Polka Picks: The Best Craft Beers In Bangalore!

Which one is your favorite?

By: Aaliya Bilal Safiulla on Feb 20th, 2015

Bangaloreans love their beer. And when we say love, we mean they're slightly obsessed. We are the home of one the best bottled beers, after all. But that wasn't enough for the lager-hungry city. Microbreweries have made a big impact on beer lovers everywhere, leaving us all spoilt for choice! Now the question is which one of these breweries is going to be your second home?

That’s why we’ve done the honourable thing of going to each one of these 16 microbreweries and sampling their fine brews. Here’s a list of microbreweries, in no particular order, that we felt serve the best lagers in town. The winner is for you to decide!

1. The Biere Club
Image credit: The Biere Club

The first microbrewery that got us hooked to the idea of craft beers. Located on Vittal Mallya road, The Biere Club has a selection of brilliant brews, right from your regular ales to their in-house specials! Always packed to the rafters on the weekends, The Biere Club is home to many happy drinkers.


Polka picks: The Bohemian Pilsner with fries and Coffee Stout with beef skewers.


Location: Vittal Mallya Road


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2. Big Pitcher
Image credit: Big Pitcher

If you’re in the mood to watch people showcase their musical talent and sip on some finely crafted beers, Big Pitcher is where you need to head. Pick a seat on the roof and watch the world go by with a beer in hand!


Polka picks: The Kingslayer with a blackened molten chicken burger and Czech That Pilsner with hummus and pita bread.


Location: Old Airport Road


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3. Murphy’s
Image credit: Murphy's

Legend has it that if you walk into Murphy’s when there’s a rainbow in the sky, you’d totally spot a leprechaun. That is, if you’re a few beers down already!


Polka picks: Paddy’s Poison with crab samosas and Blackbeard with Murphy’s Cheesy Fries


Location: The Paul, Domlur


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4. Toit
Image credit: Foodobaggins

Aah, Toit! A favourite for many, Bangalore’s love story with this microbrewery began in 2010 and still continues...


Polka picks: Toit Weiss with a cheese fondue and Tintin Toit with the Goan sausage pizza.


Location: Indiranagar


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5. Punjabi By Nature
Image credit: Punjabi By Nature

Now if there are two things Punjabis are passionate about, it’s got to be their butter chicken and their beer. So it comes as no surprise that their craft beers are absolutely beautiful.


Polka picks: The House Special Weissbier with fish tikka and the Citron Witbier with veg sheek kebab


Location: Koramangala and Whitefield


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6. District 6
Image credit: District 6

Tales of a haven for beer lovers were spread throughout Bangalore and these whispers soon fell upon our ears. We decided to journey towards the fabled District 6 and saw that it was indeed quite cool! What really left us speechless was their 2 litre mugs. Yes. You read right. TWO LITRES OF BEER.


Polka picks: Radler with hot chicken wings and The Chief with grilled fish


Location: Rajajinagar


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7. Prost Brew Pub
Image credit: Prost

If you have the duty of picking a spot for a reunion with friends, then we recommend Prost. The name literally translates to cheers in German. Need we really say more?


Polka picks: The Irish Red with a plate of fries and the Apple Cider with Fish and chips


Location: Koramangala


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8. Brewsky
Image credit: Brewsky

Unwind under the sky with a cold mug of beer nestled in the palms of your hand. Sounds like the perfect Bangalore evening.


Polka picks: The Belgian Witbier with chicken nuggets and Weissbier with masala peanuts.


Location: J.P Nagar


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9. Arbor Brewing Company
Image credit: Arbour

Cozy, cavernous and home to some of the best brews in town, Arbor nailed the formula to keep its happy customers coming back for more! And believe us when we say just one helping of their unbelievable brews won’t do you justice.


Polka picks: Smooth Criminal with spicy prawn skewers and the Raging Elephant with lamb chops.


Location: Magrath Road


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10. Bierre Republic
Image credit: Bierre Republic

Located on Church Street, this rooftop pub has what could only be described as THE best place to just hang out and have a cold beer while watching a football match. The energy is electric every time there’s a screening and the beers just make it all the better.


Polka picks: The pale ale with spicy french fries and the stout with chicken nachos.


Location: Church Street


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11. Barleyz
Image credit: Barleyz

Best known for the epic brunches it hosts, Barleyz also has a reputation for serving some really good craft beer. We suggest you grab a glass (or three), kick up your feet and watch the world go past you down below!


Polka picks: The Barleyz Special with a margherita pizza and the Barleyz Stout with grilled chicken.


Location: Sony World Junction, Koramangala.


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12. Vapour
Image credit: Trip Advisor

If you’re an avid football fan who enjoys the company of other equally enthusiastic football fans, then Vapour is exactly what you’re looking for. It’s always packed to the roof on match days and is bursting with cheers and good times!


The Brews We Picked: Vapour Basmati with Bacon wrapped prawn and Vapour Dark loaded skin potatoes.


Location: Indiranagar 100ft Road


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13. Windmill Craftworks

Beer lover and happy hours hunter Sandeep Balan swears by Windmill's amazing decor and ambiance. Make a reservation, he says, because getting a seat here is tough! Sandeep picked the Hefeweizen and Indian Pale Ale accompanied with spicy chicken wings and the grilled chicken burger.


Location: Whitefield


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Now here's the thing...
Image credit: Maupinator

We know we missed out on a couple of other amazing breweries. That's where you come in. Let us know in the comments section below which other breweries should be mentioned, and we'll add to the list!

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