10 Covers Of Game Of Thrones Theme Song That Every Fan Must Listen To
By: Vinayak Anilkumar on Mar 16th, 2015
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The countdown to season 5 of the immensely popular Game Of Thrones series has already begun! A trailer of the upcoming season is out and it looks spectacular. Mark April 12th on your calenders because this will be the day the epic saga continues. In the mean while, enjoy these fantastic covers of the ever so popular Game Of Thrones main theme song.

Sungha Jung

Sungha Jung from South Korea has become a Youtube sensation with his finger style guitar covers of popular songs. Game Of Thrones theme is perhaps one of the most overly covered songs on the net, but there is something truly unique about this version.

Break Of Reality

The haunting sound of a cello makes people categorize it as an instrument of melancholy. However, there is nothing sad about this cover of the Game Of Thrones Theme by the ultra-popular cello rock band Break Of Reality. 

Indian Jam Project

Game Of Thrones theme desi style! The combination tablas, piano and flute makes this one of the most stunning and unique arrangements. 

Taylor Davis

The soothing sound of the violin by Taylor Davis can make a grown man cry. Her interpretation of the Game Of Thrones main theme proves why she is such a phenomenon on YouTube.

Ramin Djawadi

Have you ever wondered what the Game Of Thrones soundtrack would sound like if it was a country song? Here is the answer!


Remix version of the song by MetroGnome. Now that's an exciting version every Game Of Thrones fan must listen to.

Scot Bradlee ft Dave Koz

Who could have ever thought the jazz version of the theme song would sound so good. It's amazing what can happen, when accomplished musicians decide to come together and cover a legendary song.  


A golden voice and a guitar is all you need to make soulful music. Malukah became a Youtube sensation after posting her version of Skyrim's The Dragonborn Comes. This Games Of Thrones theme is another valuable addition to her arsenal of brilliant covers.  

Amy Revel's Jigglypuff Acapella

A Jigglypuff acapella version of the theme song. As much you would hate to admit it, you've got to love this one.

Luc Arbogast

A man who can sing in both male and female voice. Luc Arbogast was a contestant in the French version of The Voice (season 2). This talented musician does what he does best in a music video cover of the Game Of Thrones theme. 


Which is your favorite cover? Let us know in the comments section below.

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