15 Bands From Northeast India That Have The World Grooving To Their Tunes
By: Saurav Naug on May 11th, 2015

Music echoes in the mountains of North-East India. The diversity of culture in this region makes it a true paradise for fusion music. Improvisation of folk music with other genres and the usage of unique and rare musical instruments continue to make music an intrinsic part of these societies.  Although it is difficult to cover all of the rich music scene of this region within the ambit of a single article, it is our honest attempt to cover some of the more popular music outfits (in no particular orderfrom North-East India. Read on and have a listen!

Minute Of Decay (MOD)

Since their inception in the year 2011, these three sisters hailing from Manipur engage in a language of classical rock, funk rock, reggae, and Indie rock - punctuated by a stylized pinch of contemporary vocals. This all-female band packs quite the punch and has provided music enthusiasts a much-needed alternate in the present music scene of India!

Members: Worshon Muivah (vocal, guitar, synth), Singhchon Muivah (bass), Thotyaphy Muivah (drums, percussion)

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It was in February 2003, at the 'Roots Festival', when people witnessed a special act from Soulmate for the very first time! The band is from Shillong, considered to be the music hub of Northeast India. Since then, Soulmate has become a familiar name in the jazz and blue circles of India. They have also represented India in prestigious forums like the International Blues Challenge! 

Members: Rudy Wallang (guitar, vocals, songwriter), Tipriti TIPS Kharbangar (vocals, guitar)

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Voodoo Child

This group surely knows how to create a magical ambience, infused with the flavor of rock and roll! They started in the year 2002 and are based in Assam. They play a lot of their own creations, along with a few covers of some of the popular rock bands of this era!

Members: Ritique Phukan (vocals), Amborish Saikia (lead guitar), Tanmay Ray Choudhury (drums), Partha (bass), Jim Ankan Deka (guitar and keys), Pankaj Rajkhowa (bass), Vicky Mahata (drums)

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Girish and the Chronicles

This band from Sikkim was formed in 2009. They are known for their electrifying live performances and amazing crowd interaction. Heavily inspired by great bands such as Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Iron Maiden and Guns N' Roses, their sound transports one to the Woodstock era of rock!

Members: Girish Pradhan (vocals, guitar), Suraz Sun (lead guitars), Yogesh Pradhan (bass guitar), Nagen Mongrati (drums)

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Tetseo Sisters
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These women celebrate and cherish the rich enchanting folk music of Nagaland! Merry, Alune and Kuvelu have spent their young lives popularizing the folk songs of the Chakhesang tribe. They have been featured in some of the most popular music festivals like Hornbill Festival and Storm Festival.

Members: Mercy, Azi, Kuvelu and Alune Tetseo.

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Magdalene is synonymous with experimentation when it comes to the rock genre! They started from Aizawl, Mizoram in the year 2005. Their album "Life Beyond Death" adds a whole new dimension to Indian rock music and is a must listen for all rock music fanatics!

Members: Steward (vocalist), Victor Vanlalhruaia (guitar), L.P. Laltleipuia (drums), P.B. Liansangzuala (bass)

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The Vinyl Records

The Vinyl Records a.k.a TVR is a punk-indie-rock group that was formed in 2010 by Banu, Miniam and Mithy who all hail from Arunachal Pradesh. They explain their sound to be a part of the new wave era of the 70s and 80s, when analog and early digital were popular! They have been featured in MTV F1 Rocks 2011 and were among the 15 finalists of Rayban Never Hide Sounds 2012.

Members: Cheyyrian Bark (vocalist, keytar), Ban Jini (guitar, vocals), Miniam Tekseng (vocals, bass), Mithy Tatak (drums, percussion, vocals).

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Divine Connection

Nagaland's seasoned Christian rock band calls itself an experimenting band, which fuses genres like folk, blues and rock and draws inspiration from legendary bands like Dio, Bloodgood and Deep Purple. They released their debut album "El-Roi" in the year 2008.

Members: Obed Kath (vocals), Bendang Kichu (drums), Lichen (guitar), Timothy Aonok (bass)

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The Chosen
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The Chosen consists of a group of young and enthusiastic girls from Aizawl, Mizoram with a common love for music! They started jamming in the year 2009, and got together as a gospel band by the end of that year! 

Members: Moitei (vocals), Fiona (vocals), Semi (guitar), Xoey (bass), Malsawmi (keyboards), Afeli (drums), Parema (songwriter)

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Still Waters
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The band name may be Still Waters but their music is dynamic and keeps evolving! The band keeps adding new features to its repertoire. Their sound is influenced by outfits like The Black Crowes, Blues Traveler, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Thin Lizzy et al. The band formed in the year 2001 in Gangtok, Sikkim.

Members: Abhishek Gurung (vocals), Lokesh Mangar (bass), Sameer Gurung (guitar), Sonam Lachungpa (lead guitar), Ronald Pradhan (drums)

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Alobo Naga & The Band

Winner of the best Indian Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2012 - ANB is an Indian rock outfit from Dimapur, Nagaland, formed in the year 2010. The band received massive appreciation in 2011 for their video single 'Painted Dreams' which was an instant hit; it was premiered in August 2014 on VH1.

Members: Alobo Naga (vocal, guitar, piano, ukulele), Fung Walling (bass, vocals), DJ Sumoka Yepthomi (turntable, guitar, vocals), David Sunar (drums, percussion, vocals)

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The solemn flow of their music is triggered by 2 soulful Lushai 6-string executioners, blended with a thundering and groovy down-tone. The 4-member band hails from the Northeastern Hills of Mizoram. Their sound blends blues and hip hop with a lot of nu-age metal which the band members like to brand as "junk rock"! 

Members: Atea (vocals), Boom Hangsing (guitar), Joshua (bass), RS (drums)

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Purple Fusion

Purple Fusion is known to incorporate indigenous ethnic music with Western genres like blues, jazz and funk in order to create a blend of sounds, which is unique from what we usually get to listen to in this modern electronic age. The band was officially formed in August 2012, with a vision to encourage the rich tradition and culture of Nagaland. Their debut music video 'Tring Tring - Marks of War' has been featured in some of the country's leading music channels like VH1 and MTV.

Members: Lamisala H Sangtam (vocal), Imsanger Lkr (guitar), Mhathung Odyuo (bass), Temsu Kichu (drummer)

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This is the band that took the folk music of Nagaland to new heights! Their music involves fusion of Naga and other Indian folk with various styles of music. They have been appreciated by music critics for inventing a new wind instrument called 'Bamhum'! Their album, 'Legacy of the Mountains', was nominated in the best rock album category at the Global Indian Music Awards 2013.

Members: Arenla (vocals, bamhum), Moa (guitar, harmonica, bamhum, tikzik), Aso (drums, percussion), Kora (bass)

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Lucid Recess
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Lucid Recess believes in making music which appeals to both the head and the heart. This alternative-metal band from Assam is primarily focused on writing catchy and intelligent nuggets, with lyrics that generally talk about life and its many constituents. 'Tribe', their recent single from the album 'Engraved Invitation' punches in a solid combo of skill and imagination!

Members: Amitabh Barooa (vocals, bass), Siddharth Barooa (guitar, vocals), Partha Boro (drums, percussion).

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Which of these bands do you follow already? Who was a new discovery for you? Let us know in the comment section.

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