9 Types Of Dates With Different Health Benefits That You Should Include In Your Diet
By: Akanksha Grover on Jul 10th, 2015

Dates are a delicious fruit, but did you know that there are many varieties of it available in the market? Each one of them is good for health in its own way. Here we tell you the different dates available, read on!

Ajwa dates
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Popularly known as 'King of Dates', these were known to be Prophet’s favorite. Much softer and drier in texture they have a myriad of health benefits, one of them being increased immunity. These days they come stuffed with dry fruits enhancing it richness.

A popular, but expensive variety, it is sold at Rs 4200 per Kg.

Medjool dates
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This date grows in a hot-dry climate like that of Middle East, Africa and California. They are sugar-free dates which are good for diabetes patients; they also provide vitamins, minerals and energy for overall health.

They cost Rs 2400 per kg and are available at Rusell market.

Kalmi dates
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The rich dry fruit is a variety from Oman, available especially during the month of Ramzaan. It’s a variant of the black dates and is typically small and cylindrical in shape. These dates are high in potassium and helps prevent diseases like diarrhea. 

Available in Rusell market, priced at Rs 550 a Kg.

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They fall under the category of premium dates; naturally rich in minerals and antioxidants, they are very sweet and chewy as well.

Available at Russell market at a price of 400-600 per Kg.

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These are considered to be the finest quality of dates from Medina, Saudi Arabia. It is the largest of the Medina dates and is renowned for its size. They are known for accelerating the natural healing process.

Relatively expensive, these dates are available at Rusell market at a price of Rs.1500 a Kg.

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They are cylindrical in shape and are often found in medium or big size. These brownish-red dates have the hidden quality of boosting energy instantly! Hence they are not just apt during Ramzan, but are also a must-have otherwise.

Available widely at Rusell market and costs Rs.800 a Kg.

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These are the most exquisite variety of dates grown in Iran. The most widely-consumed dates in Iran are available here only during month of Ramzan. They are light yellow in colour and round in size. They contain high amount of Vitamin A,B, and C and also make blood circulation better.

Available in Russell market at a price of 900 a kg.

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Safawi from Saudi Arabia, are chewy and have a sweet texture. They are huge in size with a dark colour. These are known best for treating anemia and intoxication.

Available in Rs 700 a Kg in Russell market.

Sukarri dates
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This variety from Saudi Arabia is highly sweet and moist and provide an instant dose of energy.

They are sold between Rs 400 to Rs 800 a kg.


What are the other forms of dates you know of? Which of these are your favourites? Tell us, in the comments section below.

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