10 Super Busy Moms Share How They Carve Out Time Everyday To Stay Fit
By: Samudrika Pattanaik on Jun 8th, 2016

There is no doubt about the fact that motherhood brings immense happiness. Unfortunately it also brings with it those unwanted bulges and extra weight. Often overburdened with household chores, home works, PTMs (parent-teacher meetings) and office work, exercise just looks like an impossible task. Yet some mothers have managed to follow a fitness regime and have constantly motivated us to get back to shape; be it the boxing champion Mary Kom or the American tennis player Lindsay Devenport.

Mothers today want to be healthy and fit for themselves as well as to be a role model for their family. We spoke with 10 mothers who have managed to stay fit by making slight adjustment sin their daily schedules and are happy to share their secrets with us.

Neha Singh - I exercise with my partner
Image credit: Neha Singh

This mom is a teacher professionally and mother of 2 boys (10 and 12 years old). Neha and her husband love to work out together and have set up a mini gym at their home which has a treadmill and weights. She prefers to walk back home from work as and when she can and tries to include a healthy diet for everyone in the family. Neha also understands the importance of good health and has taught her the boys the same. Both the boys have already developed an interest in sports and play cricket for their respective teams in school and their communities.

Her everyday fitness regime: Basic yoga, running on a treadmill and few stretching exercises early in the morning. No workouts on weekends.

Additional physical activities she loves to do: This adventure lover run marathons and enjoys trekking. Mt Kanchenjunga and Mt Everest Base Camp Trek are some of the her and her families favorite treks. Yes!! To our surprise, the couple and their kids go for their trekking trips every year.

Her top 3 fitness tips:

1. Work out with your partner to feel motivated.

2. Work out  when the kids are sleeping or playing.

3. Build the interest towards sports in your child right from an early age.

Sharmila Sarkar - I need my me time
Image credit: Sharmila Sarkar

Sharmila, an ex-army officer, is a fitness freak. She now works as a teacher in Pune. When questioned about her time management skills she replied, “Taking out 2 hours out of 24 hours is no big deal. My son just cleared his board exam with flying colors. So it all depends how dedicated you are.” This marathon lover continues, “Fitness is not just about looking good but more about feeling good.”

Her everyday fitness regime: Runs for an hour early in the morning and hits the gym in the evening. Squats, push-ups, planks, lunges, crunches are some of the exercises she includes in her work out sessions.

Additional physical activities she loves to do: Running marathons and trekking.

Her top 3 fitness tips:

1. Take out at least an hour for yourself.

2. Eat healthy and avoid processed food.

3. On the days you cant hit the gym to work out, do  basic squats, crunches, lunges at home .

Sandra Colhando Chaujer - Early to rise gives me the bonus hours
Image credit: Sandra Colhando Chaujer

Getting up early in the morning is the secret behind the fitness of this beautiful and independent mother who is a life coach and is the Co-Founder at TransforME Learning and Leadership Solutions Pvt. Ltd. This early riser begins her day around 5 A.M. that allows her to enjoy breakfast with her husband and 2 daughters after her workout sessions. Sandra admits fitness is one of her top 5 priorities in life. She says, “Whenever I am regular with my exercise and diet I realize all my other life aspects fall in place. Be it my health, my work or my personal space with family. I have energy for it all. Life is about pushing boundaries and allowing your potential to play out.”

Her everyday fitness regime: Half an hour run followed by 1 hour of gym in the morning which includes exercises that focuses on different body parts.

Day 1 - Upper body

Day 2 - Core

Day 3 - Lower body

Day 4 - Yoga

Additional physical activities she loves to do: Running marathons

Her top 3 fitness tips:

1. Wake up early and exercise regularly.

2. Eat healthy and avoid junk.

3. Include Cardio, weights and strength training exercises in your fitness regime.

Sonal Reddy - The mini gym at my home is the saviour
Image credit: Sonal Reddy

Sonal is a doctor  and lives in a joint family where every member is working, in fact they are all doctors. Of course she understands the importance of fitness but like many of us she has a busy life with hardly any time to work out. Post pregnancy she gained lot of weight; courtesy her husband and in laws for all the love and pampering. Yet, she somehow managed to listen to her inner-self and decided to shed those extra weights. The sleepless nights due to her new born and patients were making her life more challenging but success is just round the corner if you are determined and know what you want from life.

