10 Indian Authors Who Redefine Feminism With Their Work Are What The World Needs Right Now
By: Aditi Syal on Nov 16th, 2017

Historically, women have been greatly outnumbered by their male counterparts in the field of literature. At times, literature tends to get so dominated by male voice that it is easy to neglect those female voices that have a significant point to convey in their writing. But over time, women’s literature has evolved, right from Victorian era to the Modern era. Notable contributions have been made by women writers which has shaped and moulded the way we view customs and rituals, emotions and tribulations.

India has played a significant role in the rise of the female voice. On matters of feminism, we are blessed to have various authors who have had a real impact on the literary front in the nation. These authors have touched the chord of feminism in an interesting and heart touching manner. We have listed below a few of them who stand out and boldly define modern day feminism.

Suniti Namjoshi

India’s feminist writer, Suniti Namjoshi came into prominence with her book “Feminist Fables” in 1981. The book retold folk tales from a queer and engaging perspective.

Savitribai Phule
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Described as one of the “first generation modern Indian feminists”, she has compiled two books with her poems, which are enticing and a must-read.

Urvashi Butalia
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An Indian feminist, historian and author, she has notable books which include “The Other Side Of Silence: Voices From The Partition Of India”. The book deals with the stories of women and children who were killed in the partition of 1947.

Namita Gokhale
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An author of 14 books, mostly about women. Her protagonists follow the course and concerns of their own life and give a peak into the joys and troubles of the life of women.

Kamala Markandaya
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She has always held a strong attitude towards feminine superiority and the constant conflict between tradition and modernism. Her first published novel, “Nectar in a Sieve” was a bestseller.

Shobha De
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Shobha De is an Indian author who is known for the depiction of India’s elites, socialites and their sex life in her work. She has written more than a dozen novels so far with a few being bestsellers.

Chitra Banerjee Divakurni
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With a powerful and strong voice for her female protagonists, the author captures the soul of being a woman. With 15 successful books in her kitty, she has a mesmerizing style of writing which appeals to the reader.

Kamla Bhasin
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A well-known feminist activist, poet, social scientist and author, her work spans over 35 years, with her main focus on gender, human development, media and education.

Arundhati Roy
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Roy needs no introduction; she is India’s most noted author and a human rights activist. She was awarded the Man Booker Price for the debut fiction novel, “The God of Small Things”. She has published many non-fiction books over the years on a range of topics.

Kamala Das

One of the finest confessional poets in India, Kamala Das has written prose in English and Malayalam. Her writing reflects her strong feminist ideology which portrays female sensibility in the most heart touching manner.

Check out this and this list for more works by Indian authors that capture the essence of womanhood. 


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