Here Is A Guide That Will Help You Keep Your Diet Clean And Healthy
By: Jas Kiran Kaur on Oct 6th, 2017

Many believe snacking isn’t healthy but if done with the right food options and consumed at the right time, it sure can be healthy. So, here is a quick guide to healthy and flavourful snacking for all our readers out there. The meals mentioned here are all healthy and easily available, so you don’t have an excuse of ordering pizza anymore! 


Remember the times when mommy used to force feed fruits to us? Those were the good times! As adults, we often forget about the goodness of fruits and never consider them as a snacking option. So, next time when your hunger makes you go crazy, reach out to a fruit plate.

Fruits + Yogurt + Nuts

Sounds delicious? Well it definitely tastes delicious, too! Chop up a banana and an apple, get a cup full of fresh low-fat yogurt and crush in some cashews and almonds. This little snack is power-packed, appetising and not to mention, super healthy!

It’s Smoothie Time!

Thirsty in the middle of the movie? It is easy to grab a coke can but wait! We are talking about healthy snacking. So, pause watch you're watching and walk into the kitchen. Grab any fruit, add a spoonful of yogurt, some milk, and crushed ice and there you go! A chilled beverage that is easy on your stomach and healthy for your body and skin. Chuck out fizzy drinks, opt for smoothies!

Roasted Gram Or Chana
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Remember what our grannies used to say? Eating gram makes you as strong as a horse! Well, scientifically not entirely correct but yes, roasted grams are an excellent alternative to salted potato chips or wafers. Grams are rich in fiber and also contain calcium and potassium, making them a fabulous snack option.

Masala Corn
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A small cup of masala corn at the movie theater costs around a hundred bucks, and that’s loot! Instead, be wise and buy fresh corn from the market. Roast it, boil it, add butter or masala and voila, your masala corn is ready. Corns are  yummy and crunchy and are certainly a reliable snacking option. Also, other than being tasty it is also rich in vitamins and helps in digestion. 

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If you feel like eating chaat, then we suggest you opt for bhel puri as it is a healthier chaat option. This doesn’t have to be the one sold in the market, you can make it home, too. Grab a pack of murmura, chop up some onions, tomatoes, potatoes, raw mango and green chillies. If you wish to keep it tangy, you could add tamarind. With a little seasoning of coriander leaves, cumin powder, salt, pepper and nuts – this bhel puri will become your bowl of happiness! This is yet another great snacking option, which is fibrous, healthy and filling. 

Herbonica or Makhaane
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If you have not yet snacked on this, then it is a must-try. Lotus seeds or makhaane are a delicious crunchy snack, perfect with evening tea. Easily available in the market, roast makhaane for a minute with ghee and add a pinch of salt. And if you have a sweet tooth, then you can quickly make makhaane ki kheer, which is again a healthy alternative to eating cakes and cookies. Makhaane is considered to have higher nutritional value than other dry fruits so you ought to add these to your diet right away.

Bread Upma
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Last but not the least, a quick snack for mornings, evenings and even late nights – bread upma. No, it isn't as complicated as it sounds. Chop up some bread slices, heat some oil in a pan and prepare a tadka with onion, capsicum, chillies and cumin seeds. Add bread into the pan and make sure to sauté it until crispy brown. Add a little ghee and enjoy this delicious hot snack on a chilly day. It’s pure goodness and health!

Tell us if you already enjoy any of these snacks or have any other recipe in mind? Share with us in comments below because we love to hear back from you!

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