15 Outfits From Your Closet To Wear On Valentine's Day
By: Niharika Krishna on Feb 7th, 2017

While most people love the idea of a day dedicated to celebrating love, we also get that some don't like the concept of Valentine's Day at all. Whether you're single and partying it up with your girlfriends, or planning a romantic date with your partner, we've collected 15 looks that will tell you what to wear for every kind of Valentine's Day plan. The best part – you probably have all these clothes already! It's just about putting them together in the right combinations.

Catching a play or concert together
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If you have a shared love for theatre or music, this is a great way to spend your evening. Go with a cute, patterned skirt and a plain black top for a no-fuss yet pretty look.

The casual coffee date
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So you're just getting to know each other and anything more than coffee seems like too much for now. Choose an outfit that's pretty but not over the top. We suggest a black skater skirt and a holiday-appropriate heart-printed shirt.

Singles' night in
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If you're single and fine with it, you're probably planning to celebrate the day of love like any other, an evening with your closest friends at home. Wear something comfortable like jeans and a tank top, and top it off with an embellished, embroidered stole like this one for some colour and texture.

Weekend at a beach resort
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A white swimsuit and sunglasses with a pop of red on your nails is all you really need for a weekend at the beach. If you're feeling adventurous, try going with an all-white wardrobe for the weekend – two days are not too long to wear just one colour.

A brunch to bring in the day
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Valentine's Day comes at a time with good weather across the country, so a leisurely brunch can be pleasant and romantic. A sky blue jumpsuit is a great outfit for a relaxed morning or afternoon.

Day at a vineyard
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A swingy, polka-dotted dress and a denim jacket are great for a day spent walking around the grounds of the vineyard and tasting delicious wine with your special someone. A pair of strappy sandals are a must, but choose to wear heels at your own risk.

A movie and dinner

If your plans are easy and low-key, pick clothes to go with it. Black trousers, a red tank and a floral jacket make for a sweet and comfortable outfit for the evening.

A night out with your girls

Spending the night out with your favourite girls? A black jumpsuit and gladiator heels are the perfect partners for your night of revelry.

Trekking together
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If you're the adventurous, outdoorsy kind, you'll probably be planning an activity like this. You want to be comfortable for this one, so a sweatshirt with a cute detail in the form of embroidery is the way to go. Wear it with jeans or with cute sweatpants if you need more flexibility.

Staying in and cooking up a storm
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Even if you're staying home and having a romantic meal together, you want to dress up a little bit. We suggest a crochet or satin slip dress with a cosy sweater on top. When you're done eating, the sweater comes off and the fun begins.

A walk through the park
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A white lace dress and a coloured cardigan are perfect for a romantic evening stroll in the park. We love the play of different lengths in this outfit, but it would work just as well at knee length or a little above.

An anti-Valentine party
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If you really hate the idea of Valentine's Day, get together with your friends and party the night away while you bash the holiday whole-heartedly. An all-black outfit with lots of leather will do the trick nicely.

A fancy, candlelit dinner
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On the other hand, if you're the traditional kind and want to celebrate it the fancy, romantic way, a five-star dinner is the perfect date for you. It doesn't matter whether you go with pink or another colour, but a lace top and a pretty midi skirt in the same colour look like a dress but with a cooler play of textures. 

Driving off into the sunset
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If you're going on a long drive and spending the day with your loved one and the open road, wear a comfy all-white outfit. Never tucked your white kurti into a pair of white trousers? This is the day to try it. As you can see, it looks polished and relaxed at the same time.

Dancing the night away
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If clubbing and dancing are your idea of a night well spent, there's no reason to do anything else on the big V-Day, especially since it's a Saturday this year. A sequinned skirt and a top with a pretty detail is the way to party in style.


Now that you've got your outfit sorted out, all you need is the perfect makeup to go with your look. How are you celebrating this year? And what are you wearing to celebrate? Tell us in the comments below.

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