10+ Food Trucks In India That Are Serving Delicious Fast Food On The Go
By: Avinash Kumai on Feb 17th, 2015

The fast food scene in India is as vibrant as ever. Before, there were food carts and roadside vendors serving sumptuous food, but in recent times, food trucks seem to be catching people’s fancy. They not only serve finger-licking fast food, but are also opening doors to a new breed of food culture that is yet to be explored. We look at food trucks (not in any particular order) from all over India that are adding a touch of quirk to the fast food market. We also hope the day isn’t far when food trucks are visible near offices (especially ours) and we can get all the variety, much like the ones in New York!

1. The Spitfire BBQ Truck
Image credit: The Spitfire BBQ Truck

If you want to ‘get sauce on your chin,’ then this is the food truck to check out. They serve some great southern-style ribs there. The meat is smokey and has the right texture. The pulled pork and chicken is delicious. Also try the BBQ chicken steak burger and the coleslaw burger, it’s out of this word. The menu changes once in a while, so call before you plan for a visit.   

We’d love to sample: Coleslaw burger

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Location: Indiranagar, Bangalore

2. The SWAT Truck
Image credit: The SWAT Truck

Just a few months old, and they have already made a name for themselves in the fast food scene in Bangalore. They call themselves ‘India’s first food truck serving authentic American curbside gourmet.’ Plus, SWAT stands for ‘Serving With A Twist’ – how cool is that? This particular food truck is all about burgers, deep fried Oreos, corn dogs and nachos. Try the mac & cheese and Sloppy Joe – after eating them, you will never ask for anything else.

We’d love to sample: Corn dogs and deep fried Oreos

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Location: BDA Complex, Domlur, Bangalore

3. De3 - The Eatery
Image credit: De3 - The Eatery

This truck was started by friends Sudarshan MS, Francis Xavier W, Chandra Mohan G and Shakeel Ahmed with the idea of reframing the old line of business and adding an edge to the way we look at fast food. The menu has crowd favourites like the cheese and mayo chicken burger, American chicken hotdogs, pastas, and vegetarian burgers with variations in the fillings.

We’d love to sample: Cheese and mayo chicken burger

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Location: Shantinagar, Kammanahalli and Jayanagar, Bangalore

4. Meals-On-Wheels
Image credit: Meals-On-Wheels

The folks at this fast food on wheels started the venture because they believe that the ‘food truck culture’ in India is still in its embryonic stage, and they wanted to get the ball rolling. Meals-On-Wheels is known for its oriental menu, serving tasty quick eats like flavoured momos (butter chili, butter garlic), as well as the tangy and spicy Chinese bhel – the Indian bhelpuri with an oriental twist. Also look out for usual suspects like chicken manchurian and more. The food is way different than your usual Chinese food.

We’d love to sample: Flavoured momos

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Location: Frazer Town, Richards Park, Bangalore    

5. Veg Foodies Express
Image credit: Veg Foodies Express

Want some North Indian fare in a quirky food truck? Veg Foodies Express is the answer. The menu has North Indian food favourites like pav bhaji, chole bhature, and aloo puri, followed by quick eats like bread pakora, kachori chaat and samosa, washed down by a huge glass of fresh lassi. They also have meals comprising of naan or lachha parantha, dal makhani and paneer curry, veggies, pickle and salad, served with rice. End the meal with a paneer jalebi or rasgulla.

We’d love to sample: The meals 

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Location: Whitefield, Bangalore

6. GypsyKitchen
Image credit: GypsyKitchen

There tagline on Facebook reads “Fast food just got faster.” And they live by it! If you are in the mood for some good sumptuous homemade burgers, this is the truck to raid! Close your eyes and pick anything from the menu, you won’t be disappointed. Try their BBQ chicken burger and the spicy chicken sandwich.

