Clever Ways To Travel The World Without Burning A Hole In Your Pocket!
By: Monisha Sharma on Nov 19th, 2014
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By now we've all read a bunch of articles urging us to travel the world. "Travel in your 20s," they say. We don't know about them, but in our 20s our bank accounts are perpetually shriveled up like raisins. Quit scrolling through the "perfect holiday" on Facebook and Instagram and set out on your own adventure. The only way we can help build that bank account of yours is by wishing you luck! BUT we did find some ways you could save money while traveling the world.

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Will Work For Travel!
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1. WWOOF - World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms

WWOOF connects volunteers to farms – in exchange for 4-6 hours of work a day, volunteers get free accommodation and meals. Experience alternate lifestyles and immerse yourselves in local culture; you can even line up volunteer work in various countries and all you'd have to pay for is your travel from one farm to the other.

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2. Internships

Take on an internship in a different city or country. Not only do you get valuable work experience, but also get to explore the world!
Click here, here and here for more information.

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3. Work at an exotic resort

Various resorts all over the world often need volunteers to help out, especially the ones that are located in remote areas or jungles. These resorts let you stay for free while enjoying all of their facilities - all for working for a few hours serving drinks or similar work. 
Check out this and this for more details.

4. Get Lucky! 
If you're talented with a good dose of luck, maybe you can monetize on your travelling. Selling poetry to travel the world is not a far cry from today's travel bloggers who, with the right marketing and contacts, can very well get sponsors to fund their travel or buy them cool new stuff. Travelers are often the best choice when it comes to testing out the versatility of new products such as camera equipment, lenses, travel gear, etc.
No promises with this one. But who knows, some perserverence coupled with luck and talent might just get you to travel the world!
It's been done before – check out Sundayfundayzand Alex Chacon.

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1. airbnb

Inevitably, a major chunk of our travel budget is spent on hotels when instead we should be spending our money on food and experiences! Find cheap homestays and guest houses on airbnb and save tons of money! Staying at a homestay also has the added advantage of learning more about the culture, food and places to visit from your host families, ensuring your adventure isn't too tourist-y in nature.

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2. Get by with a little help from your friends

Traveling with friends always ensures that you can split room tariffs and cab fares too!

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3. Hostels

Anyone who's been backpacking through Europe will be able to attest to how awesome staying at hostels can be, Check out Zostel - India's first chain of hostels and Hostels for everywhere else in the world!

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1. Travel communities

Check out online communities like Philosphy of Travel and Travel Buddies to get to know people from all around the world who can help plan your itinerary and give you more information on things to do, places to visit and possibly even connect you with host families for a homestay!

2. Groupon 
Check out Groupon or other similar websites for great deals on everything from lunches to adventure sports. This is a great way to save some money while ensuring you get to do everything you want to.

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1. SkyScanner

Check out SkyScanner for the best flight deals available. 
Also, try and book yourselves on flights that not a lot of people would prefer, like early morning or late night flights.

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2. Travel Buddies

Take a travel buddy to reduce cab fares; this will help make your intinerary more flexible without having to heavily depend on bus or other public transport schedules.

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3. Offline maps

Save all your maps on your phone; this will help save you tons of money by turning off your internet data. Make sure you write down some important addresses in a notebook for when technology fails.


Do you have any tried and tested solutions to help save more money while travelling? Do share with us in the comments section below.

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