11 International Landscape Replicas In India You Must Visit Before Venturing Abroad
By: Sowdamini Pogaru on Sep 30th, 2015

Often, people in India brag about how they have travelled the entire world and seen amazing nature landscapes like never before. A lot of times, however, they forget that they are surrounded by the very same rustic beautiful landscapes in their own homeland! Did you know that many exotic international locales are pretty much a replica of certain destinations in India itself?

Here are ten breathtakingly beautiful places in India that resemble ‘popular’ foreign destinations.

Alleppey and Venice
Image credit: TumblrLife

Before heading off to that clichéd Venice trip for the exquisite boat rides, make sure you have checked out Alleppey’s beautiful houseboat and refreshing backwater experience. It sure is not called ‘Venice of the East’ for no reason!

Rann of Kutch and Salt Lands of Utah
Image credit: Ratnam Holidays,Nhmu

Always wanted to explore the white salts of Utah? Why go so far, when you get the same landscape here at the Rann of Kutch, Gujarat?

Gandikota Fort and Grand Canyon
Image credit: Youtube

There is an equivalent to the magnificent Grand Canyon of the United States, right here in India. Welcome to the Gandikota Fort in Kadappa, Andhra Pradesh. Check it off your bucket list and tell your neighbours you have been to the Indian Grand Canyon!

Himachal and Switzerland
Image credit: Graduate Land

Enjoy the beauty of snow-capped mountains amidst the greenest of lands, within your budget, in Himachal Pradesh. This is something you must check out before you go jetsetting on that oh-so-expensive trip to Switzerland to see (pretty much) the same landscapes.

Uttarakhand and Antelope Valley
Image credit: Mouth Shut,When On Earth

Capture the essence of the oh-so-beautiful flower valleys of Uttarakhand before you feast your eyes on their foreign mirror image, the famous Antelope Valley in USA.

Munnar and Cameron

Drink your heart out in the tea plantations of Munnar in Kerala, prior to that visit to Cameron Farms, Malaysia, that you always thought off. We assure you, you will feel it is the very same place!

Pondicherry and Vietnam
Image credit: Shunya

Go rent a cycle and a sunset-view room in Pondicherry, the French Capital of India! On your return, you can tell your friends you visited the twin of the French Colony in Vietnam. You need to check these places out yourself to believe the similarities!

Athirapally Falls and Niagara Falls
Image credit: Kerala Tourism

The Athirapally waterfalls in Kerala is not known as the ‘Indian Niagara' for nothing! Drench yourselves in the Athirapally falls before you head over with your family to the infamous Niagara (the real one) falls in Buffalo, USA.

Thar Desert and Sahara Desert

Let your feet sink into the sands of the Thar desert in our very own Rajasthan, before surfing the sands of the famous Sahara desert in Morocco. You will find them to be mirror images of each other!

Nainital and Lake District
Image credit: Alka,Wikipedia

Immerse yourself in the beauty of hilltops and valleys in Nainital, Uttarakhand, the Indian replica of the always-seen-in-Hollywood-movies Lake District in England.

Andaman and Nicobar Island and the Maldives, Madagascar
Image credit: OmniPundit,Simply Travel

Want to take a break from your hectic schedule and beat the blues away at a beach? Search up the best beach spot for a vacation - Maldives? Madagascar? Impressed by the pictures of these places? Now, why would you want to go so far when you have the very same thing in India? What are we talking about? The exquisite Andaman and Nicobar islands of course!

Which of these exotic international locales have you always wanted to visit? You now have an option to check out its replica in our very own country, right? Pour out your thoughts in the comments section below!

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