These Photowalk Groups Are The Most Intriguing Way To Explore The City Of Joy-Kolkata
By: Ishwari Basu on Sep 14th, 2015

For those who seek to explore Calcutta to its deepest pockets and embrace the city’s rich culture and past, sometimes their plans don’t end up as enriching, or satisfying, or even as easy as they think it to be. Keeping in mind this very idea of an enriching and comfortable exploration of those  who want to get to know the city better, we provide you with a list of 4 major photo walk groups in Kolkata who promise to make the quest a great experience. From food streets to architecture, from a confluence of cultures and communities to natural beauty, these groups can take you to all the pockets of the city, waiting to be discovered by you and your cameras!

Calcutta Walks
Image credit: Calcutta Walks Instagram

Calcutta Walks will impress you with their endeavours and their functionality. Unlike the city tour companies which take on a huge group to show just a few spots in the city, this group becomes your looking glass to see the city in its true form, with personalized photo walks for smaller numbers. Their aim is to show the people the lost glory of the city, it’s colonial architecture which is getting ruined every day – in order to save the structures which give the city its beauty. They also promote locally produced goods during their walks, as they believe that such products hold the essence of the city in them.

Image credit: Calcutta Walks Instagram

Take a look at what they have to offer here.

Calcutta Photo Tours
Image credit: Calcutta Photo Tours

Calcutta Photo Tours is another such group which aims to provide their patrons with a culturally and historically rich experience of the city. They believe that to really know this city, one has to place oneself amongst all the chaos, and find all the perfections and imperfections of it that they want to see. Localised and aesthetically pleasing walks are arranged for both city dwellers and travellers to help discover this colonial city – be it markets, cultural communities, food stops, old colonial localities – they can show you all.

Image credit: Calcutta Photo Tours

To find your type of tour, check them out here.

Streets of Calcutta
Image credit: Subhadeep Bhowmick

This unique group has a set goal in mind - to bring about the everyday life of Calcutta through the explorers lenses. Their aim is to create a photographic archive of Calcutta in all its glory through what we usually consider to be mundane and repetitive. What we see as the usual, is a discovery to the rest of the world regarding out city and its culture, and this is what they want to bring about through the pictures they get from the walks. They conduct both photography workshops and photo walks, sailing through various localities and landmarks. Their aim has landed them as one of the front runners in city street photography projects, and that’s reason enough to give them a chance!

Image credit: Sahasrangshu Choudhury

To see what they have in store for you, click here.

Footsteps Photowalks
Image credit: Braindrops India

Footsteps Photowalks is an endeavour of Braindrops India, which conducts photo walks for the city dwellers who want to explore the pockets the city, to capture moments and revel in the chaos of the surroundings. Their walks are less expensive than the ones mentioned above, which is a bonus for amateurs and students.

Image credit: Braindrops Of India

Find them here.

Have you visited Kolkata? How have you explored the city? Tell us in the comments below.

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