident we would do a good job... a confidence that both, made us happy and nervous at the same time. We knew we had to work extra hard to prove ourselves and ensure their confidence in us was not misplaced. In the end we managed to pull off the project spectacularly and the couple were ecstatic when they saw the pictures."


Why we love this one: Didn't we tell you that a bride in white is a vision to behold. The veil, the soft curls and the shy expression all make for a picture perfect moment. AM photography nails it!

View his work on Canvera here.

Jattin Singh
Image credit: Jattin Singh fb


Jattin says that while clicking this image, the bride was very excited. She wanted to be captured in a unique way. He climbed a big chair and readied his camera while she lay on the grass. The wedding took place in the breathtaking environs of Chail, Shimla. 


Why we love this one: Here is a bride in white captured in the midst of the beauty of nature, on what seems like a perfect day. What makes this capture a lot more adorable is the playful mood, the bride was in. It's her day and she totally owns it! It takes a photographer of caliber to capture a moment in time and execute it to perfection. Brilliant work Jattin!


View his work on Canvera here.


Are you looking for bridal photo ideas and inspiration? Check out 'Brides of India' and 'Brides in White' galleries at Canvera Photo Inspirations. Which of these portraits took your breath away? Tell us in the comments below. 


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