These Pet-Friendly Indian Startups Definitely Know How To Keep Their Employees Happy
By: Nisha Khan on Jun 14th, 2016

One of the saddest parts of working in an office is being away from your pet for long work hours. While many companies abroad permit pets on the premises, in India it’s an encouraging trend with many Indian startups welcoming pets into their offices, because a pet-friendly office culture eases tension and acts like an icebreaker. Our list includes 10 Indian workplaces that believe in bringing pets to work.

Image credit: PG Ginger/Sameer Chhatre

PG Ginger (PG stands for Pagalguy), is a 3-year old tomcat that came to Pagalguy’s office after he was rescued from a fire and today he is the most celebrated employee at Mumbai-based online education portal Ginger is an entertainer and a stress buster at the office and his employee code is 097. He is the only one with two drawers - to store pet food sourced from Thailand and to keep clean bed sheets and cover. He also has beds placed strategically to relax, and he also has his own Facebook fan page, too.

Location: Champaklal Industrial Estate, Rd Number 29, Sion, Mumbai
Image credit:

The Bangalore-based talent sourcing firm prides itself on being a pet-friendly workplace. Though the place doesn't have their in-house pet, Master Shifu and his parent Roopal Vegad are both part of the sales team. Coming to the office everyday with Roopal, his daily activities are running around, creating a tension-free environment for the sales and marketing teams, and hanging around with his buddies from the team. There are also other employees who bring in their pups, adding to the fun.

Location: No 6, Zeeshan Arch,10th Main, Jeevanbhima Nagar, Main Road, Bengaluru

Image credit: Buttercups is an online lingerie store that started two years ago. A year ago, CEO, Arpita Ganesh decided to adopt Maggie, an Irish setter, and since then Maggie (or Lady Maggie, as they call her) has become a regular member at the Buttercups office located at Bangalore. She has also found herself on the company's website as a key member of the team. Everyone looks for her during times of stress and also looks forward to her magical hug.

Location: 79, 6th Cross Rd, Hal, Indiranagar, Bengaluru

Myrah Store
Image credit: Myrah India

Besides catering to all your fashion needs, an added attraction is that Myrah is Bangalore’s first pet-friendly retail store, and loves your furry friends as much as you do. At this fashion store, when the pet parents are busy shopping, their pets can mingle with the in-store dog named Hachiko (their brand mascot), who came into the store 7 months ago after he was rescued. Hachi always welcomes everyone with a wagging tail.

Location: 279, 5th Cross, 1st Stage, Behind Toit, Indiranagar, Bangalore

Curly Street Media
Image credit: Curly Street Media

Bangalore-based film production firm, Curley Street Media, has its own Chief Cuddling Officer (CCO)—Bono, the golden lab. When the office was set up in 2012, they choose the office space in a way so that Bono had a backyard to play. This Curley Street Production is not complete without the tail wagging support of Bono. This intuitive key member of the team has a sixth sense when it comes to identifying any kind of stress and is quick to huddle and cuddle.

Location: Regal Manor, Bride St, Richmond Town, Bengaluru

Mad Street Den
Image credit: Mad Street Den

Mad Street Den (MAD) is a dog-friendly, absurdly casual and incredibly cool AI & Computer Vision startup from Chennai. The office has its own dog Bam Bam, a Labrador, who is also an integral part of the company and the team. You’ll often find her cuddled up in a comfy blanket on the porch or chilling with the team.

Location: 45, 3rd St, Austin Nagar, Abiramapuram, Chennai

Image credit: Chumbak

The Chumbak Studio is a pet-friendly space, where the in-house Labrador, Hugo, can be seen snoozing or chasing around a pretty fighter fish called Shiny, and there are also occasional lively visits by Ginger, the super-cute in-house kitty. These cute pets are part of most of Chumbak’s employee engagement activities. There’s a certain synergy they bring to the team, and one of the first things they teach the team is how much happiness there can be in a spontaneous moment, states the Chumbak blog.

Location: Chumbak Design Pvt. Ltd., 520, CMH Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore

Graffiti Collaborative
Image credit: vinodinii.blogspot

The Bangalore-based ad agency firm has two indies—Zoe and Skyye, and they believe that having animals in office makes it a happier place. Besides that, they now want to own a hamster, fish and maybe some more animals around to make it a complete family picture.

Location: #227, 1st Main Road, Domlur 2nd Stage, Bangalore

Image credit: glassdoor

The unicorn startup allows employee to bring their pets to work. It all started when a top executive started bringing her pug to office. And now, cats and dogs are a common sight at InMobi office. Today, many employees bring their dogs to work, especially on weekends.

Location: 7th Floor, Block Delta, B Block, Embassy Tech Square, Kadubeesanahallli Village, Outer Ring Road, Varthur Hobli, Bangalore

Cat Cafe Studio
Image credit: Cat Cafe Studio

Have you ever wished for a work place surrounded by fluffy cats? Well, you will be amazed to know that Cat Cafe Studio (also known as Zcyphher Studios), the Mumbai-based film production house, loves cats so much that they have named the company after them, and they also act as a shelter home for cats. CCS is run by animal lovers (who make films for a living) and when they can’t think of any innovative ideas for their art, literature and writing, the employees take turn to cuddle the odd-27 cats. Employees can also bring their own cats, too, if they have.

Location: Bungalow No. 68, First Floor, Aram Nagar Part 1, Harminder Singh Road, Versova, Mumbai

From just focusing on creating an employee-friendly workspace, isn't it wonderful that these Indian start-ups are now making their offices pet-friendly, in turn bringing smiles. Oh and if you are looking at getting your furry friends captured by India's best photographers they are all right here


The Cat Studio in Bangalore is a must-visit for those who love felines and like to be around them.

Here are interesting new startups in India that are changing the way we work.


Have we missed out on any other pet-friendly workplace? Is your startup worth a mention here? Do let us know, in the comment section below.

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