Polka Picks: Playlist Of The Week
By: Avinash Kumai on Apr 3rd, 2015

This week the playlist features outfits like Indigorado and artistes like Taylor Dukes, King Jassim and more. 

1. After Life by Indigorado

This is what happens when Sweden and Norway get together – you get a phenomenal folk/pop outfit like Indigorado. All their songs are transcendental, for us it has to be the number After Life – for a minute we thought we were in an indie drama feature, riding a yellow-coloured bicycle, on a road filled with maple trees. The harmonic bit in the intro gives it depth, and the voice lingers in your head for a long time. Two thumbs up!


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2. Light by Taylor Dukes

Now this is what a singer-songwriter should sound like. You know the feeling when you want to cry, but also can’t help but smile? We were in that phase when we heard this song. The number has the right amount of highs and lows and the chord progression is catchy. An artist you should follow, for sure.    


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3. Take It As It Comes King Jassim

Off of King Jassim’s debut album, Ready Fi Rule, comes this fabulous reggae/ dancehall number Take It As It Comes. The track is spacey, groovy and will get your on your feet in no time. The sitar counters add texture to the song too. We are sure you will have this one on loop.


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4. Time Walk by Lucid Recess

You know its Lucid Recess from the time you push play, there is no denying that. Plus, who doesn’t like three-piece bands? A whiplash-inducing number fit for a grand stage. Alternative metal music at its best.


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5. Easy by Big Bang Blues

Whosoever says that blues is sad and slow-paced has to listen to Big Bang Blues. Their single Easy is fun and spaced out and is filled with all the adjectives you can think of. Wait for the solo in the end. The songs is up for free download too. Cool, huh? 


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6. As I Stare Into The Night by Lalson Ngaihte

An apt title for a song that actually reminds you of the night. We would also like to add that the number reminded us of romantic Korean films. Maybe the artists should look at composing music for films too. Mr. Ngaihte, are you listening?


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7. Theiyye by Vivek Rajagopalan ft. Resmi Sateesh

If you are someone who enjoy a seamless blend of Carnatic, Hindustani, jazz, folk, electronic, and drum ‘n’ bass sensibilities then Vivek Rajagopalan is one artist you should check out. The number portrays a sense of urgency. It feels like it’s looking for purpose. The blend of various instruments is top-notch – a melting pot of world music. Singer Resmi Sateesh’s voice is the last piece that completes this musical puzzle.


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8. 2 Minutes Of Insanity by SMAK Mahadev

The name of the group took us by surprise, but so did their music. Their song 2 Minutes Of Insanity borrows soundscapes from psychedelic and rock genres. They define themselves as a 'Heavy Mental' band. And we agree! We loved how the song gives out an airy vibe. 


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9. Route To Eternity by Mind Map

Another experimental outfit you have to check out. We felt that their track Route To Eternity was more like Kaiowas-meets-Bull-On-Parade. The members just kill it. What stood out for us though was the didgeridoo fills. Listen to it and find out for yourself. The group is on the verge of releasing their EP titled Mean Man. Watch their space for more.


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10. Nanhe Khwab by Kaushik Shukla

Through this touching number, singer-songwriter Kaushik Shukla shows us how music can be the answer to just about anything. The structure of the song is simple, but what stands out for us is the well-etched and thoughtful lyrics. The number is his tribute to the victims of the Peshawar terror attack in which almost 132 children were killed. Loved this single? Then catch him at RED FM Bandstand on 4th April.  

Are you an artist who would like your music featured, or just a fan who loves music? Get in touch with us and we might just feature your number next week!  


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