Here Are 5 Pointers To Remember While Designing A Gender-Neutral Nursery For Your Newborn
By: Vinithra Amarnathan on May 18th, 2016

Having a baby is one of the most exhilarating life events! Creating a warm, happy and functional nursery for your baby is a first step towards making space for him/her in your home! The traditional approach of a pink nursery for a girl and a blue nursery for a boy is long gone. There are a plethora of colours, ideas and themes that parents and decorators are using in their designs! And if you are like me and believe that a baby’s gender is one of the world's most beautiful and real surprises, then this post is for you!

Get Inspired
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To be creative and truly unique, a design needs to be inspired. Find what inspires you and use that as a take off point! You don’t need to look far….just pick an article, colour, book, pattern, place, really anything you love. A few days before I found out we were expecting, I found this pillow cover in a store in Pondicherry. I had no idea where I would use it, but I bought it all the same and that, along with a beautiful Valentina Ramos painting I fell in love with, became the jumping off points for my baby’s nursery! Here’s a look at my inspiration and the final space!

Creating A Perfect Baby Space
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Having a baby is a great experience, but also an overwhelming one! It's important to know your expectations of the space and understand how you will be using it. Will you co-sleep and use the nursery as a playroom, will it be a self-contained space for your baby, will it be shared with anyone, or will it double up as a guest room, etc. All these should be taken into consideration before you finalise.

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Sometimes you could even use the nursery as an office space when needed. 

So understanding all these will help you create a functional and beautiful space specific to your needs!

Find Two Uses Of One
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A new baby means a lot of new purchases and one of the things I find invaluable is for parents to know where to save and where to splurge! While a lot of this depends on your individual lifestyle and preferences, splurge on items that can be reused like a good crib that will transition to other babies in the family or a dresser with good bones that can move to another room in the house. 

You could also be innovative and have an open shelving unit that can transform into a bookshelf in the family room.

Splurge on quality preferably organic cotton bedding for newborn skin, a soft rug to create a safe play area and a good rocker for all those feeding sessions! Save on small toys and books, which you can pick at a resale/seconds store, pillows and wall art that can even be DIY, lighting and storage. And don’t forget the hand me downs!

Think Of Other Shades Than Yellow
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When you are creating a gender-neutral space, colour can be your best friend! Some of my favorite combos are:

Navy, yellow and gray

Indigo, white and coral

Aqua, red and orange

Pastel green, purple and gold

Mint, chocolate and orange

Find colours that you love and are in the rest of your home. But also allow yourself to experiment!

Give Your Nursery Character
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To make a space truly unique, I believe it needs to tell a story! So don’t forget to bring in soul to your baby’s nursery. Whether it's through a vintage piece of furniture, your once worn baby outfit, a handmade quilt from a near and dear one or a DIY piece of art, there are many ways to bring in personality and character to a space. These things may not match, may not be the colour scheme you are going for and may stand out but for all the right reasons! 

Want to make a book case for yourself? Here is what you can try.

Good luck creating your baby’s first little space and I hope these tips have been helpful! A mama’s nesting instinct is the best creative tool you need.

Are there other creative tips you would like to share with us? Let us know, in the comments below!

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