Watch These 14 Photographers Convert Rituals Around Children Into A Treasure Trove Of Memories
By: Avinash Kumai on Jul 27th, 2015
Image credit: Manjunath Iyer

Ceremonies are not just mere rituals, but they are a reflection on things like culture and practices that have been carried on for centuries and have specific significances. Further, ceremonies around kids are a great occasion for families to meet and bond over food and laughter. For the parents it's a great opportunity to capture the milestones that are being celebrated. In this piece, we look at diverse ceremonies for children that are performed around the country through the eyes of some ace photographers (not in any particular order)

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Sandesh Kumar R
Image credit: Oeuvre

Smearing honey on the infant’s lips is a common sight during the naming ceremony or Namkaran. After the child gets his/her name, friends and family bestow their blessing and touch the child's lips with honey (or sugar). We don’t know about other things, but it feels like the kid is enjoying the moment.

View his work here.

Neelam Joshi
Image credit: Neelam Joshi

A young man and an elderly gentleman share a candid conversation during a thread ceremony. Perhaps the elder is giving insights on what to expect or perhaps they are wondering how long before they break for lunch! Kudos to the photographer for this candid moment.

View her work here.

R V Shivamurthy
Image credit: R V Shivamurthy

Ah! Now this is what a sad-happy picture looks like. The tears in the tot’s eye suggest that people at the mundan (Chudakarana) were not kind enough! But now that everything is over… Ek smile toh banta hain, boss!

View his work here.

Lester Mascarenhas

Some of us have not even attended a Baptism ceremony, but we all know about it, all thanks to media like films and television shows. This ceremony is also called Infant Baptism. Isn't there a sense of serenity to this picture?

View his work here

Rajesh Surve
Image credit: Rajesh Surve

Upanayana means ‘the act of leading’. It is a ceremony in which a guru accepts and draws a boy towards knowledge and initiates the second birth that is of the young mind and spirit. The kid sure looks happy with his rite of passage.

View his work here.

Santhosh Raj
Image credit: Fotozone

Oh you poor little one, if only you knew they aren't going to let you have your way, because what's got to get done has got to get done. Raj sure knows how to make bittersweet memories last.

Follow him here.

Pradip Bose
Image credit: Pradip Bose

This tot will, in all probability, grow up to become a chef or a food critic. Well, one look at the sumptuous food on the plate and anybody would change their mind. An ‘aww-inspiring’ picture, for sure!

 View his work here

Manjunath Iyer
Image credit: DNM Photography & Blog

Is it just us, or do monochromes change the feel of the picture? (Yes, we have said this many times already, but it never ceases to amaze us.) The white outfit and contrasting background add to the feel of the picture. Did we mention Iyer gets some great close-ups?

View his work here

Chandrakant Sapre
Image credit: Studiofaces

Sapre’s pictures are all about capturing the feel of the moment. With great mug and candid shots, his body of work results in images that are ultimately pleasing to look at. For this one, we like how the subject is placed.

View his work here

Prince Anbu
Image credit: Prince Photography

Karnavedha, or the ear-piercing ceremony, is one of the sixteen major Samskaras (rites) during the course of their lifetime. Although the child doesn't seem to want to hear about it.

View his work here

Debaprasad Ghoshal
Image credit: Debaprasad Ghoshal

This is a mukhe bhaat ceremony (West Bengal). The ceremony is followed by a fun game (shown in the picture). The baby is offered a tray which contains certain ritual objects: a lump of earth (symbolising property), a book (symbolising learning), a pen (symbolising wisdom) and a silver coin (symbolising wealth). Family members further cheer the little one while he/she makes the choice. The object picked up by the baby represents their area of interest in the future.

View his work here

Anil Khobragde
Image credit: Anil Khobragde

The yagya is one of the important aspects of any Hindu custom. This picture shows a young boy making offering to the gods. 

View his work here

Tarak Nath Rakshit
Image credit: PhotoCare

Children are inquisitive and the picture shows just that. Ritual or no ritual, they have to see and feel things for themselves. Here's a well-composed, candid photo that the parents of the little one will cherish for years to come.

 View his work here.

Lopamudra Das Mahapatra

Annaprashana, a ritual when the child eats food for the first time. Needless to say, it's a big gathering of family and friends and a joyous occasion for one and all.

View her work here.


Don't all the little ones look lovely? Which one of the above was your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.

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