This gorgeous young lady says, “It just takes that one moment that people call the 'Aha' moment when you decide. This is it! Not anymore. The magic unfolds into reality because when you lose those initial extra kilos you get motivated and nothing seems impossible after that. So even though my daughter turned 3 last week, I still squeeze out little time in the morning for a quick workout.” Sonal has set up a small gym in her house that includes a treadmill, a cycle and few dumbbells that leaves her with no excuse to not work out.

Her everyday fitness regime: 30 minutes on treadmill, 20 minutes on a stationary bike and some strength training exercises.

Her top 3 fitness tips:

1. Today is as good a day to start your journey to health and fitness. Be determined.

2. Say no to junk, sugary candies and cupcakes and a big no to processed food.

3. Track your weight once in a week but do not exercise only for weight loss. Overall development is necessary.

Smriti Tripathi - My sons are my source of inspiration
Image credit: Smriti Tripathi

Wedded to the olive green, Smriti has gradually learned to be a super mom taking care of her 2 boys (11 and 6 years old) when her husband is away on his army postings. This entrepreneur and jewellery designer says, “Time is an interesting mystery. But being a daughter, wife and a mother I have a magical wand. I just shake it and manage my time.” Smriti has encouraged many other army wives and friends to exercise regularly and to participate in marathons. But her source of inspiration are her sons who keeps encouraging her to swim and that’s how she developed the interest, “My kids follow their passion and so do I,” quips Smriti.

Her everyday fitness regime: Runs for about 3-4 kms daily during the evening and dances to the peppy music of Zumba on alternate days.

Additional physical activities she loves to do: Swimming, rock climbing, running and trekking.

Her top 3 fitness tips:

1. Do Zumba, its really effective.

2. Learn a new sport.

3. Grab your running shoes and run for an hour daily. Its the easiest way to fitness.

Manmeet Man Shah - Hits the gym post office hours
Image credit: Manmeet Man Shah

Manmeet who is a B2B consultant, works in the energy industry and lives with her family in Australia. Being a working mom with an hour of commute to office were enough to leave her with no energy for the rest of the evening. She managed to kill all those excuses that kept her away from exercising. She discloses, “I feel more energetic now and have learned to have balance my work and personal life. Right after my work hours, I directly hit my gym which is close to my work place and then pick my 4-year-old daughter from child care. It’s very important for a woman to stay fit as she is the backbone of the family".

Her everyday fitness regime: Hits the gym every evening after work.

Her top 3 fitness tips:

1. Take out at least an hour for yourself.

2. Do not starve and eat healthy. Treat yourself to celebrate the victory.

3. Join a gym near your office area or home to save time. 

Vaidehi Acharya - I love to dance and play with my kids
Image credit: Vaidehi Acharya

Vaidehi firmly believes that a woman must take care of herself first. This supermom holds an M.Tech degree and currently works as a kindergarten teacher as her kids are still very young. While her kids are out for playing, she utilizes the time and regularly goes for evening walks. This Jillian Michaels fan credits her fitness to her videos that helped her shed her pregnancy weight. YouTube videos are something she and her 9-year-old daughter regularly watch and the duo often dances together to Zumba numbers. Her latest passion is Pilates and this has really helped her to get toned. The mother also loves to play badminton with her little munchkins whenever she gets time. 

Her everyday fitness regime: 1 hour of brisk walk or running every evening. 30-40 minutes of Pilates or Zumba in the morning.

