13 Places In Kolkata Where Their Bacon Preparations Are A Must Try
By: Madhubani on Oct 10th, 2015

This article is for those people who are always in the mood for bacon. This is a bucket list of those bacon dishes in Kolkata that you must try out before you die. It is a tribute to this special cut of pork, bacon. So, brace yourselves, and take a deep breath, because you are about to scroll through the most scrumptious and, strictly, the best bacon-y delights available in the city. 

Angels On Horseback at Mocambo
Image credit: Online-Instagram

Angels On Horseback, one of Mocambo's signature dishes is an iconic bacon dish. Soft well marinated cubes of chicken wrapped in fried bacon rashers served with a tomato marinade infused sausage rice and veggies; this is perhaps the queen of all bacon dishes of the city.

Pocket pinch: Rs 278

Location: Off Park Street

Morning Joe by Burger You
Image credit: Burger You FB

A deadly burger, certainly not for the faint hearted – this is the real deal and it doesn’t get messier. With 1/4th pound of grilled sausages, baked beans, fried egg, and the goodness of deep fried bacon strips, served with potato wedges, you have to try it to believe it.

Pocket pinch: Rs 200/-

Location: Kasba

English breakfast at Flurys
Image credit: Gautam Prakash Blog

The English breakfast at Flurys is a throwback to Christmas-day breakfasts the iconic eatery, which I would order only for the two crispy bacon rashers. The English breakfast, of course, comes with grilled tomatoes, sausages, fried eggs, hash brown, bread and butter, as well as your choice of juice or tea/coffee.

Pocket pinch: Rs 528

Location: Park Street

Banana-Bacon Buttermilk Panckaes at Smoke House Deli

Who doesn’t love candied bacon? Imagine beginning your day with banana-bacon pancakes doused in maple syrup. Each bite of these soft and fluffy beauties is a treat to the palate. They come with whipped cream, and you could also ask for chocolate syrup to give it an extra kick!

Pocket pinch: Rs 240

Location: Quest Mall, Ballygunge

Meat Lover's Burger at Rubi’s Grill
Image credit: CousCousBangBang

This one is a meat fest between two toasted buns. Sausages, bacon, lettuce, ground pork/beef/chicken patty, and loads of smoked BBQ sauce - what's to not love? You may not be able to finish one but you wouldn’t want to share either!

Pocket pinch: Rs 230

Location: Dover Lane, Gariahat

Bacon-Wrapped Chicken with Aam Kashundi Reduction at Bohemian

Bohemian is known for introducing fusion cuisine to Kolkata. Their dishes marry Continental and Bengali cuisine, in a rather delicious manner. One such creation is their Bacon-Wrapped Chicken served with a burnt mango-mustard reduction. Pungent yet sweet, this is a marriage made in heaven. Highly recommended.

Pocket pinch: Rs 429

Location: Ballygunge Phari

Eggs Benedict at Edesia
Image credit: Whats Hot

Named after a retired Wall Street broker who was hoping to find a cure for his hangover, Eggs Benedict seems to have the power to cure hangovers for many in Kolkata today. At Edesia, Eggs Benedict is a water-poached egg served between two buttered English muffins, along with crispy bacon (sometimes salmon) and generous dollops of hollandaise. Bliss, indeed!

Pocket pinch: Rs 300

Location: Minto Park

Classic Carbonara at Café Mezzuna
Image credit: Food Network

By far, the best carbonara I have come across in Kolkata is at Café Mezzuna. Spaghetti al dente, smothered in rich and creamy carbonara sauce, served with fairly large strips of bacon and parmesan shavings - perfection! Some extra chili flakes/pepper and a drop of tabasco makes it even better for me. This one is an absolute must-order.

Pocket pinch: Rs 395

Location: Elgin Road

Romanian Bacon-Wrapped Prawns at The Corner Courtyard
Image credit: Love This Pic

One of the most delectable items that tastes divine when combined with bacon is prawns. At The Corner Courtyard, Romanian prawns are grilled to perfection, wrapped in bacon rashers, and held by a toothpick. This beauty is best enjoyed with the thousand island dip that comes along with it.

Pocket pinch: Rs 425

Location: Sarat Bose Road

Cheese and Bacon/Ham Omelet at Wise Owl

Breakfast at Wise Owl begins as early as 7:30 am. Devour the indulgent two-egg omelet wrapped in bits of bacon or ham (as you like), served with molten cheese. This makes for a hearty spread when combined with coffee, toast and cereal.

Pocket pinch: Rs 120

Location: Purna Das Road

Potato Skins With Crispy Bacon (add-on) at TGI Fridays

This newbie in the city seems to be taking the culinary scene by storm. Enjoy its happy hours along with a portion of potato skins with bacon. Crispy, golden and juicy, this dish is sure to make a great start for your meal.

Pocket pinch: Rs 375

Location: Elgin Road

Bacon, Chicken, Sausage, Prawn Spanish Paella at Bibi of Taaja’s

Bibi Sarkar has been stirring up delicious global meals in the city for over two decades. We love her warmth, and her humble nook in south Calcutta. She is very famous for her thora sin moo - an interesting, soupy pork dish served with rice - but you just can't miss the mixed meat and prawn paella that she makes. It’s a riot of flavors and colors. Don’t expect much on the ambience or service, but you ought to visit just for the food.

Pocket pinch: 550

Location: Lake Gardens

Bacon Jam by Hungry and Skinny
Image credit: Hungry Skinny FB

A home bakery that started in November 2014, Hungry And Skinny has been getting a lot of attention lately, for its innovative bacon-infused desserts. Two must-orders here are the Bacon Cupcakes and Bacon Jam.

Pocket pinch: 300 (for two)

Location: Sector 1, Salt Lake

Have we missed out on any other wonderful bacon dishes in the city? Do tell us, in the comments section!

Images are for representational purposes only and may substantially differ from the presentation at the restaurants

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