About Polka Cafe
What is Polka Cafe?

As the name suggests Polka Cafe is a fun online place to linger around, lounge around and discover new things about people, products and services.  In here you will find information about beauty, fashion, fitness, health, relationships etc. often given by interesting people who are experts.

Give me an example

Ok, Let’s say you are interested in Nail Art, how wonderful would it be to get to see the trends in nail art, ideas for nail art and nail art from around the world.  All coming to you from an expert in Nail Art.  So as a reader you get all this information and if something catches your eye, you know who to go to.

Hmm that's interesting? What else?

Polka Cafe is an experience, you get to see beautiful pictures and great content all laid out in an easy to read format.  It’s the perfect place to come to, when you have some time because you will always go back feeling good, having discovered something new.

Easy to read format? What’s that?

Well Polka Cafe is being designed for the mobile reader, you can read it on the go, on your tablet or mobile phone and of course on your laptop too.


Hey not just pretty pictures, the writing is not text heavy either, everything will be in an easy to read , easy to understand layout. A place where you learn something new in a fun way

You said Polka Café is an experience, what do you mean

Ok lets see, if Polka Cafe were a flavor it would be chocolate, and if Polka Café were a song then it would definitely be this one..

or this one

So is this a women's site?

Its for the modern, independent, thinking woman and the modern, confident man

oh really?

Yeah why not, if a guy wants to do up his bachelor pad or cook a dish with 2 ingredients, he is gonna find it here with ingredients and suggestions that can be fulfilled.

Suggestions that can be fulfilled?

Yes, totally, we aren’t going to talk about a recipe that’s got ingredients that can only be sourced from the south of Alps :) but those that are available in your local store; we are talking about getting things done in a fun way and not sending you on wild goose chase, haha

Ok, So who runs Polka Cafe?

Polka Cafe is run by professionals who have been in the online space cumulatively for over 20 years

Oh and Polka Café is a Delasoft Inc. company. Delasoft Inc. is a product software development and consulting company based in Newark, Delaware.

So where is it present? Polka Cafe?

We have started off in Bangalore and will soon be arriving in other metros too.

So I am a fashion designer? How can I be a part of the Polka Community?

Oh the opportunities are endless; given that you are a fashion designer you probably are cued in on trends in fashion- be it clothes, bags, shoes or accessorizes. You could share about any of those things or fusion clothing or colours for the season or what inspires you and the like. Readers will automatically associate with your sense of style etc and follow you for your tips.

What if I am a writer or a photographer?

Wow! That would be great; we are the ones you should talk to, like right now! We are always on the look out for folks like you. Here is how you fit in


Sounds wonderfully fun, so again who did you say the Polka Cafe Woman was?

She’s someone who is strong, independent, intelligent and humorous and loves life. Some one like the Greek goddess Athena. She’s the goddess of reason, war, courage, inspiration, arts and wisdom – that’s a great example of intelligence being desirable.

and the Polka Café man?

Oh yes, He is modern, confident, the sturdy support for his woman, smells lovely always and can cook too haha No I am kidding but hey we can dream can’t we. He is also a dreamer BTW, and believes in doing something interesting with his time, has interesting hobbies and loves travelling.

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