Meet These Top Bloggers Whose Posts On Body Positivity Is All You Need For Some Self Love
By: Haya Shaikh on Jun 6th, 2016

Size has always been a matter of conflict. But in recent years, there has been a subtle but sure shift in the trend. More and more women are voicing their comfort and confidence in their own skin. A number of women are speaking up about body positivity and we can't be more thrilled about this shift in thinking.

The rise in bloggers who advocate a positive body image has definitely instilled a sense of courage to embrace oneself completely, regardless of any other factors. Their spunky sense of fashion, tips on lifestyle and their optimistic opinions have made them the voice of all the women out there who are becoming increasingly confident to don outfits of their choice and live their life their own way, disregarding stereotypes and stigmas. Here are some of them you should know about!

Ragini Nag Rao - A Curious Fancy
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A funky and quirky blogger, Ragini dispenses all kinds of advice on her popular blog, ranging from style tips to how one can feel beautiful from the inside out. When asked about what got her into fashion blogging, she says, “I once tried to recap the not-so-brief history of my relationship with clothes, which I guess would serve as a backstory of sorts,” she says. “Throughout the years, I’ve fallen in and out of love with so many ideas and identities, but I’ve always come back to writing about fashion.”

Ragini shares exclusive tips related to picking outfits, especially when it comes to plus sized pieces. She adds, “A huge portion of my wardrobe comes from ASOS, which is no surprise considering their sheer variety. Every so often I hunt down a few pieces on eBay and Etsy.” Considering the factor that plus sized women are often prone to self-consciousness, Ragini’s strong and unwavering insight into freedom, not only in making fashion choices but living life on one’s own terms, contributes to having a positive body image, making her blog every bit as motivational.

“Striving for perfection of any sort and holding yourself back until you attain that perfection only leads to a life half lived”. Her advice to fellow plus sized women, advice which also applies to any woman out there grappling with body issues, is to “Stab at all the things you’ve ever dreamed of. You’ll never regret not having had the ‘perfect body’ but trust me when I say that there will come a time when you’ll regret not having done all the things you wanted to or lived the life you could have.” Ragini staunchly believes in the uniqueness of every life and how it is a chance to explore and live  it to the fullest!

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Pooja Kochar - 30ish and PhotoblogHER
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Pooja is an enterprising blogger who doesn’t believe in restricting herself simply to fashion, but is also proactive in empowering women by sharing advice to help cultivate a positive outlook and disregard age-old stereotypes shackling women and depriving them of their freedom.

On why she chose blogging as a means of promoting fearlessness and boldness in women, Pooja says, “Blogging as a medium has much more potential than promoting perfections.” Pooja firmly believes that, “A woman needs to be appreciated for her guts, glory and vision. Evaluating a woman on the way she looks breeds negativity”.  She states, “Every ‘body’ is beautiful, women need to support each other to overcome body anxiety.” Being a body positive activist, Pooja endeavors to keep blogging ‘real’.

A challenger of stereotypes, she believes that combining her blogging and activism is a successful step towards dismissing dogmas and orthodox beliefs surrounding women and their lives. “Body shaming is not a social phenomena, it is the reality for a lot of women.“ Bold in her ideals and beliefs, Pooja also adds, “When a woman is evaluated purely on the basis of the way she looks, you are violating her boundaries.” Pooja’s message to all the women out there is not to concern oneself with solely attempting to be physically perfect; that way we miss out on the charm of our uniqueness. “Real beauty is fearless, next time you really want to compliment a woman, call her intelligent, fierce, sharp, brave.” Got that ladies?

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Aarti Olivia Dubey - Curves Become Her

A feminist at heart, Aarti is a witty and vivacious fashion blogger who constantly encourages women empowerment along with maintaining a positive body image. On her blog, she shares her own set of advice on matters that are not just centered around fashion but also address weight issues. “As a plus sized woman in Asia, I have been disappointed in the lack of fashionable options or representation”, she says. Aarti decided to start her own blog to make up for the shortcomings in the promotion of fashion ideas for plus sized women. “This was also a means of discovering my positive body image while hopefully inspiring others along the way,” she says. Aarti found a way to love herself the way she is without any compromises. “After years of struggling with my self esteem, I felt it was time to make big changes and generate a better quality of life instead of the misery I lived in”.

