Check Out These Original Artists From Hyderabad Whose Talent Will Blow You Away

There’s Raw Talent In The Air

By: Soumyadeep Datta on Dec 9th, 2014
Image credit: Orange Radius

The general assumption about artists is that they’re a weird bunch, have long and shaggy hair, strange tattoos and probably smoke a lot of weed. Also, every artist wears a French beret and speaks exclusively in a depressing, cryptic tone that suggests you can perceive nothing of the higher pleasures. Some artists might fit this stereotype. However, most real artists keep regularly churning out jaw-dropping work without having to fit this generalization. Here are some of the most promising young artists with superb skill:

(Note: None of the listed artists wear French berets, unfortunately)

1) Charcoal artist: Aditya
Image credit: The Onyx Method

Aditya is a first year mechanical engineering student at JNTU Hyderabad. He probably dreads handing over assignments just like any other college kid. He is, however, a brilliant charcoal artist. His work is stunning, to say the least. He was at the Twin City Theater and Cultural Festival, at the Octoberfest, and most recently, at the Comic- Con Hyderabad Express. Follow The Onyx Method, and you may just get the chance to bag some of his work before it gets sold out at the next expo.

2) Video game and comic book art with Rahul Philip
Image credit: Rahul Philip

Rahul is a freelance concept artist. His work is, well, I’ll let you choose the adjective. We couldn't make it past,” Whoa, that’s-“, before his artistic brilliance blew us away to Mars. He makes art for video games and comic books, and is currently working at Glu, a global company that develops games/toys. He has every child’s second dream job (after that of being an astronaut, which requires good grades). In his own words: ”Basically, I’m the first cog in the machinery of the gaming pipeline.”

You must follow Rahul’s work. Be warned, it might make you feel inadequate about your talentless, lackluster life.

3) Indian superhero comics: Orange Radius
Image credit: orange radius

If you’re a comic book lover, hold on to your pointy batman cowl, because Orange Radius is here. They make comics based on traditional Indian lore. Their flagship series is the Parshu series. Parshu is a young Indian superhero, and he absolutely kicks ass, as pictured above.

Orange Radius is attracting a lot of positive attention in India,and that’s really encouraging because the Indian comic book industries struggles against big guns like DC and Marvel. Orange Radius is out to set that right, with awesome art and even better plotlines.

Head over to their website, where you can read their web comic Garuda for free!

4) Graphic novels by Syenagiri
Image credit: syenagri

Syenagiri is a graphic novel publisher you should definitely check out. Their work is retro, maybe even of a darker nature. One of them is The Robots Of Dharma. It’s set in the future, where natural calamities have driven mankind nearly into extinction and robots have taken over as the dominant life form. It makes for an interesting read, and the artwork is captivating and unique. Fans of sci-fi should board this train of awesome. Remember to check it out, it releases next year. Till then, be sure to check out some of their online web comicsabout Hyderabad. Spoilers: They have time machines and T-rexes. Fun, fun, fun.

There is a lot of talent out there. Any of these artists could become famous, and very soon, you’ll hear everyone talking about them. You can then smirk and say, “I knew about the guy before he was famous.”

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