These 15 Artists And 31 Others Make This Event In Chennai A Hard To Miss For Art Lovers And Shopaholics
By: Mayuri J Ravi on Feb 1st, 2016

Organised at Lalit Kala Akademi, Chennai, the 17th edition of By Hand, From The Heart (BHFTH), features 46 participants from all around the country, creating a market worth attending. For the first time the event will have an art show with three days dedicated for artists, followed by the makers market the next two days. “This time it is going to be a makers market with artists. The venue inspired us to have an art show,” says Deepa Sekar, one of the organisers of the event, and she adds, “Since I was getting requests from a lot of artists, I thought this is a good time to showcase their work.” Since the gallery premises does not permit anything but visual media, the organisers had to give away the Farmers market. “Though I have enjoyed doing two to three editions with the Farmer’s market, I thought since we are in this address it will only be nice to do the art bit,” says Sekar.

From literature and clothing to installation and furniture, check out the interesting ones that have made it to our list.

Aarti Karwayun Chawda, Bangalore - Framed Works

This independent artist will be showcasing two of her works. The first one being her recent project called Project Divinity, showcasing her art work where she has used charcoal as a medium and the second one is the ispace art work and series. “In my ispace art, I have used colours, motifs, themes and patterns, which are freshly integrated to form nice wall art pieces for homes and lovely corners,” says Chawda, and adds that Chennai is an excellent place to showcase her work.

Pricing: Fine art conceptual work - Rs. 48,000 to Rs. 63,000

             ispace art home decor art pieces and work - Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 7,200

Date: February 1st to 6th

Darshan Singh Grewal, Chandigarh - Framed Photographs

There is more than that meets the eye in the works of this Chandigarh-based artist who ventured into this field in 2013. Participating for the first time at BHFTH, he will be presenting his latest photo craft ‘Saudade’, which means a feeling of longing. “It came about as a culmination of my life-learnings, where efforts are made to capture the evolutionary process of self-knowing through a journey of Tribalistic Clown, who is beckoning his latent essence and searching his oblivious spirit in a contrary surrounding, reflecting a concept that ‘One finds oneself better in a contrary surrounding’,” says Grewal. The photo series is based on his poetry that leaves an open end for the readers and viewers to re-evaluate their own perspective through this project.

Pricing: 15 selected photographs of frame size 2' X 1.5'. Rs. 30,000 for each.

Date: February 1st to 3rd.

Malayalam Project, Kochi - Art Works

If there is one thing that you cannot give a miss at this event is the art work of this group from Kochi. The Malayalam Project experiments with Malayalam alphabet and typography and aims to explore the nuances of the language by looking at examples of written work by writers, poets and journalists. They will be showcasing 10 of their art works along with 10 excerpts based on the subject 'narrative of women character on print'. “Each artwork is an interpretation of a unique brief by different artists. Through each excerpt, one gets to see and absorb myriad emotions of women. Although it is rooted in Malayalam language, the project is curated in a way that non-malayalees can understand it,” explains Aleena Sajeev, researcher and curator of the initiative.

She has been working on this theme along with the design director, Theresa J George. Apart from the art works, expect Malayalam-themed posters, T-shirts and cushion covers. This is their first exhibition outside Kochi.

Pricing: Rs. 699 onwards

Date: February 1st to 6th.

Ceramic Trail By Shilpy Gupta, Bangalore - Ceramics

A trained ceramic artist, Shilpy Gupta has been working in this field for the last 15 years. For the event, she has designed creations that include bowls and plates, around three themes. The first one - Mystic Musings that is inspired by the whirling dervishes and the silhouettes of the Turkish surroundings, second one being Memories of Kutch - inspired by the whites of the salt marsh, the blue of the skies and the many colours of life and the last one based on poet Rumi’s poem, Love Me Tender. You will be mesmerized!

Pricing: Rs. 1,000 onwards

Date: February 1st to 6th

Tania Thomas, Chennai - Framed Acrylic Canvas

Her style is abstract, which she expresses using acrylic and mixed media. At the show you can expect a lot cityscapes and seascapes, of which some of them are related to Chennai flood scenario.

Pricing: Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 45,000

Date: February 1st to 3rd

Sandhya Manne, Chennai - Framed Zentangle Works

Having taken part in the 15th edition of BHFTH, Manne, an artist and a certified Zentangle teacher, is back this time with more interesting work to showcase. Check out her collection of small-sized Mandala series of ink drawings along with a few bigger works in the same medium. Apart from this, she will also be showcasing small sized oil paintings titled Tea Time, inspired by the collection of colourful cups and saucers from our daily Tea Time routine.

Pricing: Rs. 1,800 to Rs. 12,000

Date: February 1st to 6th

Shirupa Gupta, Bangalore - Framed Art Works

Participating for the first time at an exhibition in India, Gupta will be bringing down 23 pieces that includes collages and watercolours in which you will see roosters, birds, fruits, vegetables, animals and flowers. There will be a play of colour and light. But the one piece that is sure to grab your attention is the oil pastel on sand-board of a Sadhu with Cigar.

