Look Of The Week With Nandini Swaminathan Of Sartorial Secrets
By: Anirudh Sudan on Oct 18th, 2017

Nandini Swaminathan, the Bangalore-based fashion blogger behind Sartorial Secrets, shares her favourite look this week. 

She talks to us about her personal style, the inspiration behind this look and how one can look this stylish, on a budget. 

Check out what the upcoming fashion blogger from Bangalore has to say. 

Image credit: Sartorial Secrets

How would you describe your style?

My personal style mixes classic looks with one or two key statement pieces and is all about colours, prints and interesting silhouettes. I absolutely love dresses and skirts, though I'm equally comfortable in my ripped jeans. My style is very mood-dependent and fluctuates a lot - some days I prefer a fitted, tailored look while on other days I love keeping it casual. I have a huge collection of jackets and blazers and I also love bags.

Image credit: Sartorial Secrets

Any particular inspiration for this look?

This look is described on my blog as my take on a modern day fairytale - it's elegant yet urban and combines different textures and elements together that make it an expression of my personality.

Image credit: Sartorial Secrets

What are your tricks to budget-shopping for this look?

Invest in a statement jacket like the one I have used in this look - you can find one on sale at any high street brand. Mix and match it with a black dress from your closet and dress it up with a pair of chandelier earrings and a metallic clutch and you're all set!

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