5 Indian Online Boutiques That Let You Hire Those Gorgeous Outfits That Are Way Off Your Budget
By: Priyanka Subramanian on Mar 16th, 2016

Your rager best friend is throwing another party. You have been to all of her parties and have probably worn all the outfits you own to them. You are not the type to repeat outfits. Should you buy a new outfit or not? Do you have the budget for that? What could you possibly do other than going shopping and swiping your cards?

Move over dilemmas, because now you can hire dresses for a fraction of their actual cost. Trot out your happening new clothes, have fun at the event, pose for those selfies, and return them when you’re done.

Here are some places that you can hire outfits for those occasions and still stay within your budget. Neat, isn't it? We also attempt to sort out some common concerns about renting garments from online shops.

Image credit: flont

Flont has an extensive range of clothing that comprises of skater dresses, skirt dresses, jumpsuits, bodycon dresses as well as shift dresses. They have the most trending outfits at all times as they keep refreshing their wardrobe periodically.

Your last minute partying plan requires a last minute dress up plan as well? Don’t worry, they’ve got your back! Choose the date on which you need the outfit and they’ll bring to you your favorite dress right on that day so that you can be in hassle free party mood. If you have got a lot more days in hand, you can scroll through and book the dress that would best suit and it can be booked a day or two prior to your event. The dress will be picked up in 2 days from the date of delivery.

What caught our eye: Their collection of  best seller designer wear and skater dresses.

Style Bank
Image credit: Style Bank

This is the perfect destination to get your glamorous party outfits. They also have a sweeping range of dresses, tops, blazers, and skirts. They keep their wardrobe up to date, with the latest brands like Biba, Blanco, and Aidan Mattox.

They will let you have the garments for two days, post which, it will be picked up from your door step. You can subscribe to be a member and get the rental price almost thrice as less as the normal one and can also enjoy the perks of being on the top of queue for the gorgeous dresses on the waiting list.

What caught our eye: They have got the best wardrobe of party wear and evening wear dresses.

Image credit: Swishlist

Got invited to an ostentatious event, and need to wear an outfit which will help you blend into the crowd? Need designer wear? Check out Swishlist, with its large collection of dresses by some of the best designers like Manish Malhotra, Natasha Dalal, Chhavvi Aggarwal, Monique Lhuillier, and Anita Dongre. Each of those gowns, dresses, lehengas, and anarkalis look mesmerizing.

These dresses, that are price above INR 40,000 on the rack, can be rented out to you for  just about INR 4,000. Yes, that's right! They have an outfit for every occasion be it cocktails, date nights, weddings, sangeets, brunches, sundowners, and so on. 

What caught our eyeTheir designer lehengas are worth seeing yourself in. 

Image credit: Liberent

Liberent is an online hire store that is filled with rich, splashy dresses and lehengas. They have everything from a huge variety of maxi dresses to the perfect black dress.

Liberent pretty much works just like the rest of the online garment rentals do. They deliver a day prior to your event, and pick it up a day after your event. They also customize the fit according to your measurements, resulting in you looking amazing and comfortable, too.

What caught our eye: They have a good collection of classy and trendy evening gowns.

Candid Knots
Image credit: Candid Knots

Glad tidings are here for all the ladies out there! There finally is a place to hire outfits for your partner as well. Men always seem to be worrying about brands and colors. It’s time to lock away those worries, as Candid Knots bring to you the most talked-about brands like Van Heusen, Blackberry and John Millers for the guys and Vero Moda, Zara and Elle for the women.

Ranging from a formal sheath dress to a slip on floral dress, they have got it all covered. They have both ethnic and western wear for men and women.

Candid Knots is quick to resolve issues relating to the fit, damages and cancellation. You can even extend your rental days with a little extra payment.

What caught our eye: The branded blazers and suits here will be perfect for your man.

So ladies, pick out your favorite outfits, create your wardrobe for special occasions, and share with us your experience in the comments below!

Common Concerns

What if the dress you choose doesn’t fit your size?

Well, you just need to call the store once you get the dress. Most websites are considerate enough to replace it or give you a refund.

The idea of hiring a dress that has already been used doesn't appeal much to you?

You need not really worry about that. These online stores promise a high level of hygiene. The clothes will reach you fully pressed, squeaky clean, and ready to wear. All you have to do is put on the dress, visit the party, create your memories, capture your moments, and wave the dress goodbye. 

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