Not Having Brick And Mortar Stores Hasn't Prevented These 10 Start-Ups From Going Big
By: Akanksha Grover on Aug 10th, 2015

Over the past few years, we have seen many start ups surface that have made life easy for us in many ways. Social media has also helped them sell in a big way. We take a look at 10 absolutely quirky start-up ideas that are a rage right now.

Image credit: Genie Facebook

The Genie and its lamp has been a magical fascination for all. Similarly, this online venture by Parth Shah, a B.Com student, who took this fascination a step ahead. Genie is an online demand convenience aggregator which a consumer can access using WhatsApp. The user can ask for whatever they might want, and Genie helps them find the best. The pay for the product and Genie makes sure they're provided with the best possible service with a convenience fee.

You can contact them here.

Image credit: Tooney Facebook

Gifts are an integral part of everyone's life; they create memories, moments and stay with us forever. Tooney that has provided the concept of gifts a new perspective. A start-up by Priya Mardia, a Visual communication graduate, they provide an array of customized gifts that help you spread happiness. From customized chocolates, chocolate wrappers, flowers, bouquets, notebooks, t-shirts, phone covers to cards.

Get yours soon over here.

Image credit: Zahana Facebook

A home-based store started by fashionista, Peenal Jain which sells affordable and stylish apparels and jewelry only through Facebook and Instagram. With a whooping number of 15,000 followers on the social media, Zahana gets its trendy collection from all around the country, but designs most of them by herself. Launched in 2013 on Facebook,

Zahana now has its own website. Visit it here.

The Cupcakery
Image credit: Facebook

How often have you found ready made eggless cakes that taste good? Not many, right? This start-up by a Sanjana Galada serves you the prettiest and yummiest cakes, cup-cakes and other baked products that are egg-less and gluten free. Easily customizable according to client’s requirements this venture operates from home.

Orders are placed online through Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram or through their website.

Mumbai at your doorstep
Image credit: Fashion Ove

Mumbai’s street shopping will just be a WhatsApp message away from anywhere in India. This endeavor was started by Ashwin Chhabria, a B.Com graduate, who got the idea when he went down to the streets to buy his sister a birthday gift. The user can ask for anything from any market in Mumbai, and would receive pictures of every possible variant of that product on WhatsApp. The chosen product will be delivered within 2 days.

You can get your products from Mumbai by contacting them on Facebook.

Image credit: Facebook

It’s always easy to find handcrafted jewelry or clothes, but matching clutches to designer clothes is always a huge task. Amyra, an online store, deals in handcrafted clutches, wallets, and totes with a plethora of designs and fabrics to choose from, also provides its customers a chance to create their own designs. This creation is headed by Priyanka Chowdhary, a graduate of

Design your clutch now, by visiting them on facebook.

Ink Blott Events
Image credit: Facebook

A Chennai-based event organizing firm which aims at bring forward flavors of various cultures in varied forms. The main focus being towards cooking. Ink Blott has organized events in the past in collaboration with celebrity chefs like Vicky Ratnani and Ranveer Barar. A venture by Abhishek Parmar, graduate.

Keep yourself updated on upcoming events through their Facebook page. 

Cake Box
Image credit: Facebook

Who said kitchen was meant only for women? This venture by Thomas Koshy, started when he was in his 2nd year of graduation. He wanted to try his hand in the food industry, so he started working as an intern until he decided to open his own store in Chennai. Cake box offers an array of cakes in different shapes, sizes, and colors and is sure to deliver a cake on every occasion.

Get yourself some cakes here.

Image credit: Facebook

Who could have thought of making classic jewelry with safety pins. Yes, this start-up by Roshni Mohan makes bracelets, neckpieces, pendants, earrings with safety pins which are locked with pliers and are also rust-proof. We chatted with Roshni Mohan some time ago, about her incredible jewellery  journey. Check it out here.

Place you orders here.

Image credit: Facebook

Shaanbhi, an exclusive clothing line by Pooja Modi, a graduate from NIFT who as a child decided to make dresses out of her mom’s sarees.  This venture came into being when she realized the need for customized clothing to match an individual’s taste and preferences.

Contact them to design your outfit here.


Do you know of anymore quirky start-up ideas? Tell us about them in the comments below. 

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