Harmony Chorus From Bengaluru Makes It To Rising Star 2!
By: Sharmistha Mukherjee on Feb 26th, 2018

A proud moment for Bengaluru as The Harmony Chorus, a children’s choir directed by Sandra Oberoi has reached the third round of the popular reality singing contest- 'Rising Star' season 2 on Colors TV! This is the only group from Bengaluru to have reached India’s top 16! These children are all between the age of 10-15 years and are learning Western Classical music for several years at Harmony - The Music School.

Journey so far…

On 28th January, The Harmony Chorus, directed by Sandra Oberoi, which comprises of 19 students of ‘Harmony – The Music School’, Bengaluru, left for Mumbai to compete in Rising Star 2, which is Colors TV’s only LIVE reality singing competition. This show is a national platform for singers from across the nation to showcase their vocal skills. The contestants perform live and India’s TV viewing audiences view and vote for the best contestants via the VOOT app. The experts on the show are Shankar Mahadevan, Monali Thakur and Diljith Dosanjh who also vote for the best contestants. Their votes constitute 15% of the total while the rest comes from the country!

Round 1 of the competition was the LIVE TV auditions in which 48 contestants from around India sang, where The Harmony Chorus made it to the top 31. This was based on the highest scores. The Harmony Chorus got 93% votes for their first.

Round 2 of the competition was the Duels Ki Takkar in which the choir was pitted against the Mangniyar Fusion Group, a well-known and established group of folk musicians from Rajasthan. The children performed with much flair and. It was a nail-biting finish as both teams scored 88% but the Harmony Chorus beat their opponents with a marginal .46%.

The next round

The Harmony Chorus will team up with another contestant from the chosen 16 to do a duet. The voting will be for both contestants collectively and the team with the lowest score of the eight pairs will be eliminated from the competition.

“I constantly encourage all my students to be versatile and inquisitive in their musical choices and singing. One should be willing to appreciate different genres of music from different cultures and seek creative ways to express oneself,” said Sandra Oberoi, Choir Director.

The choir performs in various styles including Western Classical, Jazz, Gospel, Rock and Roll, Folk and Indian folk music. They have also done some Bollywood. They sing in different languages including English, Latin, Italian, German, Spanish, and a few Indian languages like Hindi, Malayalam, Khasi and Kannada.

How you can support?

So if you wish to catch their breathtaking performance, tune in to Colors TV every weekend. And if you like the performance, believe in what they do and would like to see this lovely choir from Bengaluru move up in this competition, support them with your valuable vote and spread the word!

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