Here Are The MLM Companies In India You Can Be A Part Of
By: Jas Kiran Kaur on Sep 2nd, 2017

Our country values and expects certain different things from its women. In India, as soon as the girl is married, she is expected to prioritize her “new family” before anything else. The new bride is expected to step back on her passions, her dreams, her career and personal interests and head the family she’s married into.

This sounds truly unfair for all the smart and educated women who get married and feel caged. But there’s nothing to be sad about, as now in our country, we have numerous amazing brands that support housewives and mothers to take up their jobs while staying at home.

If you are wondering about how to earn extra income, use your knowledge and expertise and utilize time diligently, then here’s a list of few good MLM Businesses in India which support working women. 

Beauty - Oriflame
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This age old Swedish cosmetic company is headed by a strong woman herself, Achla Lakhan Paul, the Director of Oriflame.

Now, working for ten years with Oriflame, Achla started out when her hands were already full with kids and household chores. Her journey with Oriflame began as she understood the basics of MLM business opportunities. Unlike other business models, MLM works by direct selling where the sellers directly approach customers to sell the products and encourage customers to join them as distributors. The chain increases forming pyramid marketing and keeps spreading like a wave.

By initially buying products for self-consumption and then later inviting in more customers from extended family and acquaintances, your network grows and avails you to discounts, bonuses and doubling up your sales volumes.

Achla says, “As a woman, if you have the desire to be successful, to make more money, to work from home, to make a self-identity, be an entrepreneur, with no investment and no risk, with minimal qualification and be your own boss, ORIFLAME AWAITS YOU.”

Follow Achla and her journey on her beauty blog.

Brands like Amway and Avon work on similar lines and have an exclusive range of world class products and help women to groom themselves, earn extra-income and develop an independent personality. 

Kitchen Products Range - Tupperware
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From baking, cooking, microwave-safe utensils to organizing, serving and gift sets, Tupperware has left a mark on the MLM business industry since forever. Valued for its excellent quality and reusable products, Tupperware also counts as a favourite when it comes to providing business opportunities. This 70-year-old brand proudly works and invests in people, especially housewives and unemployed women, and fosters in them a spirit of individuality and confidence.

Did you know that it was by the efforts of Brownie Wise, a divorced, single mom with secondary education. that Tupperware sky-rocketed? Like many women, Brownie was turned down by business companies for the reason that “management was no place for women”, but she proved her expert sale skills and sold around $150,000 worth of Tupperware products in a year.

The lesson to be learnt from this real tale is that every human is talented and should work towards achieving their dreams. Women are no less than men and if offered equal opportunities like careers in MLM organizations like Tupperware, then women can actually reach for the stars.

Health - Herbalife
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Just like you cannot ignore health, you definitely cannot ignore the awesome MLM company – Herbalife. A proud member of direct selling business, Herbalife is a global nutrition company which encourages its members and customers to engage in a healthy lifestyle. Their nutrition, weight-management and personal care products are loved and available in more than 90+ countries.

Another major aspect which makes Herbalife such a great hit is the fact that they promote direct business selling opportunities. In this way, the chain reaction of good health adoption is activated along with strong business connectivity. With around 2.3 million distributors and numerous happy customers, Herbalife is another great MLM company to join. 

All you need is encouragement, right source to spend your energy and a firm that respects your hard work. Business growth opportunities are open for everyone. Just knock on the right door. And even if you are busy with household responsibilities, MLM companies are here to offer you everything you need!

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