Leading Photographers From Across India Show Us How Diwali Makes For The Perfect Photo Opportunity
By: Lily Dechamma on Nov 9th, 2015

With festival of lights round the corner it is imperative that photographers all over will be bringing out their cameras to capture that picture perfect moment. Don't you agree that Diwali presents the best photo opportunity with the colours, fireworks and festivities all around?

We teamed up with Canvera to make a list of the top 10+ Diwali shots (in no particular order) taken by some of the best photographers in India. Take a look.

Deepak Kumar

The night skies of Jharkhand are light up by these fireworks. Diwali is always celebrated with great pomp and show here and Deepak with his keen eye was definitely, at the right place at the right time.


View his work on Canvera here.


Image credits: Deepak Kumar

Ritabrata Mukherjee
Image credit: Ritabrata Mukherjee

A boy’s silhouette is illuminated by the riot of colourful lights behind him. We love how Mukherjee gets his shot that has all the makings of a brilliant Diwali capture.


View his work on Canvera here.

Priyanka Modh
Image credit: Priyanka Modh Facebook

Who says black and white pictures don't capture the essence of Diwali? This picture by Priyanka can be interpreted in so many ways, one being to travel from darkness to light and the other being nostalgia of oil lamps versus electrical lights.


View her work on Canvera here

Saurav Anuraj
Image credit: Saurav Anuraj Facebook

Sauav has managed to capture the essence of Diwali with all the lights. We love the serene look on the girl's face and the play of light.The lamp adds to the beauty of the picture of course.


View his work on Canvera here.

Anshul Sukhwal

The moon lights up the Udaipur skyline and still holds no comparison to all the fireworks. Rajasthan celebrates Diwali like no other and this capture by Anshul proves that beyond words.

View his work on Canvera here.

Dhrubajyoti Debnath

A newly wed bride lights a set of diyas to start the Diwali with her new family this year. To us this shot by Dhrubajyoti translates into so much, her first festival with her new family, the start of a new life and an auspicious beginning. Brilliant.


View his work on Canvera here.

Kiran Kallur
Image credit: Kiran Kallur Facebook

A single diya is lit in Karnataka to signify the start of the festival. Kallur's capture holds so much meaning and can definitely be pondered over long after the festivities.


View his work on Canvera here.

Mehul Chimthankar
Image credit: Mehul Chimthankar

A lone rocket bursts and dazzles the Pune skies into a million bits of splendor and festivity. Rockets bring back child hood memories, this realistic capture by Chimthankar reminded us of the days when each of us wanted to fire off a rocket, but only the brave ones succeeded. This images delighted us.


View his work on Canvera here.

Rahul Singh

A chakra hits the ground and sparkles away to glory. Singh gets the signature Diwali shot with this. We love how his lens caught the brilliance of the colours thrown by the chakra.


View his work on Canvera here.


Image credits: Rahul Singh

Image credit: Coffee stains Facebook

A groom and his friends enjoy the fireworks on the momentous occasion of his wedding. We love the expression of the groom and those of his buddies.  Only an expert like Sneha would not miss an opportunity like this.  Kudos to her for getting this shot that's going to be cherished for a long time.


View her work on Canvera here.

Rohit Rohira
Image credit: Picture Perfect India

The colours in the sky above are caught by Rohit brilliantly. This capture is again a reminder that a good photographer never misses an opportunity. This one is sure to be enjoyed by the couple and their families for a long time to come.


View his work on Canvera here.


Do you bring out your camera during Diwali. Do you, like us, believe Diwali brings every one together? Share your thoughts in the comments section below

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