Look Picture Perfect In Minutes With These Make-Up Hacks That Will Change Your Life
By: Hansika Seshashayee on Oct 29th, 2015

We all have those days where we struggle with our make-up or have no time for doing it up perfectly. Then, there are days when we are too lazy for it. This article gives you some make-up hacks that are perfect for such days. You will be amazed at the amount of time, money, and energy trying these hacks will save you!

Use A Spoon For That Perfect Winged Liner
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Do you struggle to create that perfect winged line on your eyelids? Take the help of a spoon! Hold the stem of the spoon to draw the straight line. Flip the spoon and use the rounded edge to create that perfect curved wing.

Use Translucent Powder To Make Your Lashes Look Fuller
Image credit: fashionlady

There's no need to use fake lashes any more! Just dust translucent powder on your eyelashes before applying your mascara, and it provides the illusion of fuller lashes.

Dust Translucent Powder Over Your Lipstick To Make It Last Longer
Image credit: zuri

Do you often miss out on all the fun at a party because you are stuck in the restroom, reapplying your lipstick? Fret no more! Dust translucent powder over your lips to set the lipstick, and make it last longer.

Make Your Eyes Look Bigger With Beige Or White Eye Pencil
Image credit: bethbenderbeauty

Always wanted bigger eyes? Want to hide how tired and hungover you are? Make your eyes pop, by applying white or beige eye pencil on your waterline.

Correct Your Foundation Shade
Image credit: beautifulwithbrains

Purchased a foundation that is too dark or too light for you? Well, there is no need for a second trip to the store and spending some more money. Just add moisturizer to the darker foundation to make it lighter and add a little bronzer to the lighter foundation to make it darker. And voila! You're all good to go. 

Almond Oil - Your Cheap Make-Up Remover
Image credit: carmencitta

Make-up remover too expensive for you? Relax, use almond oil instead, to remove your make-up. It works beautifully, and you will be moisturizing your skin in the process, too.

Prime Your Eyes With White Eye Liner To Make Eye Shadow Look Brighter
Image credit: pinterest

Do colorful eye shadows not look as bright on you as you want them to be? No issues! Prime your eyes with white eye liner first, and then apply the eye shadow over it. See how bright the eye shadow looks now!

Darker, Deeper Eye Liner With A Lighter Or A Matchbox
Image credit: beaut.ie

Only got a pencil liner and want the effect of a gel liner? Use a lighter or a match to heat the tip of the pencil. Let it cool down a bit, for about five seconds, and apply it. Enjoy the new intensity of your pencil liner!

Curl Your Lashes With Ease Using Your Hair Dryer
Image credit: blushandbeyond

Use your hair dryer to heat your eye lash curler before use, to make it more effective. Wait! Don't forget to test the heat first, otherwise you'll burn them pretty eyes!

Smokey Eyes In No Time
Image credit: aamami

Want smokey eyes, but don't have the time or patience they demand? Draw hashtags on either corner of your eyes, and blend them in well. There you go! Bold and beautiful smoky eyes, with very little effort.

Didn't that sound easy? Well, not only does it sound easy, it is easy to do as well! What are some of the beauty hacks you love? Tell us, in the comments section below. 

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