Presenting India's Leading Food Photographers Whose Amazing Captures Can Leave Us Drooling
By: Lily Dechamma on Feb 16th, 2016

Ever wondered where restaurants and magazines get such great pictures of food from? They seem so real and delicious. The credit goes to food photographers for their stunning work. Food photography is rather tricky as it demands perfect lighting. The photographer also needs to be quick as food items are perishable and don't tend to last long.

We have always been curious about how the photographs turn out as delicious as they do. Luckily for us we could get across to Canvera, who put us in touch with some of the best food photographers in India, and this is what we learnt. 

103 Studios
Image credit: 103 Studios fb

103 Studios in Bangalore reign supreme when it comes to food photography. They offer professional photography services for all occasions. Apart from regular photography, they offer products and services such as Poster, Documentary, CD / DVD, Shortfilms and Promo Videos.

Image credit: 103 Studios fb

They excel in capturing detailed, textured images of food and its surroundings. Details apart, there is a festive quality about their captures. If you notice these images, you will see that there are several elements in the image, the professionals that they are, they manage to capture each of those elements with equal focus and yet the main subject/ dish stands out. 

Visit their profile on Canvera here.

Lakshya Manwani Photography
Image credit: Lakshya Manwani fb

Bright colours and delicious food. Lakshya Manwani is well-known for his food photography. He has been in the business for over three years old and accept customized photography requirements. 

Lakshya Manwani specialises in beautifully styled, perfectly lit food shots ideal for advertising and editorial purposes. Take this picture for instance, the glass with the chilled drink looks as real as it could. One look at the picture and you are almost able to imagine the occasion, the room and the people who have arrived dressed in their best. 

View his profile on Canvera here

Image credit: Socios

This Kolkata-based group presents beautifully lit, highly-detailed editorial and advertising style food photography. Apart from food photography they specialize in Interiors & Architecture, Fashion & Portfolio, Show & Pageant, Model Portfolio, Portraits and Celebrity & Glamour photography.

Image credit: Socios

They tackle all food types with equal flair. They have been in the professional photography business for 6 years. We particular like this picture because of the feel that comes with it. In a city like Kolkata where the dwellers are picky about their food, its a great opportunity for Socios, as well as a daunting challenge. There is little room for error and needless to say Socios scores on all the fronts.

View their profile on Canvera here

Krishna Angira Photography

Krishna Angira has been in the business for 5 years now. Apart from regular photography, they offer products and photography services. They cover events in NCR and All Over India, depending on the requirement.

Be it dimsums or dessert, Krishna Angira has a knack for food photography. Delicious food captured in all its lustre. Krishna is known for his perfectly-lit food shots. The two captures here caught our eye not just because it features our cheat meal, but also because we think chocolates or fries are hard to capture and make it seem as good as the real thing. Needless to say the experts have managed to make us drool.

View his profile on Canvera here.  


Studio Memoir
Image credit: Studio Memoir fb

Studio Memoir is dedicated to capturing food in a way that brings together beautiful colours and textures. Their pictures look good enough to eat right away.

Image credit: Studio memoir fb

They also specialize in pre-nuptial shoots, cake smash photography, children’s birthday celebrations and bespoke coffee table books. Based in New Delhi, it was launched by Sangeetha Vaidya and Chetna G Anchan as a creative outlet to showcase celebration of life and relationships. It's not easy to capture Indian food as it has so many colours, but these folks do a great job of it.

View their profile on Canvera here

Mithil Studio
Image credit: Mithil Studio fb

Mithil Studio are a professional photography services company based out of Mumbai. They have been in the professional photography business for 12 years and food photography happens to be their forte. 

Image credit: Mithil Studio fb

They specialise in lovingly styled editorial and advertising food photography. Every beautiful plate is captured with elan. If you pay careful attention you will notice that there are many colours to the two images featured here. Only expert photographers can make sure, the colours are not mixed or merging into one another.

View their profile on Canvera here.

Wedding Bellz Photography
Image credit: Sharmillashah fb

Wedding Bellz Photography, based in Bangalore, is well-known for their composed, colourful and classic food shots. Their mouth-watering food images will leave you hungrier than ever. 

Image credit: sharmillashah fb

Capturing beautifully-crafted food isn't their only strong point. As their name suggests, they excel in wedding photography as well. The two images displayed, caught our eye for their vivid colors. They seem to look edible as ever. 

View their profile on Canvera here.

Are you a food photographer looking for some great food photography assignments? Get your food photography business listed with Canvera.


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