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By: Rajshri Entertainment on Mar 10th, 2015

Show: Divine Taste with Anushruti on Rajshri Food


An ardent blogger, photographer & food writer, Anushruti R.K brings vegetarian recipes inspired by sattvic principles, with indulgent treats thrown in between. Ayurvedic principles play a major role in her recipes.


Your favourite cheat ingredient: Maybe "Paneer", as I use it in making savoury as well as sweet dishes, starters and entrees, main course and desserts. I call it a cheat ingredient because it can be a vegetarian's best friend and can be substituted in dishes that call for meat or eggs.


What do you always have in your fridge or pantry?

My pantry staples are a variety of wholemeal flours, grains like rice and millets and dals and legumes from which a variety of mouthwatering dishes can be whipped up in a short time. My fridge staples are milk, homemade yogurt and fresh vegetables.


Your easiest and quickest recipe: My easiest and quickest recipe has to be the humble khichdi. With a few basic ingredients, you can create a number of variations with it. Or it could be my Zucchini and Almond Pasta which is full of amazing flavours. Click here for the recipe.

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What drives you towards cooking?

I cook primarily because of a deep rooted passion for cooking and eating healthy, and this is driven by my desire to give the best food in terms of health and taste for my family or for the people who follow my recipes through my website, or my show "Divine Taste With Anushruti" on Rajshri Food. Cooking for me is also a way of preserving the culinary heritage of my family passed down by my great grandmothers.


Whom do you go to when you get into a fix? Who is your recipe guru?

I usually go to the recipe index of my site where I have carefully catalogued all the recipes. I also derive inspiration from Kurma Dasa.


Whose cooking do you enjoy other than yours?

All the women in my family are great cooks. I relish the cooking of my mother, my mother-in-law, my aunt. Other than my family, I really enjoy the cooking of Chef Sharief (ITC Grand Maratha)


Cheat recipe - Stir fried brown rice, with a dash of paneer.


Most requested recipe - the show is too new, we could not zero in on one.


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Ruchi Bharani

Show: Rajshri Food


Ruchi Bharani is a professional cookery teacher covering a vast array of vegetarian cooking. A qualified interior designer, her first passion has always been designing homes which may have lately taken a backseat due to the new found passion for cooking. She showcases the versatility of vegetarian recipes on the Rajshri Food channel. When she has sometime to spare, Ruchi is listening to soulful music or thinking of taking that elusive dance class. She also loves to travel and mixes business and pleasure, sampling world cuisines.


Your favourite cheat ingredient: Cheat ingredients can vary according to the recipe but one of my favourite ingredient for any savoury is cheese. Not only does it add flavour, but also helps in rectifying any overpowering flavour.


What do you always have in your fridge or pantry?

As far as fresh ingredients are concerned, my fridge can never run out of tomatoes, that's a rule. Being  a vegetarian, tomatoes are one of the key ingredients to a lot recipes. Also, my pantry is stocked with a lot of different dried herbs like basil, sage, rosemary etc. These are needed for any quick-fix recipes.


Your easiest and quickest recipe: Different kinds of sandwiches are the easiest recipes. It makes a very comforting and satiating 'anytime' meal for every age group.

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What drives you towards cooking?

My family is full of foodies and they relish every single dish I make. When you have people around you who love to eat, that's enough motivation for anyone to put in that little extra effort and cook a hearty meal.


Whom do you go to when you get into a fix? Who is your recipe guru?

My husband has quite a palate for different flavours. He is the one who always points out the missing flavour, so I would give him the credit in bringing out the best taste in a dish. His approval is the final verdict for any new recipe.


Whose cooking do you enjoy other than yours?

My mothers! Nobody cooks better than your own mom.


Your favorite cheat recipes: Vegetable rolls, cheese gives a special flavor to these rolls.


Your most requested recipe: Momos and nachos.


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Tarika Singh unfolds some delicious, easy-to-make recipes with some unique cheat methods in her show 'My Recipe Book'.


Her favourite cheat ingredient: My favourite 'cheat ingredient' would have to be bananas! I find them extremely versatile - you can use them in cakes, mock the texture of mousse, make ice cream, thicken milkshakes instead of adding ice cream- I love them!


What do you always have in your fridge/pantry?

Milk- not skimmed; I like the real deal.


Her easiest and quickest recipe: The One Pan Pasta - you basically throw a bunch of ingredients, pasta, water & stock cube in a pan; and in less than 15 minutes you have a quick & healthy meal ready.

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What drives you towards cooking?

Mostly, my insatiable need to try something different for every possible meal. I get bored easily, so I like experimenting with new ingredients, new recipes and different cuisines.


Whom do you go to when you get into a fix? Who is your recipe guru?

I like to call them my 'M&M' - my 'Mom and Massi'. I always turn to them when I get stuck or if I'm unsure of something. I love the pickles they make, 'kanji' in the winter, and the sandwiches they put together with so much ease.


Whose cooking do you enjoy other than yours?

A lot of people I meet are always apprehensive about me tasting their cooking because they feel I might be critical. The truth is, I love trying out what others cook, the spin they might give to it - it's all very inspiring!


Your favourite cheat recipe: Healthy pancakes


Your most-requested recipe: Chicken sub-sandwich


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Show: Ruchkar Mejwani


Archana is a food aficionado with vast experience, having trained hundreds of food lovers in her cooking techniques. Archana brings her expertise to Ruchkar Mejwani with her tried and tested recipes, with a unique Maharashtrian twist.


Your favorite cheat ingredient: There are many and they change according to recipe, but what I can think of now is potato or sweet potato. I use it quite frequently.


What's always in your pantry/refrigerator?

Ginger-garlic paste for sure.


Your easiest and quickest recipe: Kaju Katli! You can put it together in just 5 minutes. Just make one string syrup with half cup water and quarter cup sugar. Add 2 cups of kaju powder to it and your Kaju katli dough is ready. No one will believe that this ‘loved by all’ sweet is so easy.

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What drives you towards cooking?

I love the smiles my food brings to the faces of my near and dear ones. Also, teaching someone my favorite recipes is really rewarding, as it gives me the inspiration to experiment more and more.


Whom do you go to when you get into a fix? Who is your recipe guru?

Both my Dadi and Nani (Grandmothers) were my gurus in cooking. But now that they are no more, and I rely on my self-confidence to fix anything.


Whose cooking do you enjoy other than yours?

My mother!


Your favourite cheat recipe: Using breadcrumbs as binding ingredient in kebabs.


Your most-requested recipe: How to make the masala mix


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