10+ Handmade Jewellery Destinations In Bangalore That Cater To Your Individualistic Style
By: Georgina Doray on Apr 6th, 2016

Let your jewellery speak for itself with the creative touch of handmade jewellery designers that are taking fashion by storm. These creatively talented designers have manifested their version of fashion accessories purely from the likes of individuality and personal style.

Now unraveling 10+ handmade jewellery designers that are bringing in their trend to the fashion world.

Nisarga Terracotta Jewellery

Get the ethnicity in your jewellery with customized vibrant Terracotta jewellery that compliments every attire in your wardrobe. From ethnic to trendy fusion, Nisarga Terracotta Jewellery store is out to personalize your style according to your requirements.

What Caught Our Eye: Customized Nethichutti, Maang tikka


Quilling Jewelling
Image credit: Quilling Jewelling

Accessorise yourself with the one-of-a-kind paper quilled jewellery designed solely from the Quilling Jewelling store. These light weight ornaments are exquisitely created with intricate ethnic designs that are vibrant and appealing.

What Caught Our Eye: Quill jewellery set


Image credit: Kaagitham

Love what you wear at the place that richly designs products with passion and love. This handmade jewellery store creates their products purely from inspiration, adding a perfect blend to your ethnic wear.

What Caught Our Eye: Ramleela earrings


Jannat Juvals
Image credit: Jannat Juvals

Relish the feel of heavenly beaded jewellery at the place that customizes size, color and design according to your needs. These grand jewellery pieces come in singles as well as in sets that brings out the beauty in every ethnic attire with its charm. 

What Caught Our Eye: Designer jhumkas

Made With Love Crafts
Image credit: Made With Love Crafts

Made With Love Crafts caters truly to your style with customize designs that essentially suits your requirements. Created with joy and love, the store relentlessly works to make every product an utter joy for its customers.

What Caught Our Eye: Kundan Anklets


Image credit: Sanscraft

Love what you wear with these gorgeous indie jewelleries that add charm to your wardrobe like no other. These richly embedded work seen on the ornaments are best suited for festive occasions and grand events.

What Caught Our Eye: Fancy nose piercing


Image credit: Colorberries

Bring vibrancy to your style with Colorberries' exclusive collection of jewellery that is set out to mark every occasion with its unique trendy fusion. These high quality elegant handmade necklaces & earrings are embedded with beads & semi precious stones that adds to the grandiosity in every attire.

What Caught Our Eye: One-of-a-kind earings

Levitateā„¢ India - The 1st Stop CrazY Shop

Bring out the inner gypsy in you with these indie fusion accessories from head gear all the way to anklets and toe rings. These quirky pieces sets in the gypsy vibe, making you stand apart from the crowd.

What Caught Our Eye: Indie fusion nose rings and headgear accessories


Ammorate Jewels
Image credit: Ammorate jewels

Get the ultimate range of  danglers that springs from Ammorate jewels. Ammorate derived from the french word which means "little love" holds true in their name as it is extensively seen in their delightful products.

What Caught Our Eye: Simplistic earrings

Vini's Creative world
Image credit: Vini's Creative world

Adorn yourself with the compelling passion of what Vini's Creative world has in store for you. From paper quilling to crochet, this store finds different ways to enhance the variety of your ornaments collection.

What Caught Our Eye: Vibrant  crochet earrings


Image credit: Lahari

Charm up your accessories with these delightful patterns and colours that Lahari store presents. These delicate yet wonderful jewelleries carry a piece of charm from bracelets to earrings, which adds the spark to accessories.

What Caught Our Eye: Charm bracelet



Got the thrill to shop again, we don't blame you. Do tell us in the comments, which of these stores met your fancy?

For stores that deliver handmade paper-craft artists click here. Also check out these DIY Artist that will inspire you to get in touch with your creative side by clicking here

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