We’d love to sample: BBQ chicken burger 

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Location: Kammanahalli, Koramangala and Vasanthnagar, Bangalore

7. Binge
Image credit: Crumbs

This particular mobile eatery is not a food truck, but a food cart. So why are they on the list? This initiative was started by a group of students from MS Ramaiah College of Hotel Management as an experimental to understand the demands for food and beverages in the streets. Compelling enough, right? The menu is well-thought out and covers street food items like sandwiches in egg and chicken options. They also have mocktails called the pink panther, tranquilizer and lady white.         

We’d love to sample: The pink panther 

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Location: Brigade Road and OMBR Layout, Bangalore

8. Eat n' Run
Image credit: Eat n' Run

They are synonymous with fast food in Mumbai. They have momos which come in chicken, paneer and vegetarians options. Then there is the chicken and veggie burger, followed by the chicken sub roll and the chicken kebab roll. They have a large array of sandwiches too. Wash them down with a glass of pinacolada, pan masala, cold coffee or chocolate milkshake. The portions are generous and the staff is friendly too.

We’d love to sample: Chicken sub roll

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Location: Dadar, Mumbai    

9. The Goan Fidalgos
Image credit: The Goan Fidalgos

People of Mumbai, listen up! You don’t have to be in Goa to sample the spicy pork vindaloo or the chicken cafreal – The Goan Fidalgos are here to save you the trip! The food truck serves authentic Goan cuisine and are known for serving crowd favourites like beef chilli fry, mince pies, tongue roast, fish/prawn curry and apple tarts. The food they serve has a homely taste with the right amount of spices. Check them out, we say. They are on a new trail in the city every week.

We’d love to sample: Pork Vindaloo 

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Location: Mahim, Mumbai 

10. The Lalit Food Truck Company
Image credit: Thelalitftc

This Delhi-based food truck is just killer – not only is it chic-looking, but has the right menu to go with an affordable price tag. The Mexican menu has everything from crispy tacos, hand cut fries, chicken burgers, churros, and tortilla wraps paired with soft beverages. The food is prepared at The Lalit’s kitchen keeping in mind health and safety guidelines. You think you have tried Mexican? Wait till you try it here! You can track the truck here

We’d love to sample: Churros and tortilla wraps

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Location: All over Delhi

11. M-Theories
Image credit: M-Theories

Foodies of Ahmedabad have one more reason to rejoice: M-Theories, a truck serving Nepalese, Indian and Middle Eastern spreads. If you visit them, make sure you try their array of rolls, chili chicken, special chicken shawarma, chicken lollipop, tiger chicken and more. The Indian items like chicken curry and biryani are sumptuous too.  You will be licking your fingers in no time.

We’d love to sample: Chicken lollipop and tiger chicken 

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Location: Next to IIT Gandhinagar/ Vishwakarma Engineering College, Ahmedabad

12. Fuel Up
Image credit: Fuel Up

The chicest food truck we have seen in Bangalore so far! We mean... just look at it, isn’t she cute? And the good thing is it has the food to match. Signature sandwiches, tacos and their piping hot appams and stews, they have it all. Try the burrito bowl and the waffles just to get into the mood, everything can follow later. You can track the truck here

We’d love to sample:  Burrito bowl

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Location: All over Bangalore 

13. Ya Habibi Foodtruck
Image credit: Ya Habibi Foodtruck

Ya Habibi is a food truck selling Middle Eastern, Greek and Mediterranean cuisine in Bangalore. The food is good to taste and well balanced. Close your eyes and go for the chicken and the beef gyros. They also have an array of tarts and steaks on the go. Our mouth is watering just writing about it!

We’d love to sample: Chicken gyros

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Location: Richards Park, Frazer Town, Bangalore


14. South 2 Mouth
Image credit: South 2 Mouth

A quirky rickshaw serving south Indian food with a ‘twist’. Gorge on fusion South Indian dishes like cup idli, tacos dosa, nachos and stuffed idli in various flavours. Also, the base of everything here is crafted out of dosa and idli batter.  

We’d love to sample: Tacos dosa

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Location: Besides H.L.College Bus Stand, Navarngpura, Ahmedabad


Have you eaten from any other food trucks that you think we should know about? Let us know in the comments below. 

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