Quintessential Kolkata Food That You Must Try
By: Ananya Mazumder on Feb 28th, 2018

Kolkata is a haven for bon vivants; you name a food and you get it here. Nevertheless, it is a place that is well known for several unique food items that are quintessentially Kolkatan. These food items are difficult to decipher entirely with your culinary experience skills. Even if you do, you would still prefer visiting the food joints and shacks that serve them and enjoy with your taste buds. Let us go through some of the chosen places in the city you would want to visit.

The famous egg sandwich of the Indian Coffee House
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The Indian Coffee House is a meeting place for all age groups who visit regularly for their daily dose of adda and coffee. Located at the College Street, this cafe is about 142 years old and is a hunt for various students as well as ex-students (who have kept their nostalgia of meeting at the place alive). The egg sandwich that they serve is extremely creamy and delectable such that you would order for it every time you come here.

Kachouri – Sabzi – Jalebi- Malpua from Maharaja or Maharani
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Almost every Indian prefers Kachouri and Sabzi for their breakfast. Located at the crossing of Sarat Bose Road and Deshapriya Park, both Maharaja and Maharani sell off their goodies like hot cakes. All their Kachouri get devoured by 9 am - 9.30am. They serve a lip-smacking green chilli pickle to cleanse your palate along with Kachouri. Never forget to add a Jalebi or a Malpua to your plate if you come here.

The big phuchkas at the Dakshinapan
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The Puchkawala at Dakshinapan stations himself at the main gate of the shopping complex in Dhakuria and sells of phuchkas with his wife and son. The phuchkas are so big that you won’t be able to put them in your mouth at one go! Try out their regular puchka, special puchka and dahi puchka for sure.

Telebhaja - muri at every nook and corner of the city
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Telebhajas or deep-fried fritters are every Bengali’s love; some of the different varieties that you may explore are:

Alur chop: roundels of spicy mashed potato dipped in besan batter and deep fried in mustard oil.

Beguni: long and thin strips of brinjal that are dipped in besan batter and deep fried in mustard oil.

Phuluri: fritters made with chickpea flour

There are several other varieties like: dhoney patar bora, daal bora, etc.

Bengalis popularly have their Telebhaja with muri or puffed rice in the evening with tea.

Fusion sweets at Balaram Mallick and Radharaman Mallick
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Balaram Mallick and Radharaman Mallick have brought about a revolution in the field of the much hailed Bengali sweets; they have enriched the Bengali cuisine with desserts like Nolen Gurer Soufflé, Nolen Gurer truffle, mud pie, Aatar Payesh (custard apple pudding) and so on.

Indulge in these classic Kolkata delicacies whenever you get a chance to visit this heartwarming city of India. Don’t forget to tell us about your experiences in the comment section below!

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