Take Your Nails For A Vacation This Summer With These Easy-To-Do Nail Art Ideas
By: Shilpa Gupta on Jun 11th, 2015
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Summer is all about getting those floral dresses and colourful clothes out of your wardrobe. You may think that you are all set to rock your summer look, but you could be forgetting to show some love to those plain nails. Bare nails are so yesterday! But as fancy as nail-art sounds, it's a hassle for many. We found these easy-to-do summer nails that let the odds be in your favour. So this summer, try these nail fancies to keep your nails happy. No more summertime sadness!

1. Neon Break
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Wearing neon colours is totally a fair deal for summer. Hot pinks and bright yellows are our favourite picks for summery nails and these colours help you look perky and cheerful. Neon colours can be used in any style, but if you are good at drawing lines, this will definitely work for you.

2. Tropical shades
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The gradient beach colours look fabulous for summer and give you the total beach babe feel. Take your nails on a beachy holiday with this nail art pattern. And to make your struggle of finding designer tapes easy, we suggest that you use pinking shears and cut tapes for making this nail art simple.

3. Splatter nails
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Summer is all about colour splashes! A splash of colours over white background looks stunning and you can sport these nails with most of your summer outfits. Make sure to protect the sides of your nails with tape. You don't want to get messy with this one!

4. Hairspray magic
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Paint your nails with some water colour over a white base coat. Rub off the extra paint and give a light finish to it. Let science do it its part after you spray some hairspray into a bowl of water. It cracks up and.. Yes! You are going to be applying hairspray on your nails for a wacky cracked nails look. This trick is as exciting and easy as it sounds! So if you have any left over hairspray, then why not do up your nails with it!

5. Swirl Twirl
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This dry marble nail art looks one-of-a-kind without any wastage of nail paint, unlike the water marble nail art. And, the good part about this one is that it's okay if you mess up here! So if you think perfection can never be your best friend, this trick is for you. All you have to do is just drop in a few colours of your favourite combination and swirl them with a toothpick. You will see a gorgeous tile texture that will make you try this easy peasy nail art again.

6. Half Aztec
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Try the half patterned nails with a bright, flashy, gradient neon orange. Nail art liners make things easy for creating those unimaginable straight lines, so try to grab one for yourself!

Full aztec is a little too difficult to fall in this list. So instead, we offer you a half aztec printed nail that's easy to start and finish. Go rock the summer look with brightly painted nails that perfectly compliment the season.

7. Sparkly ombre
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Sparkle up your nail tips with some glitter and watch it shimmer on those bright sunny days! You can apply a light gradient coat over it to give it a glossy appearance, making your nails dazzle all the way.

8. Grid it
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Give your nails all the attention with this nail art and feel like a hip summer chick! Try painting them with some imperfect grid lines with contrasting colours to look jazzy and striking!

9. Sunset hues
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Fiery reds look bold, flashy and perfect for summer. Allow different colours to mingle by using a plastic sheet that makes unique patterns on your nail surface. You can use several other combinations that could match your outfit.

10. Neon Sequin
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Over your base coat, place some sequin stickers in neat lines or circles. The multicoloured nails look fab and stand out perfectly for your summer evenings! These flamboyant nails are sure to compliment your outgoing personality.


Which one's your favourite? Try these out and tell us in the comments.

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