Cafes In Bangalore For Those Who Want To Kick Back And Lounge With A Healthy Menu
By: Jas Kiran Kaur on Oct 30th, 2017

Bangalore is not just at the forefront of technological innovations, but it thrives equally when it comes to food too. And with its organic market fairs, a huge terrace farming community and a well-knit farmers market, this city has a stake of its own when it comes to eating healthy. On that note, here are the four cafes that should be at the top of any fitness enthusiast in the city.

Image credit: Yogisthaan Café

Produce derived from the local farms plus an Ayurveda style of cooking, what more can you ask for when looking out for a health café. If you are here, you must sample specialities like the beetroot, carrot, amla and ginger boosters juice served on the sides of their homemade muesli. The loyalists to this café will nudge you to try their signature quinoa burger served with homemade hummus. We suggest you book a table after that morning yoga of yours and have a scrumptious hearty meal in peace. 

Paradigm Shift
Image credit: Paradigm Shift

The offerings at this restaurant are so good that you might even consider going vegan even if it is just for a day. They offer innovations like tofu vegetarian pizza with cashew cheese. So there’s no loading up of extra calories with mozzarella. Still craving for something meat? Ask the waiter of their drunken mock meat (which is just soy), but it's the closest resemblance that soy can have with real meat. The product for making the mock meat comes from Malaysia and New Delhi so you can well imagine the lengths they go to make the food taste perfect.

The Fatty Bao
Image credit: The Fatty Bao

Don’t go by the name, silly! Yes, this place has several rich dishes, but there are so many great healthy treats on the menu that the list will be incomplete without adding The Fatty Bao to the story. Go for the Raw Mango and Green Papaya salad or the Tuna Tataki. The salmon dill maki roll is equally yummy. If you are a lover of Asian food, then this is the must visit place for you. Go there with your other fitness buddies and have the time of your life.

Fit Dish Fetish
Image credit: Fit Dish Fetish

The three main things that the café focuses on are- seasonal produce, non-processed and nutrition filled. The food that you will get here is guaranteed to be high in fiber but low on carbs- perfect for your diet. You are assured of getting a new menu every week, but all of them are equally yummy.

Which of these places would you like to try soon? Let us know in the comments below. 

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