The very stylish Aarti says "Since shopping in stores is not much of an option,  I turn to online stores that cater to my silhouette. While that can definitely be slightly expensive, I see it as a worthy investment to find clothes I feel good in." Aarti finds immense satisfaction in the rise of bloggers promoting a positive body image. “I believe there are more of us who are tired of the stereotypical body types we are supposed to adhere to according to society or media. Plus size or curvier bodies are not unhealthy or unattractive, there are plenty of misconceptions about us and we would like to prove them wrong,"  she states.

Aarti has some encouraging advice for women “Don’t be so hard on yourself”, she insists, “I know it is challenging with how invasive people are about talking of our bodies as if they are public property.” Aarti staunchly believes that women should be proud about who they are. “I hope you spend less time in ruminating over your perceived imperfections,” she says. “Diet fads, exercise regimes, comments from people will come and go, but self love and your self image are important for your growth as a person.” After all, beauty radiates from within, doesn’t it?

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Sonaksha Iyengar -The Sonshu
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Sonaksha Iyengar does not shy away from who she is. Why should she? She has a positive opinion of not only her size, but the size and weight issues of all the women out there. Hailing from Bangalore, Sonaksha has no qualms about tackling questions related to her body. She not only advocates a positive body image but also believes that being plus sized is not a handicap. “Who said people with a curvier figure can’t wear crop tops or stripes?”

A Potterhead and a chocolate lover, Sonaksha believes in self-acceptance. Her blog is proof of the fact that being yourself is the best thing to be. She doesn’t mind talking about her size and takes any negative comments in stride. In one of her many encouraging articles, Sonaksha addresses the grave problem of fat-shaming. “I’m sick and tired of people thinking this is a joke or irrelevant because it’s not,” she fumes. Riled by the conventional approach people have towards fat women, Sonaksha vehemently states that there is nothing wrong with dressing the way you want and being who you are.

She has always maintained a positive outlook and encourages other women to do the same. The way one looks should never hinder others from perceiving who they truly are. However, this vital fact seems to have been lost in a sea of opinions and views which sometimes only support outer beauty and perfection. Sonaksha, however, wants to express how none of that matters. “I will say this a thousand times over - We have different bodies and it’s not a crime.”

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Tanesha Awasthi - Girl With Curves
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The gorgeous, Tanesha Awasthi has garnered an impressive amount of interest and followers for her chic sense of fashion as well as her efforts to promote the notion of body positivity. Named the Top Lifestyle Blogger by, Tanesha has had a tremendous influence on women all over the globe owing to her peppy lifestyle, dapper fashion sense and elegant taste. “I started the blog back in 2011 as a creative outlet of my career in technology,” she explains. “At the time, I had no idea people were blogging about personal style and it wasn’t something I thought I’d ever do, putting myself out there.” Tanesha firmly believes that every woman should accept herself and revel in her own true essence. “It’s all about finding what you love about your body and dressing it the way you feel best,” she affirms. “Never follow fashion rules - wear what you love, always.” She also has an attractive and stylish sense of fashion, which has been an inspiration to many. “I’m lucky enough to know fabrics very well, so being creative with stretch fabrics is a must when you have curves,” she says when asked about her outfits. “It’s also important to shop around, especially online, where there are so many options.”

Tanesha perceives the fashion industry as changing and being in a constant state of flux and how blogging reflects that. “I definitely think that the emergence of plus size bloggers, showing women it’s okay to be larger than a size 10 sparked a revolution,” she adds. “It shows the world that not all of us want to hide behind baggy clothing and wear all black because it’s slimming,” she adds. “Some of us love fashion just as much as anyone else and we enjoy dressing our curvy bodies.” Regardless of all the negativity pertaining to plus sizes, bloggers like Tanesha stand their ground, seeking to counteract the negativity and motivating others to love themselves no matter what. “Love your body and love it hard,” she advises.

"You only get one and it’s capable of amazing things - appreciate and cherish it!” Well, these ladies do indeed have inspiring and interesting perspectives to offer. And their valuable insight, coupled with their amazing fashion choices, make for a powerful combination. Their take on positive body image and women empowerment are a source of encouragement for all the women out there. Truly, beauty lies within. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. Bask in your own individuality and uniqueness. Who cares about size? It doesn’t matter if you are a size 3 or a size 10. Like the voluptuous Meghan Trainor would say, “It’s all about that bass!”

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