10 Super-Fit Indian Women Instagrammers Who Will Motivate You To Workout Right Now
By: Trishala Ashok on Mar 4th, 2016

Looking for some serious fitness motivation? Whether it be exercises, diet pointers, motivation tips or just envy inducing fit bodies in tank tops and yoga pants, these Instagram fitspo gals got our love! So here's our pick of the 10 best Instagram accounts for fitness motivation you need to get following FAST. We promise you'll be eager to hit the gym in no time!

Navreet Josan
Image credit: Navreet Josan

Navreet Josan a.k.a. lilrocket is a Team Bombshell bikini athlete! This fit girl is a great example of how clean eating, dedicated training and consistency can bring great results. Did I also mention that she’s a MAC make up artist? Follow her for some great tips on fitness, nutrition and make up!

Sharmila Nicollet
Image credit: Sharmila Nicollet

This Indo-French gorgeous pro golfer will not just make you envy her fit and tall bod but her wardrobe is to die for too! At the age of 18 @sharmilanicollet turned into a professional golfer and joined the Women’s Golf Association of India (WGAI) . Her Instagram profile will make you want to get out there and chase your dreams!

Sonali Swami
Image credit: Sonali Swami

If you don't get excited to work out after following @sonali_swami, we wonder what will? A Fit Factor and Muscle Mania winner, she's also a mom. Every post of Sonali screams motivation. She's fit, positive and knows how to keep the balance. Plus, the lady can bust some serious Zumba dance moves!

Shwetha Mehta
Image credit: Shwetha Mehta

Make way for @theshwethamehta, an athlete of Jerai fitness and a senior software developer. This woman has it all - beauty, brains and a fit bikini ready body! Her gym head stand videos and post workout photos will make you want to put your sweats on and hit the gym like never before.

Harj Hadani
Image credit: Harj Hadani

How creative is her Instagram name? Makes you want to change yours! We have another fit mom in the house. A certified nutritionist and accountant, she motivates thousands with her inspiring workout pictures and delicious healthy meals. If you are looking for some healthy meal plans and workout routines to get in shape, you now know who to call!

Nikita George
Image credit: Nikita George

The former manager for Black Rain Hospitality shows you what one can achieve with hard work, clean eating and a proper workout regime. Don’t let her sweet face fool you. This girl is all muscle! You’ll be mind blown by her upside down hanging crunches video. Talk about strength!

Ankita Singh
Image credit: Ankita Singh

Being a software engineer, devoting time for fitness can be challenging. But not for Ankita. An IBBF ( Indian Body Building Federation) member, she represented India at the World Bodybuilding and Physique Federation and secured 5th position in the Fitness category! Her abs of steel will make you want to put down that pizza and grab some lean protein and veggies for lunch!

Nidhi Mohan Kamal
Image credit: Nidhi Mohan Kamal

Nidhi’s workout videos and motivational posts can make anyone become a fitness fan!  If you are looking for meal and fitness plans, get going and follow her. Another thing we love about Nidhi, apart from her drool worthy gym attire, are her workout videos. Fitness can be fun too. Just ask @nidhimohankamal!

Shweta Rathore
Image credit: Shweta Rathore

A Miss India Sports Physique 2015, Shweta is India's first brand Ambassador for Musletech Neulife! @shwetarathore13 will make you wish you were her. Her rock-solid abs are a staple on her page! 

Bani J
Image credit: Bani J

We all recognise this tattooed rock'n rolla lady from MTV Roadies. What we love about Bani is how shes morphed from a tough MTV roadie into iron woman! Makes you not want to give up.Her buns of steel will make you want to hit the squat rack. Inspiring thousands with her pictures of her meal plans and post workout pictures, you have got to follow her!


So, do you still think lifting weights will make you bulky? Well, think again! Tell us your favourite fitspo Instagrammer in the comments below!

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