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A chat with Anubhav Sapra, Founder of Delhi Food Walks

By: Sidhi Chadha on Jan 19th, 2015
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He was making a living working as a full time employee with an NGO, but Anubhav Sapra was always a foodie at heart. Since the time he left home to stay in a hostel, Anubhav started exploring his love for food. It was only in 2011 when he gave a serious thought to his culinary passion and took it up as a full time activity. That’s when he started ‘Delhi Food Walks’. We have an exclusive chat with Anubhav, talking about the birth of this upcoming trend and everything that means food!

1. You were living life as a full time employee. How did the idea of ‘Delhi Food Walks’ originate?


The idea generated with a street food blog. I used to write about street food of Delhi for my blog and my friend requested me to organize food walks for them way back in 2010 in Paharganj. I created an event on facebook, it went viral and 30 people turned up and together we explored the lanes of Paharganj for its street food. In 2011, I started conducting food walks on weekends and changed the name to Delhi Food Walks. Since then, I have been conducting food walks in Delhi at different locations.

2. Delhi Food Walks – Tell us about the essence and motive behind it?


The essence is to be a representative of Delhi’s incredible food culture and heritage, and to introduce more people to it.

3. Enlighten us a bit. How does a food enthusiast join Delhi food walk?


Food enthusiasts can book a food walk. We have two kinds of food walks: Community food walk- conducted on weekends and during festivals. Community food walks are open events, any one can join in. The events are created on Facebook and invites are sent via emails. Please subscribe to DFW’s email list by visiting www.delhifoodwalks.com to be part of community food walks. One can book the food walk depending on their time and place preference by visiting the website.

4. Do you only conduct food walks? Is DFW (Delhi Food Walks) only about food or the culture and architecture of the city as well?


We conduct food walks, cooking classes, Gurudwara walk, kebab trail, tea tasting sessions and meet the chef sessions too.

5. What areas of Delhi does DFW cover?


We cover Chandni Chowk, Chawri Bazar, Ballimaran, Jama Masjid, Connaught Place, Paharganj, Kamla Nagar, Nizamuddin, Majnu Ka tila, C R Park, Zakir Nagar, Tilak nagar and State Bhawans.

6. How much does it cost per person?


The cost is 800 to 3000 per person depending on the area/location and number of participants.

7. What are the time slots for the participants?


Any time depending on their availability for customized food walks.

8. Does DFW only cover street foods or five star restaurants as well?


We cover street food, Indian and regional cuisine.

9. Hygiene is a very important criteria, more so with street food, what are the measures DFW will take to ensure they maintain hygiene?


Delhi Food Walks provides hand sanitizer and bottled drinking water to the guests before the start of the walk. Moreover, we visit places where the food is freshly cooked and one can see the food preparations.

10. We hear Delhi Food Walks has taken an initiative against food wastage? Tell us about it in detail.


We are coming up with an organization ‘Save Food Foundation’ to reduce the food wastage in the city. We would be collecting cooked and uncooked food from restaurants, hotels and weddings and distributing them to homeless and street children.

11. What are the future plans for DFW? Do you plan to take it on an international level?


As of now, we plan to expand DFW to other cities in India, starting with Lucknow, Amritsar and Ahmedabad.

12. What is the future of food walks? Is it a trend that’s catching on?


The trend is catching on, yes! People are traveling to other countries specifically to understand the local regional cuisine, the food culture and taste local dishes. They also prefer walking with a local person to take them to few places which they would have otherwise not visited. The chefs, tourists, restaurateurs come from different countries to do research to find out what we eat, the spices used and food preparations. In brief, food walks make them understand the city through food.

13. When you rate good food– what according to you should one look out for in the best biryani or best chaat and so on?


These foods have a distinct taste, flavor. The use of spices and preparations needs to be just right.

‘Delhi Food Walks’ Awards

Best Biryani- Taufiq ki Biryani, Haveli Azam Khan, Chitli Qabar

Best Kebabs- Ustad Moinuddin, Gali Qasim Jan, Ballimaran

Best Chaat- Kulle Ki chaat, Hira Lal Chat Corner, Chawri Bazar

Best Kulfi- Kuremal Ki Kulfi, Bazar Sitaram

Best Chole Bhature- Nand ki Hatti, sadar Bazar

Best Butter Chicken- Aslam Butter Chicken Corner, Bazar matia mahal

Best Naan- Kake di Hatti, Fatehpuri

Best Khurchan- Hajari lal Khurchan, Kinari Bazar

Best Jalebi- Old and famous Jalebi wala, Dariba kalan

Best Sweets- Chaina ram, Fatehpuri


Do you claim to be a foodie or aspire to be one? Join the food walk and proclaim your love for food in the comments below!


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