Polka Picks: Playlist Of The Week
By: Avinash Kumai on Mar 27th, 2015

This week the playlist features groups like Inner Sanctum, Hanita Bhambri Collective, Stella by Starlight and more. 

1. Wake Of Destruction by Inner Sanctum

This single from their upcoming album Legions Awake will make you want to break stuff! Well, we sure did want to. This number is Inner Sanctum’s ‘pied piper’ song – play this and the audience will go bat-sh**-crazy! The number is filled with groovy rhythm sections backed up by thoughtful lyrics. If the single is of this stature, can you imagine how the whole album will be? Can’t wait. Watch their space for more.

2. Heptanesia by Tanuja Desai Hidier

A popular publication called this catchy number a ‘song that could easily double up as a James Bond theme,’ and we could not agree more. We really liked how the number has a laid-back feel, yet shakes your psych – similar to Bombay. Interestingly, Heptanesia in Greek translates to a group of seven islands, joined together – now Mumbai. Heptanesia is off of her second album Bombay Spleen and songs in the album are based on her novel Bombay Blues. Push play and cherish the memories of the city. 

Buy the album here. Get the book here

3. Into The Sun by The Hanita Bhambri Collective

We are not drawing parallels, but Into The Sun somehow reminded us of Alanis Morissette. The structure is seamless and the vocal parts add a touch of panache to the title. A soulful track that will elevate your senses for sure. Give it a listen, we say.     

4. Oh Love by Prateek Kuhad

This song playing in the background and all you need is your car and the open road – a number which helps you recall all your good memories. Singer/songwriter Kuhad sure knows how to tap into the listener's feelings.

Buy the album here

5. Game of Thrones by Indian Jam Project

We always thank the internet and YouTube when we come across artists like the Indian Jam Project. Check out their cover of Game of Thrones’ theme song – we have seen quite a few renditions of it, but we believe to doesn't get better than this. The flute melodies just come out of nowhere.

Follow their YouTube channel here

6. Drowning by Mahesh Raghunandan

Another singer-songwriter you should watch out for. If you like mellow, feel-good song then Raghunandan is your answer. We leave you with a track called Drowning for now.  

7. Baby by Stella by Starlight

Baby is acoustic folk at its best. We love how all the instruments converge to paint a melodious picture. What stood out for us, though, was the voice and the melodica parts. Give them a listen, and if you love them, be sure to check their EP, titled Our House, on their SoundCloud page.

8. Fading by Man.Goes Human

This number by New Delhi-based alternative rock outfit Man.Goes Human sort of has a wild-west-meets-cabaret-kind-of-vibe! The guitar fillers remind us of a Quentin Tarantino film.    

9. When I Dream by Simplers’ Project

Ambient music that will take you to a transcendental space. You will fall in love with the background score. The numbers is off of their fourth coming EP. Watch their space for more. 

10. Welcome by Kaizad Gherda

Gherda’s song took us by surprise when we listened to him for the first time. Not only is this number well-written, but the vocal and guitar parts are commendable too. Welcome celebrates parenthood and talks of not worrying about being a good father or mother.

Are you an artist who would like your music featured, or just a fan who loves music? Get in touch with us and we might just feature your number next week!

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