Additional physical activities she loves to do: Running 

Her top 3 fitness tips:

1. Play and dance with your kids.

2. Download fitness videos and exercise at home if you have no time to go out.

3. Utilize the time when your kids are out to play or are attending their singing or tennis classes.

Meghna Kohli Vachher - I finish my household chores well in advance
Image credit: Meghna Kohli Vachher

Being an army wife, Meghna faces many constraints starting from living in remote areas to being busy with social welfare activities. But she is determined. She also believes one has to be flexible with the fitness routine as challenges can be different for every woman. During her stay in north east, she used to walk for at least 7-8 kms on the bumpy mountain roads. Meghna, who is a mother of a 16-year-old son says, “As women we will never be free from household chores and family commitments. But living a healthy lifestyle with a simple workout plan is as important as looking good and breathing.” Understanding the importance of fitness, she motivates everyone around her to start looking after themselves. Now, that’s really inspiring. Isn’t it?

Her everyday fitness regime: Since she lives in Bangalore, she religiously goes to the gym in the morning and at times attends dance classes in the evening.

Additional physical activities she loves to do: Dancing

Her top 3 fitness tips:

1. Finish the household chores well in advance.

2. Be flexible and plan your workout as per own convenience.

3. Train your mind to say goodbye to excuses.

Seema Jacob - Dancing keeps me alive and happy
Image credit: Seema Jacob

Seema is a trained Kathak dancer and her passion for dance keeps her fit and flexible. She regularly attends her dance classes during the weekends and enjoys swinging to western beats as well. This super talented mom never misses an opportunity to participate in any dance event that happens at her work place. Time is often a hindrance as she is a working mom so whenever she finds some time she puts on some loud music and does Zumba at her home. This stunning mother who works for Astrazeneca has an 8-year-old son and says, “Fitness plays a vital role in my life. It reduces stress, reduces risks of diseases, keeps my mind and body relaxed and gives me a better work life balance.”

Her everyday fitness regime: Yoga classes post working hours.

Additional physical activities she loves to do: Dancing and Zumba

Her top 3 Fitness Mantras:

1. Dance to music when ever possible.

2. Join a fitness center.

3. Take the support of your parents or husband to help with responsibilities on the home front, but do take out time to work out. Do it for yourself and not for others.

4. Do not worry about the weight but stay determined to achieve a healthy body.

Vineeta Desai - Cook your favourite food in a healthy way
Image credit: Vineeta Desai

Perturbed during the initial years of struggle in picking and dropping her now teenage son from school, her corporate lifestyle and managing things all alone as her army officer spouse is generally away on border postings, forced her to give up one day almost wishing to be single once again. She binged on the junk for comfort, which only worsened the situation but realizing it on time, decided to fix the things at the earliest. She blocked her evening hours for her fitness plans and consulted a nutritionist to understand the food her body needs to stay healthy. These minor changes in her lifestyle started doing wonders and made her more energetic, focused and happy. Giving credit to her parents for all the support they offered in taking good care of her son, she admits they are her support system.

This charming beauty leads a very content and happy life now by spending quality time with her friends, watching movie once a week, going out on vacation with husband and son and taking good care of her. She also loves to invest on trendy and comfy sports shoes that motivate her to work out with style. Her only advice to other moms are, “I know it is hard to take time for yourself when you have kids, a job or other commitments but I can promise you it makes a world of difference. So make that time to do something that you love doing. If you are happy you will make others happy and life will be fun!”

Her everyday fitness regime: 30 - 45 minutes of evening walk and Pilates and Yoga classes during weekends.

Additional physical activities she loves to do: Hill climbing

Her top 3 Fitness Mantras:

1. Cook your favorite food in a healthy way instead of eliminating them from your diet.

2. Exercise doesn’t have to be boring. Do what you enjoy doing like dancing or playing basketball.

3. Increase your metabolism by eating smaller portions every 2 hours.

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Don’t these super moms deserve a huge round of applause? These mommies are the true source of inspiration and are no less than the celebs we mentioned earlier. If you are already leading a healthy lifestyle then do share your success stories with us in the comment section below.

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