10+ Indian Authors Who Bring Us Modern Love Stories We Can Relate To
By: Niharika Krishna on Feb 6th, 2016

Whether you're nursing a broken heart or are just a hopeless romantic for life, a good romance novel can pick you up and give you a little more faith in the world. For those of us who love reading about love, these Indian authors are the answer to our prayers. Their brand of commercial fiction is easy to read and doesn't take long to devour, so you can quickly go back to your humdrum routine, but with a bigger smile than before. Read on for our picks.

Yashodhara Lal
Image credit: Yashodhara Lal

Must-read book: There's Something About You, her latest, about an overweight, down-on-her-luck 28-year-old who has just lost her job and has no time for love.

Preeti Shenoy
Image credit: Preeti Shenoy

Must-read book: The One You Cannot Have, which tackles unrequited love and complex relationships in the modern age.

Nikita Singh
Image credit: Nikita Singh

Must-read book: After All This Time, in which a young woman finds out she is HIV positive, and sets out to complete her bucket list with an old neighbour.

Anuja Chauhan
Image credit: Anuja Chauhan

Must-read book: Battle for Bittora, the witty, rollercoaster-like story of two young politicians – and former childhood sweethearts – fighting it out for a Lok Sabha seat in the town where they grew up.

Shubha Menon
Image credit: Shubha Menon

Must-read book: The Second Coming, her debut novel, which is about a wedding planner who wants some romance in her own life.

Novoneel Chakraborty
Image credit: Novoneel Chakraborty

Must-read book: Marry Me, Stranger, a dark romantic thriller in which the protagonist is followed by a creepy yet intriguing stalker who seems to know everything about her.

Annie Zaidi
Image credit: Sheroes.in

Must-read book: Love Stories #1 to 14, a collection of short stories about love in its many forms.

Bhaavna Arora
Image credit: Bhaavna Arora

Must-read book: Mistress of Honour, a multi-generational saga about love and commitment set in the background of the armed forces.

Aditya Kripalani
Image credit: Aditya Kripalani

Must-read book: Back Seat, a love story that is as much an ode to Bombay as it is a romance between the characters, a bar dancer who becomes the kept woman of a rich, young man, and his driver, who takes her through the city every day.

Advaita Kala
Image credit: Advaita Kala Facebook

Must-read book: Almost Single. The story follows Aisha, a guest relations manager at The Grand Orchid Hotel. Savvy, sexy, and unforgettable, Almost Single tackles the exasperating tug-of-war between mothers and daughters, traditional customs and contemporary romance—and what happens when a modern Indian woman is caught in the middle.

Judy Balan
Image credit: Judy Balan

Must-read book: Sophie Says, in which Sophie, having had enough of men and relationships, becomes a breakup coach with her own theories on love, only to be thwarted by a host of aunties determined to set her up.


Which of these authors are you dying to read? Are there other authors of romances we've missed out on? Tell us in the comments.

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