10 Fashion Bloggers From Kolkata You Must Follow If You Are A Fashionista From The City
By: Safari Keeda on May 4th, 2017

Fashion has always been an integral part of Kolkata. Women, men and children have always showcased unique sense of style, especially during festivities. There are times when the Kolkata Police had to deploy its forces to control people from running amok, shopping for their special festivals. Yes, that’s how Kolkata people go frenzy about fashion. Young fashion bloggers are revamping every fashion stereotype and bringing about a new wave of fashion in Kolkata. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular fashion bloggers of Kolkata.

Srishti Nadhani - Store Untold


Thank you for the feature @meetskia 💟 @Regrann from @meetskia - #skiastories "I have been an ardent fan of breaking stereotypes! This image is from a photoshoot I had done to bust some myths regarding plus size women, such as they should NOT wear pop colours. I started blogging back in my Style School to document everything I was learning back then. My personal sense of style too has evolved a lot through the whole stage. People really enjoyed the unconventional approach I followed towards styling. I used to wear a lot of my self-designed garments in these posts too and people really loved them. This gave birth to my first fashion line #SisterhoodOfTheTravellingPrints last month. Mixing and matching prints has always been my forte and this collection is a true reflection of that. Currently, I would like to call myself a fashion enthusiast who loves toying with new ideas, collaborations and of course breaking stereotypes for they get you nowhere." She is gorgeous and unafraid @snadhani #Regrann

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From a bar-tending course in Pune to being a full-time fashion blogger in Kolkata, she has done it all. With a knack for fashion since college, Srishti has revamped the concept of fashion and style in Kolkata in many ways than one. Adding an unconventional touch to all her looks, gives her an edge. With an aim to curate lookbooks for fashion and also reaching out to all fashion enthusiasts, by constantly creating and recreating fashion. 

Astha Modi - BlabberCat
Image credit: BlabberCat

A journalist with print medium, honing her writing skills, and converting them into her love for fashion. With supportive parents, her blogging career is off to a great start and she suggests to be constantly aware of what one is posting online. Stressing on information value of content, as much as the quality of the content, Astha Modi’s blog shares everything from fashion to culinary and posts that guide us and lighten us up.

Chikky Goenka - Style-O-Graph

The front runner among the new and young fashion bloggers, Goenka also dons the cap of an entrepreneur now, with her fashion shows called ‘Made In Bengal’. Her main goal? To bring local designers on a global platform. With a degree in fashion management, Goenka believes a little theoretical knowledge boosts her understanding of her profession. While she is unhappy about people’s response to blogging as a career, she says that unit among bloggers in Kolkata is the need of the hour. She swears by Park Street to be the hub for new and young fashion bloggers working their inquisitiveness.

Nikita Aggarwal - Pentwister

Aggarwal started her blog as a platform for expressing personal choices. The name, suggested by her husband, has since then has become a firebrand. As she continues to face challenges in Kolkata, she believes that being a mentor and social figure, takes a toll, but it’s extremely satisfying. What makes her stand out is that she writes for men’s fashion just as much as women, and defies all gender stereotypes.

Shreya Jhunjhunwala - A Mug Full Of Style


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Jhunjhunwala writes about everything from fashion trends to the latest trend in accessories; even bags and shoes. And in case you think why nobody has fashion tips for brides or to-be-brides? Shreya Jhunjhunwala’s A Mug Full Of Style has the best accumulated tips for all brides. From the right kind of jewellery to the perfect attire for every function that’s included in weddings across all cultures, she aids through it all. Keeping up with the Kolkata culture, she writes about Bengali traditional wear, as well as about the perfect dress for bridesmaids.

Dolon - Pout Pretty

A five-year-old blog, she calls herself a ‘lipstickaholic’ and writes about everything, from fashion care, body and beauty care, beauty remedies and even wellness in living. With an inclination towards rich colours, vivid designs, and a knack for accessorizing, she definitely is a notch up among the rest. Managing work in an International bank during the day and taking to passion – blogging, - by the night keeps her on her toes all day. She is boastful about her makeup tips as she maintains exclusive reviews and sends out disclaimers that we all must engrave in our heads.

Tanumita Ghosh - Thank God It’s Fashion


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She did win my heart with a catchy blog name, but she is also one of the youngest fashion bloggers from Kolkata. Starting as early as a 21-years-old, Ghosh takes pride in her blogs and says that she derives the best joys from seeing everyone dress up for themselves. A good thought, definitely. She is breaking a leg with her individual take on every season’s fashion, with a distinct sense of style.

Aditya Jain - Looksuave

As it is being in a woman’s world is difficult, with brilliant competitors, this man is cutting an edge and paving way for other men fashion enthusiasts. Aditya Jain had a unique thought behind it – fashion tips for the transition of boys to men. That’s absolutely stunning right? He believes from the folds in the pants to the colour of the socks and bands on the head, everything is crucial when it comes to walking, breathing, and living fashion. And not just fashion, Aditya Jain also spells out grooming tips for men – like for their bread/stubble, haircut, and everything else that you have ever pondered upon.

Ruditra Chatterjee - Rudrita
Image credit: Ruditra Chatterjee

Chatterjee is any day an edge above the others – as she churns out content for fashion, lifestyle and travel. She has an eccentric way of blending Bengali traditional wear with fashion trends from across the world. Following a very individualistic approach has led to have followers across the country. And she goes beyond the ordinary blogging. Her fashion and makeup tutorials and DIY fashion tips are to look out for as they have innumerable followers.

Shikha Agarwal - Shikha Agarwal

A strong emphasis on traditional wear yet adding a quirky essence to each of her look, Agarwal work focuses on perfect looks. Often we are bewildered about the right accessories, bags, shoes, and even makeup. Shikha Agarwal guides her readers and followers through those difficult times, saving anyone from a fashion faux pas. Her festival fashion tips are widely popular and is breaking boundaries.

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