India's Top Female Wedding Photographers Because No One Gets Emotions Like Women Do
By: Lily Dechamma on Dec 18th, 2015

Indian weddings maybe a lot of things and emotions run high from start to finish. Don't blame us for being biased, but we truly believe no one understands emotions and the depths of it like women do. So would you expect any thing less than magic when women photographers are the helm of catching all the emotions associated with a wedding? They capture it all-be it joy, the mixed feelings or the love between the couple. We worked on this list of top women photographers with Canvera and we have got to admit, we came away feeling awe inspired!

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Snigdha, Photo Tantra
Image credit: Photo Tantra Facebook

Their eternal love will be burning forever. Snigdha, one half of the famous photographer duo, has captured the flames of their love effortlessly. We love the interplay of light and dark and the drama associated with the image.

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Chandni, Chandni Dua Photography
Image credit: Chandini Dua Photography

Chandini captures the joy the bride feels on her wedding day. Capturing the timeless bond is definitely Chandini's forte. The picture has the feel of drama about to explode on stage and the richness of the colours and hues has us spell bound

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Ankita, Weddingnama Photography
Image credit: WeddingNama Facebook

This capture looks like something straight out of a dream. Any one is going to stop and stare at this one. Ankita, one half of the famous photographer team, brings forth her love for magical stories and tells a story that is begging to be told with every picture. The fairy tale feel was what we are sure she was attempting to capture and she succeeds beyond doubt.

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Sowmya, Sowmya Photography

The bride is the epitome of beauty on her wedding day. And the groom can't seem to take his eyes off her. We are suckers for wedding images that are a blend of emotions and timeless traditions and Sowmya scores high on capturing both brilliantly.

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Aayushi Sachdeva, Kanishka Sonthalia, The Wedding Salad

A father is torn between emotions of joy and having to let go of his little girl as he hugs his daughter! Aayushi Sachdeva and Kanishka Sonthalia of the Wedding Salad are able to capture all the feelings that transpired in that moment with this black and white.  

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Vaijayanti, Vaijayanti Varma Photography

This capture reminds us of the undying love between a modern couple.  Seems to denote that when they are lost in each others eyes, the entire world ceases to exist. Vaijayanthi combines her ability to capture happiness and romance through her pictures. The capture in a black and white gives it a timeless feel.

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Monisha, The Photo Diary
Image credit: ThePhotoDiary

Their love defies everything, even gravity! How did Monisha do that?  We love a capture that has drama and in this case the drama is aided by technology. This image is a conversation starter for sure.

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Rimi, Memorylane Photography
Image credit: MemoryLane Facebook

As the bride bids farewell to her family, Rimi, captures the emotions and mixed feelings of the moment. An end of an era and a start of a new one, Rimi captures it brilliantly. Rimi is one half of the photography duo at Memorylane.

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Priya, RVR PRO
Image credit: RVR PRO Facebook

Priya has a tremendous eye for detail. This is a ritual that may have missed the ordinary eye but not Priya's. Soulful and soft, Priya captures these elements at their best. 

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Shruti, Fotografia9
Image credit: Fotografia9 Facebook

The picture perfect fairy tale Indian wedding for this bride comes true in this capture. Shruti provides a feminine touch that produces brilliant pictures with a fantasy-like feel to them.

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Nivedita, Nivedita Nandi Photography

 Nivedita  captures the love and romance in a picturesque royal manner. Her modern style is a juxtaposition of eclectic and classy and her frames captures everything the couple will want to remember.

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Puja Kedia
Image credit: Puja Kedia Facebook

This couple is strung together for life and Puja has captured the moment in perfection. We love the top shot, the colours and the drama. She ups a glamourous shoot with her keen eye for angles and her ability to capture detail comes through clearly.

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Soumya Radesh, Soumya Radesh Weddart

This bride's dream of having a princess-like wedding has come true. Soumya has captured this moment for eternity. Having photographed different kinds of couples, she will make sure you remember every moment of your special day forever.

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Chetana Bhat, Chetana Bhat Photography
Image credit: Chetana Photography

Chetana has beautifully captured this eternal romance beautifully. We love the interplay of colours  of the couple's attire and the nature surrounding them. Her flair for colourful frames and wedding photography has made her a favourite with happy couples all over India. 

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Priyanka Modh, Priyanka Modh Photography

A simple composition enhanced several notches because of the brilliance that is Priyanka. This capture portrays the long, winding road that lies before this couple. 

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What do you think of the women photographers in this story. Are you inspired to start clicking? Tell us in the comments below. 

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