Pricing: Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 30,000

Date: February 1st to 3rd

CORR Beauty By Mita Majithia, Bangalore - Home D├ęcor Products

The home décor products created using corrugated cardboard is sure to grab your attention. From designer lamps to decorative bowls to coasters to hanging plates and frames, you will find everything that you need to give an aesthetic appeal to your home. “Each lamp design has been thought out and executed well,” says the software engineer turned interior designer.

Pricing: Rs. 200 onwards

Date: February 5th and 6th

Love The World Today By Dipti Daryanani Ahuja And Dipna Daryanani, Mumbai - Clothing For Children

Now there is something for the kids and their moms, too! The sister-duo is bringing their second collection, The Winter Sun. The collection will include designs in organic khadi. And some outfits for the mothers. Photography by Beej Lakhani and styling by Praganya Rao.

Pricing: Rs. 1,200 onwards

Date: February 5th and 6th

Strings And Beads By Archana Avinash, Bangalore - Healing Jewellery

Do you love gemstones and believe in the healing properties of them? Then this is the place for you. Bringing a Crystal Bar concept to the show, Avinash will be displaying a variety of gemstones in the form of beads along with its healing properties. “Customers can choose their favourite gemstone and we will make a beautiful gemstone bracelet on the spot,” she says. She is also bringing a small pret collection called the Gratitude Collection. “A collection very close to my heart as I work with the Law of attraction very closely. A limited edition of bracelets with some very pretty rhinestone studded charms,” she adds. Also in store are some pretty rough crystals for sale along with pretty birth stone pouches.

Pricing: Rs. 500 onwards

Date: February 5th and 6th

The Madras Mag Bookshop By Krupa Ge, Chennai - Stationery

Founded by Krupa Ge, the indie literary journal is based in Chennai. They recently brought out an anthology featuring the works of 30 writers from around the globe, and artwork by artists from across the world to mark their first anniversary. The Madras Mag Anthology of Contemporary Writing will be showcased at BHFTH with products ranging from rare vintage book cover calendar, bookmarks, greeting cards with stunning prints and more. Also look out for Subadra Kalyanaraman’s Madhubani-themed colouring book for adults. “The book is completely hand drawn by her and comes in high quality paper in a 'pull out and frame' format,” says Ge. The Madras Mag will also launch a new art book on the ancient Tamil poems Kurunthokai, illustrated beautifully and translated to English by S Ramachandran.

Pricing: Rs. 250 to Rs. 1,490

Date: February 5th and 6th

VYA By Amrita Giriraj, Chennai - Jewellery Design

In the previous edition, it was all about making sea shells as the hero of her collection called Ora. But this time she brings a concept as unique as that. Titled Rosalina, in her latest collection she uses petrified ferns, fronds, petals, flowers, leaves, pollen grains, stems, stamens, sand, roots and buds and turns them into wearable jewellery. “The technique used will petrify the object and freeze it space and time. The petrified object will not change colour and will stay the way it is, eternally,” she says.

Pricing: Rs. 250 for clips and Rs. 1,300 for necklace and earring sets.

Date: February 5th and 6th

Wood And Yarn By Anju Nair, Chennai - Block Printed Saris
Image credit: Wood & Yarn Facebook

The textile designer, who calls herself a contemporary designer, will be showcasing exclusive hand-crafted saris at the event. Offering a variety in fabrics, textures with earthy yet vibrant colour her designs are all about real people in real situations. “The Collection reflects my approach in trying to blend the old charm of traditional fabrics /techniques with contemporary patterns and styles,” she says.

Pricing: Up to Rs. 5,000

Date: February 5th and 6th

Upcykle By Mridula Harihar, Chennai - Upcycled Accessories

Check out lifestyle/home décor products made from wood and glass - Absolute Vodka bottle dish, Antiquity blue bottle planter, Signature bottle vase, Corona scented candles (set of 3), donut pendants made from Bacardi bottles and wooden stands for iPhone 5 and 6. Talking about the process of making, Harihar says, “The glass products, except for the Corona Candles, have been made using a special process that involves heating them to about 1400 degrees Fahrenheit, in the glass furnace.” Upcykle is an initiative by Kabadiwalla Connect, a social enterprise that has built an Information System to help everyone handle their recyclable waste responsibly ( So this is a store you have to visit.

Pricing: Rs. 500 to Rs. 1,500

Date: February 5th and 6th

Tiny Farm By Riddhi Desai, Chennai - Print Works And Stationery

Riddhi Desai, the illustrator and graphic designer of the design studio based in Bangalore, will be showcasing a fun calendar Do check out her fun and quirky calendars, featuring floral-themed illustrations. While her graphic series is inspired by the people of Chennai. Also expect funky coasters, notebooks and posters, at the exhibition.

Pricing: Rs. 200 onwards

Date: February 1st to 6th

This is just a glimpse of the five-day long festival. You can find many more such talented artists showcasing their collection at By Hand, From The Heart. This is one event that we recommend you to visit for an amazing experience.

Venue: Lalit Kala Akademi

Address: No 4, Greams Road, Chennai

Date and Timings: Art Group Show-Feb 1 to 3, Makers Market-Feb 5 & 6. 11 am to 7 pm

So, who are your favourite artists? Which stalls are you planning to visit? Tell us in the comments below!


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