5 Ways To Turn A Red Shirt Into A Wardrobe Staple This Summer
By: Chandana Munipalle on Mar 12th, 2015
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You know those phases where priorities just take over, and you really don't want to spend too much time coming up with creative outfits to wear? That's usually when I tend to live in the same clothes day after day, the comfiest, softest ones that are just so familiar to touch and feel. But, there's no reason to dress the same way even if you are wearing the same clothes everyday!

Colour Block It With A Skirt
Image credit: The Girl At First Avenue

Red and royal blue has somehow become my go-to combination. I love the visual contrast they provide and how they perfectly complement each other. Although it might seem a little too festive or cartoon-ish, when the right shades are paired in the right way and with the right kind of accessories, it's a visual treat!


Skirt: oasap.com


Shoes: SteveMadden


Clutch: Newlook via koovs.com

The Classic Tucked In Look
Image credit: The Girl At First Avenue

There is something about tucking in a shirt into you favorite pair of skinny jeans that gives it a very business-like, no-nonsense feel. Black and red is a classic colour combo that never fails, be it for business or pleasure!


Jeans: Levis


Bag: stalkbuylove.com


Shoes: Dorothy Perkins via jabong.com

The I-shall-laze-around-home-with-a-book-all-day look
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Whether you love them or hate them, looks like overalls are here to stay. They are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing, and if paired correctly, you can very much look like a grown-up in them! You can wear them with crop tops, tank tops, simple tshirts or a bright red shirt!


Overalls: Levis


Shoes: forever21.com

Tie It Around Your Waist
Image credit: The Girl At First Avenue

This is the easiest, simplest trend that evokes an effortlessly cool vibe. Also, your shirt is always in a handy place if you suddenly need to throw it on to keep warm. If you are wearing a loose top, trying a button down shirt around your waist will automatically balance it out to create an hour-glass figure. And adding a bright-coloured shirt to a basic blue jeans - white tee combo adds colour and a spark of interest to your outfit!


Jeans: Levis  


Tshirt: c/o cupcakesandcloset.com


Shoes: forever21.com

Wear It Over A Fancy Dress
Image credit: The Girl At First Avenue

The best way to tone down a fancy dress and wear it in a more causal setting is to add a cardigan or a shirt. Adding a button down shirt over a dress makes it possible to wear it anywhere during the day time. This is also the easiest way to wear all your summer dresses during chilly weather. A sling bag and a pair of heels will complete your look!


Dress: Gifted  


Bag: oasap.com 


Shoes: jabong.com


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