10 Essential Tips For Those Who Don't Want To Compromise On Style While Travelling
By: Emma Lawson on Apr 13th, 2016

Once in a year we should all pack our bags and go someplace we have never been before. Still, every stylish girl knows there is much more to travel than seeing new places (although that perk prevails). Another important part is that those places will meet you, and that you have to look your best while greeting your new destination. How to do that? Well, by packing wise all of the fashion and beauty essentials you need to shine.

Since the preparation for travel can be stressful as it is, we will help you with the stylish part. To get your groove on, make room in your suitcase for the following items.

Dress To Impress - Day time wear

Besides the need to look your best when on “foreign ground”, outfits also matter because you will probably take a ton of photos that will end up on Facebook and Instagram, so you have to make sure your clothes are photo-worthy.

Depending on the number of days you will spend in your destination, you will have to bring a couple of daytime and nighttime outfits. Some of the basic things you will need are a pair of jeans, jeans shorts, safari shorts/trousers, maxi skirt, midi skirt, maxi dress and a couple of swimsuits.

Dress To Impress - Evening wear
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A lady needs to shine at the evening happenings. For the night, pack a couple of elegant outfits, in case you visit restaurants or theaters, and several party combinations, for clubs and cafes. Make sure you put these items on the list: black trousers, little black dress, jumpsuit, tank tops, blouses, and several signature items on your choosing.

Dress To Relax

Even the most stylish girl of them all needs some relaxing time. A pair of skinny jeans is not a very cozy option if you are going to spend several hours in a plane or some other transportation mean. And no matter how amazing you look in your LBD, you will not be wearing it while you are sleeping.

Stock up on few pajamas, tights, sweatshirts, sweatpants, cotton shorts and t-shirts, to easily endure the hardships of traveling. Bring some comfy walking shoes and slippers for the hotel.

Devil IS In The Details
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We all know that accessories can make or break any look, so do not forget to leave some room in the suitcase for them. According to seasonal accessories trend, bring a couple of bracelet, a statement necklace and several pairs of earrings. Besides the clutches, hats (floppy and fedora), sunglasses, you will need some basic travel accessories, like travel bag, passport wallet, backpack, etc.

Travel Steps

A love affair between a woman and her shoes does not end with a travel. On the contrary, make sure you pack one killer pair of heels for the evening and platform sandals as well. For the daytime, it will be enough to bring ballet flats and flat sandals. One or two pair of striking flip flops is mandatory for the beach, but bring a pair of sensible walking shoes for walks or hikes.

Beauty Comes from Within…Your Vanity Case
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For girls, their vanity case is like the first-aid kit in a car, and they simply could not “drive” without it, and prevent to be apprehended by the style police. Do not go overboard with makeup, especially if you are traveling when the temperatures are high. Pack your eye shadow, eyeliner, waterproof mascara, primer, foundation or BB cream, blush, lipstick.

Beauty Is Skin Deep
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Your skin can be stressed out from different temperatures, air humidity and simple exhaustion from your travel, so you should definitely equip yourself with skin care items, such as cleanser, toner, moisturizer, lip balm, sunscreen, body lotion, hand cream, etc. If you are staying for longer than two weeks bring a body and face scrub, too.

Not Room For A Single Bad Hair Day
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Bad hair day can completely ruin your day and your travel photos. Prevent it from ever happening by filling up your travel bag with shampoo, dry shampoo, leave-on conditioner, hair spray for sun and heat protection.

Pack The Books, Music And Games Too

Traveling is always exciting, but there are those moments when you simply want to relax your mind. So pack one great inspiring book (perhaps even about the country you are visiting), equip your phone with great music and some fun apps (games, quizzes, fashion magazines, etc.).

Make Memories
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For this you will need two things: a good camera and a travel journal. Writing a journal might sound silly, but in some time you will be glad you have marked your impressions. As for the camera, if your phone has a quality high-resolution in-built camera, it will be enough. If not, you can pack a DSLR camera (with a zoom lens) to capture all the amazing sites and feels.

Listen to what these avid travellers have to say about packing in a hurry.

A good travel starts with proper packing, so do not make the mistake of forgetting some of these essentials. Bon voyage you stylish lady!


Which of these tips are you going to keep in mind? Do you have other stylish tips to keep in mind? Let us know, in the comments section below.

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